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Overcoming the Fat Girl

My morning started off pretty well, with me finishing off Rachel Cosgrove’s “The Female Body Breakthrough“. If you recall, Maya sent it to me as a surprise gift last month. I had been reading something else at the time, but … Continue reading

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It is not 2006

In my last post, I spoke of something that had changed since I was a child — I feel a little guilty about taking Christmas presents. Over the last couple of days, I’ve been thinking about that and I realized … Continue reading

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The Biggest Loser — Motivating or Harmful?

Like many people in the U.S., last night I watched the premiere of season 10 of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”. I haven’t seen every season, but I’ve seen quite a few, as well as watched some of the seasons of … Continue reading

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Alexa Doesn’t Run

I’ve been postponing making a first entry in this blog, as the decision of what to say first was weighing heavily on my brain. I went through tons of ideas and just couldn’t pick out where to begin. Luckily for … Continue reading

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