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Another Beach Run

Yesterday I went on a run. To be honest, I hadn’t exactly wanted to go, but I was trying to stick to schedule again, and my schedule said I had to. It was actually a pretty smart thing to do, … Continue reading

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Strawberry Hill 5K Recap

One of the many reasons that San Francisco is completely awesome is that if you are a runner, there is always a race to sign up for. There are many high-profile races to sign up for throughout the year, but … Continue reading

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Everywhere You Look, er, Walk

I get the majority of my physical activity in by walking. I know it doesn’t seem like walking is much of a workout, but it can be, depending on how you approach it. For instance, if you walk mostly flat … Continue reading

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The Bad Parts of Life in the Big City

I had meant to post last night when I got home from work, but unfortunately, something happened that really freaked me out. Lately, there have been a lot of crimes (both minor and high-profile) in my neighborhood. None of them … Continue reading

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Dialect vLog

So there has been a thing called the Dialect vLog or Accent vLog going around the web. I’ve seen a couple of examples of this on blogs that I read, such as Maria’s and Caitlin’s. Watching their videos was really … Continue reading

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It is nutzos like this that make San Francisco seem like weirdo central: Truth is, this episode of “You Bet Your Life” may’ve aired 50  years ago, but there are still people exactly like Boots, roaming the streets. Just so … Continue reading

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A Walk Around Town

After Monday’s run, I was pretty sore and the soreness continued on into Tuesday. I wasn’t sure I’d be up for my planned Wednesday run, but as it turned out, my legs felt slightly stiff, but solid. I decided to … Continue reading

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