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Yes, I’m Camera Awkward

Apparently, I am opposed to posing for pictures in which I might look normal. Case in point: I don’t know what happens. Someone points a camera at me and my instinct is to make a weird face at them. I … Continue reading

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I am suffering from mega cabin fever. For the life of me, I cannot shake my cold. The sore throat, body aches and fever are long gone, but the cough just won’t quit. It’s down deep in my chest and … Continue reading

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The Waiting Game

I don’t know how you feel about waiting, but I find it very difficult. I have a history of anxiety disorders (social and general). I’ve never really talked about that here before. Truthfully, at this stage in my life it’s … Continue reading

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Caught in the Act

It’s possible that my co-workers may think I’m insane. Actually, I’m fairly sure of it. As you all know, I receive CSA boxes on a bi-weekly basis. Greenhearts delivers on Thursdays. When I have Thursdays off I bring my box … Continue reading

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Sutro Baths and Fort Funston

Here is what I did yesterday: Yesterday was a good day. Where do you go to get away from your everyday frustrations?

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The Secrets of the Bagel Shop

Today, I ran out of yogurt. Well, technically, YESTERDAY I ran out of yogurt. This meant that I could not enjoy my typical granola bowl for breakfast this morning. I decided that I would allow myself to have a bagel. … Continue reading

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Alexa, you take really ugly pictures

Now, if you have read my blog, you probably have had this thought cross your mind: “I like this chic. She’s pretty cool, and she has fantabulous taste in shoes. However, what is with this woman’s pictures?! They’re HORRIBLE! Doesn’t … Continue reading

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