My morning started off pretty well, with me finishing off Rachel Cosgrove’s “The Female Body Breakthrough“. If you recall, Maya sent it to me as a surprise gift last month. I had been reading something else at the time, but this past week I was finally able to get to it. I really enjoyed parts of the book, including Cosgrove’s discussions of the female hormones (and how to use your cycle to your workout benefit) and overcoming unhealthy relationships with food.

While I probably won’t adhere to everything just as written (running may be an advanced exercise that I haven’t “earned the right” to do at this point, but I’m signed up for a 12K next month, so I’m going to run!), I was completely excited about the idea of starting the strength program. While I used to strength train when I first joined the Y in 2007/2008, I didn’t keep up with it. Plus, I only used weight machines. I was always envious of those on the weight floor, working with free weights and just body weight, but the trainer who prescribed my weight circuit plans told me he wanted me to build up a little before he introduced me to free weights. I sorta never built up and made another appointment. My bad.

After finishing up my reading I did something that I think makes me either totally badass, or perhaps slightly out of my mind: I registered for the lottery entry for the 2011 Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I’m not sure why I’ve recently become inspired to try a half marathon, especially given my difficulties with running just a 5K sometimes. Nevertheless, I just decided that I wanted to try.


Plus, I’m a sucker for bling that comes in a blue box.

One of the questions in the registration for the lotto was the following: I RUN TO BE ______.

Your job was to fill in the blank with one word. I spent a lot of time thinking about this. I know most people would just say the first thing that popped into their head, but not me. I stopped to really think about why I run. After a lot of time and consideration, I declared:


I know. A weird thing to say.

I guess that because of my past and various things that have gone on in my life, I am always afraid. Of failure. I could never run as a kid, so I think part of me just associates the act of becoming a runner (or at least completing a substantial race distance, such as a half marathon) with reinforcing the idea in my brain that I can do anything I want to. I just need to commit and do it. All of the doubts, worries and silliness is all in my head. I want to conquer this running thing so that in the future, when I think I can’t, I can remind myself of what I have achieved and that if I can haul my butt 13.1 miles, I can do anything.

With thoughts of my new mantra ringing in my brain, I closed my laptop, changed into my workout clothes and headed towards the Y. I figured I’d drop off my clothes in a locker and do the AT&T loop. I needed to get in a run as my wisdom teeth extractions had put me behind in my Bay to Breakers preparations. Just as I was about to hit Market and Van Ness, I approached a large (maybe 10 or so) group of homeless/street people sitting on the sidewalk. As I started to walk past them, one of them yelled out something at me.

I don’t want to get into what he said specifically. Essentially, he made a comment about how a part of my body looked in my workout clothes. A nasty, rude, offensive and frankly, mean comment.

I flipped him off and kept walking.

But the damage was done. I hadn’t even looked back to see which guy said it or who was laughing. I was looking at the ground, feeling my face turn bright red and tears welling up in my eyes. I kept walking. I used to have strangers publicly humiliate me due to my size on a daily basis, but it has probably been a couple of years since it has happened and frankly, it hurt a lot more than I remembered it hurting.

I briefly toyed with the idea of skipping my run. I felt fairly demoralized, all of the joy from the morning’s fitness related activities drained from me. I thought about just going to the Y, showering, changing into my street clothes and then going to work early. However, when I got to the locker room, I just shoved my backpack in a locker, grabbed a runner’s stamp from the front desk and went out to the Embarcadero.

The first mile hurt. I ran against the wind as fast as I could and I made myself promise that I wouldn’t stop until I reached the turn around point near AT&T Park’s Giants retail store. I was pushing myself so hard I couldn’t even think about anything. I just ran. When I hit the turn around I felt spent. It may’ve only been 1.25 miles, but I was huffing and puffing as if I had just ran a marathon. I walked for the rest of the distance around the park, catching my breath and drinking my Nuun. I thought about what had happened and how I felt.


But I realized it wasn’t because of how I looked in my work out clothes. I had already noticed the way my body looked in this outfit. I hadn’t been too bothered by it. I mean, if I am in my work out clothes, that means I’m working out! No shame there. I realized that it just hurt because I was ashamed of the fact that I haven’t been giving things my all in life. Even my recent plans. Though I’ve been doing so much better, I’m still not doing my best. That is the only thing in the world that a person should ever be ashamed of.

If you are doing your best, what more can you do?

So what I put to myself was the following question: Every time someone teases you or gives you a hard time, are you going to cry? Or are you going to be fearless because you’ve done your best?

There is only one choice worth making.

Once I hit the Embarcadero I took a leisurely pace back to the Y and finished up my 2.5 mile loop.

While I felt much better after my run, I’ve still felt pretty low today. I am making consistent efforts to not “be the fat girl” anymore, but sometimes it is just hard to be convinced when others have the nerve to tell you to your face, whether it is true or not, that you still are.

If you’ve been reading my blog for the last couple of weeks, you already know that I’ve been working on making changes in my life that should ultimately make me happier. The first section of my “plan of action” had to do with organizing my gmail inbox and beginning to use Google Calendar.

Both of these changes improved my state of being almost immediately. There is something so satisfying about getting organized and feeling in control of my life. I kept fairly consistent with the schedule for several days. Unfortunately, when the disaster in Japan began to unfold last week, I started to falter. It is very hard to force myself into bed at 11:30pm when I really want to be staring at the news. Also, while I hadn’t really begun to discuss this on the blog, I had started to attempt taming my wild emotional eating habits, and well, as you might guess, that hasn’t been going very well either.

Don’t worry though, I haven’t fallen off the wagon completely.

I’ve kept up with my exercise that was on the calendar for the most part. On Sunday I participated in DSE’s St. Patrick’s Day 5K, which I will blog about once the official results are posted (I forgot my time…racer fail!). I didn’t really want to, as I was exhausted, but I was glad I did. It felt good to be outside. So good that I walked home from the waterfront and then walked back to it for work. I didn’t go to the gym on Monday, as I was still somewhat sore from all of the activity on Sunday, but I did walk to work. Then today, I went to Cardio Kick, as scheduled.

Something really weird happened at Cardio Kick though.

I worked really hard today. Much harder than I normally do. Very strong punches and lots of pumped up jumps, which I sometimes leave out due to my left knee (I sometimes have difficulties with it and it usually is very stiff in kick). I just had a lot of energy to burn. I burned it all off before the end of the class though, and by the time we got down to the last 5 minutes, I was spent. During the cool down we do a lot of arm exercises that involve holding your arms up for a really long time. Today, I was so tired, I dropped them several times. At some point, the teacher started yelling, “GET THOSE ARMS UP! STOP BEING LAZY!” Now, she may’ve not been talking to me…I didn’t look around to see who else was slacking, but suddenly, out of nowhere, I got angry. It was weird. It was like being in an episode of the Biggest Loser with Jillian Michaels yelling at you until you cry and have an emotional breakthrough.

I didn’t cry though. Maybe the emotional breakthrough is coming?

I don’t know. It was just weird. Normally I would probably use that as motivation to finish strong, but today, the only thought going through my head was a particular saying that, well,  I don’t really want to print on my blog!

As soon as class was over, it all went away. I felt fine. Strong. Glad I came to class. I don’t know. It was just weird….

I think I better start following my sleep schedule again….I’m apparently getting cranky and am on the verge of throwing a temper tantrum…how unbecoming!

Coming up tomorrow (hopefully), the next step in my plan of action. It involves this:

Until then….

Any of you ever have a Jillian Michaels moment at the gym? Or is it just me?

I know I have introduced you all before, but I have an pick up affair going on with the #11 bagel from The Grind Cafe.

I may go days or weeks without visiting with my boy, but he is always there for me when I come back. He doesn’t care if I’m acting like a jerk or if I’m feeling over emotional. He’s ideal. I mean, he doesn’t even get mad if I cheat on him with oatmeal or pancakes.

He’s not the jealous type.

I mean, look, sometimes he even brings friends to our clandestine meetings.

I don’t think anything will ever come between us.

Our love is forever. ❤


In other news, I can’t believe that I didn’t notice there was a hunk of something or the other on my floor and in my breakfast shot. Just looking at it is driving me bonkers.

Where the heck is my swifter….


Still working on figuring out all of my plans, but I did one good thing yesterday. I really, really, really didn’t want to go to the gym. Or walk to work. Or get out of bed. But I did get out of bed and I pulled on my gym clothes and headed to the YMCA. I did a tradmill workout. There was no real method…I just made it up as I went along.

It went something like:

400 meters – Warm-up walk. I started off slow at 2.5 mph, and every so often I bumped it up until it was up to 4.0 by the end of the “lap”…I say lap, as my favorite treadmill at the gym has an option to view a little track on the screen, so you can pretend you are doing a track workout.

400 meters – 4.6 mph jog

400 meters – 5.2 mph

400 meters – 6 mph

400 meters – 6.5 mph

400 meters – 7 mph

400 meters – 3.0 walk

Around this time I started to feel really super miserable. I was tired. I didn’t want to be on the treadmill. I wanted to go home. My plan had been to do the same build up one more time, but I was having trouble convincing myself. I ended up doing the following:

200 meters – 4.6 mph jog

200 meters – 3.0 walk

200 meters – 5.2 mph

200 meters – 3.0 walk

200 meters – 6 mph

200 meters – 3.0 walk

200 meters – 6.6 mph

200 meters – 3.0 walk

200 meters – 7 mph

200 meters – 3.0 walk

200 meters – 7.5 mph

200 meters – 3.0 walk

200 meters – 8 mph!

100 meters – 7 mph

100 meters – 6 mph

100 meters – 5.2 mph

300 meters – 4.6 mph jog

400 meters – Cool Down.

I know 8.0 (7:30/mi pace) isn’t that fast, sprinting wise, for some of you, but seeing as I normally run an 11:30-12min pace, it’s darn speedy for me. Somewhere around the 200 8.0 meters, I started to feel strong. Don’t misunderstand me. I still didn’t want to be there and mentally I still felt like crap on toast….but physically, I was feeling good.

Part of what I need to work on is pushing through even when my head is NOT in the game. Although I didn’t feel too excited about the workout, even when I was through, I got it done.

A step in the right direction!

If you are a treadmill runner, what kind of workouts do you do to keep it interesting?

So this morning, the craziest thing happened.

I woke up, yawned, stretched and thought to myself, “I really want to go to the gym! I want to work out!”

I paused, shook my head a little and listened again, to make sure I was hearing correctly. “I want to work out! Rowing Machine! Treadmill! You name it, I wanna get at it!”


Seriously, I really don’t like to go to the gym. Like, at all. It’s tolerable if you watch Netflix on your iPhone, but otherwise, snoozeville. I’d rather go on a long walk, a short run or essentially do anything else besides go to the gym. This is why I wanted to make sure I wasn’t still dreaming or having some kind of psychotic episode when my brain told me to get up and go to the gym. It didn’t sound like me at all!

But it was!

And I wanted to burn some mad calories…so I did!

When I got to the gym, I had my heart set on the rowing machine. Someone had already snagged one of them, and as they are positioned really close together, I didn’t feel like using the other one. So, I wandered around and found myself in front of a Stairmaster. I don’t think I’ve ever used a step machine….well, unless you count me playing on one of my mom’s friend’s machines when I was a little kid. I ended up doing about 15 minutes on it. My arms were dripping with sweat when I was done…I guess it’s obvious that I don’t walk up enough stairs….

After the Stairmaster, I checked out the rowing machines and they were both free, so I went over there. I did about 18 minutes, though I had to stop a couple of times for water –I was super thirsty today. I was a little concerned about 5 minutes in because I started to have some really uncomfortable pain in my left knee. This isn’t unusual, as I do get pain in my left knee when exercising, but I didn’t like how much it hurt. Luckily, after about 7 minutes it got better and sort of went away. Maybe it just needed to get further warmed up?

Last, I hit up the treadmill. I was going to just jog for 15 minutes or so, but I ended up doing 30 minutes of sprints. I’m sure there are more efficient ways of doing them, but I was essentially just trying to run .25 miles as fast as I could, with really long recovery walks in between. I almost ran at 8 mi/hr, but thought I might go flying off of the machine, so I only did about .12 mile at that speed. Mostly I pushed myself at paces between 6-7.5 mi/hr. Those speeds are super fast for me, as even on race days I only average a 10:30 min/mi. The sprints were pretty addicting. Kept wanting to push myself harder. I would be about ready to end my workout and head to the stretching mats when an awesome Glee soundtrack song would come on and I’d think, “Gee…this would be fun to run to! Okay…just one more sprint!”

After some stretching I showered and hit the road. I had about 90 minutes to kill, so I went back down to Powell and the Westfield Shopping Center for fro-yo and Christmas shopping. I got pretty carried away looking at sweaters in Banana Republic…they were having a lunch time sweater sale with great prices. When I got out of there, I realized I had 15 minutes to get to work….either on the bus or on foot it takes 30 minutes. Oops!

I had planned to post about my last day in Orange County today, but I was much more excited about my weird workout enthusiasm. I’ll finish up tomorrow (promise!). For today, let me spend some time talking to you about spaghetti squash.

Yes, spaghetti squash.

I got one in my CSA box about a month ago and last week I finally had a chance to cut into it. It was awesome!


As you can see, it’s a pretty big fella. Once I got in there, I cleaned out all of the guts, then I sprayed a cookie sheet with PAM and placed the halves in the oven to roast for about an hour. Then they looked like this:


I’m sure most of you know, but the reason spaghetti squash is called spaghetti squash is because when you scrape out the meat, it looks like strands of spaghetti. I had heard so many positive reviews, I was dying to dig in and try this guy out.

spaghettithreads  spaghettithreads2

Pretty neat, no?

One squash yields a lot of spaghetti strands.


I got a gigantic bowlful from each half. I decided that I would use half for spaghetti squash pasta, and the other half would be turned into spaghetti squash pancakes.

Say what?

You heard me, pancakes.

I received Mollie Katzen’s recipe for spaghetti squash pancakes in my CSA box. I was intrigued. Due to what I had on hand, I ended up changing the recipe. Didn’t work out quite the way I would have liked. I skipped out on the onion and added an ample sprinkling of Garlic Gold Parmesan Nuggets to the mix. Next, I only had liquid egg whites, and while I should have measured them out, I eye-balled the amount. My batter seemed a little too soupy.


How do you like my measuring cup? Super cute, no?

While I don’t think my version came out exactly right, they ended up being pretty tasty. I topped mine off with a healthy dollop of Fage Greek Yogurt and a drizzling of Trader Joe’s Cranberry Apple Butter. Delicious!


The next day, I took spaghetti squash to work for lunch and decided to try out the pasta method. I didn’t have anything to make sauce out of, so I just used a store brand roasted garlic tomato sauce and then topped with some parmesan cheese.


No, presentation isn’t high on my list when sitting at my desk.

The important part was that it was so good. I can’t believe I have lived this long without spaghetti squash in my life. I want another one…like now!

What is your opinion of spaghetti squash? How do you like to serve it?

I am happy to report to all of you that I managed to fall asleep without the lamp and TV on last night. I actually got up, brushed my teeth, turned everything off except for the radio.

(I listen to Coast to Coast AM when I fall asleep. What? There’s a city located 9 miles beneath the surface of Chicago? Aliens are running my local supermarket? Tell me about numerology and what it means for me. I love Coast to Coast…it lends to interesting dreams!)

I then slept for 9 entire hours!

As a matter of fact, the only reason I woke up at all was because my cat was poking me in the eye repeatedly with her paw. She’s a very demanding bed buddy.

“Get up off your lazy butt and feed me!”

While I was pretty excited about the amount of sleep, once I “got up off of my lazy butt” to feed Cosie, I realized that I felt like crap. My uterus (sorry guys) is killing me. My head is killing me (often related to that first thing). My thighs are killing me. My first joints on my left hand (I have psoriatic arthritis) are killing me. Everything is killing me this morning.

So I took some Advil gel caps (supposed to take it for the arthritis), made some coffee and a PB&CAB (Peanut Butter & Cranberry Apple Butter) sandwich and returned to bed to think about what I am going to do today.

Man. I really love this cranberry apple butter. I’ve had it smeared on crackers, on oatmeal, on bread….so tasty.

Pretty much the plan for the day is to let the Advil kick in and then go for a short run. Then I’m going to do laundry, including my sheets and comforter, as I just spilt half of my second mug of coffee all over them. After that, I may actually tackle cleaning my apartment up slightly.

Maybe if there’s time after that, I’ll cook something.

I know it SOUNDS like there would be time, since I have the entire day off, but, you know, it isn’t taking into account the time I will spend watching Glee, Netflix and possibly playing Beatles Rock Band.

Before I do all of that, I wanted to talk to you about something.

Yesterday I went to Tuesday Cardio Kick class, which I’m trying to reintroduce into my routine. I like it because I burn tons of calories and leave completely soaked in sweat, so I feel like I really accomplished something. I tend to “feel the burn” for a couple of days in my thighs. It’s also fun and you get to listen to weird remixes of songs. For instance, a remix of  “Bad Day” was playing yesterday, which made me think of this video for half of the class:

Oh what it took not to giggle.

There is one thing I do not like about group exercise classes though. Booty shorts. Yes, you read that correctly, booty shorts.

Cover your eyes, children:

Source via a google image search for “workout booty shorts”

Now one of the reasons I chose to go to the YMCA in the first place was the lack of cruising and focusing on appearances at the facility. When you go to a 24 Hour Fitness in this city, it’s a total meat market. When I first started to lose weight, I was at 232 pounds and there was no way I was going anywhere near a 24 Hour Fitness. So, I started at Curves. I felt safe there, as it caters to women of all shapes and sizes. I stayed there for about 3 months and lost my first 40lbs there. Thing is, Curves is pretty boring. It’s exceptionally repetitive. I was discouraged by other members from wearing my iPod. It just wasn’t the right fit for me, so I went in search of a facility that was. The YMCA just seemed like a logical place for me to go. They had a full gym and they also had people of every shape and size. People don’t cruise there and it’s a super friendly, safe environment.

For the most part, you don’t see any of that “get dressed up to workout” mentality going on.

Except for this one girl in my cardio kick class.

It’s not exactly that she dresses up, per se.

It’s more like she’s barely wearing anything at all.

She wears these shorts.

They’re black and about the length of a belt.

Now, I’m not a prude. Normally, I wouldn’t care what anyone else was wearing, but these shorts just bug me. She usually comes in late. I usually wind up standing behind her and then during every lunge or move where we have to get low to the ground, I have her ass hanging out in my face. I mean, she’s not overweight. The shorts fit her. She doesn’t look bad in them, I guess….but I just don’t want to have to look at someone’s butt off and on for 45 minutes, and in a group exercise class where people bend over in front of you over and over again, that’s what happens. It just grosses me out.

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I just would prefer to have the behind in front of me fully covered.


Okay. Time to get up and go for a little bit of a run. Glee and Rock Band Cleaning my apartment and doing laundry await!

Booty shorts at the gym…yay or nay?

I realized something very important on Wednesday.

I realized that I shouldn’t leave my apartment without wearing protective gear.


It started off with my decision to go to the gym. My thighs were exceptionally sore and stiff from my Cardio Kick session on Tuesday afternoon. I thought walking to the gym would be a good idea, as it might stretch my muscles out a bit before I worked out. It’s about a 2 mile walk from my apartment to the gym, which is near the Ferry Building. It was a fairly uneventful walk and in less than an hour I was ready to get my workout on.

After much deliberation, I decided that Wednesday’s viewing selection would be the first half hour of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I know it seems like a strange selection, but I’ve always loved the movie and the songs are uplifting and often have to do with candy. I really like candy.

I’ve always wondered what those candy animals are at minute 1:46…hippos? Bears? What? What are they made of? I have no idea, but I want one!

Aw. Poor Charlie Bucket.

I did about 20 minutes on the elliptical and then decided that I wanted to finish up on another machine. I normally hate the exercise bikes, but for some reason, I decided I just wanted to do the last 10 minutes of cardio on the recumbent bike. 10 minutes went by, but I wasn’t ready to stop watching Willy Wonka yet, so I kept going. About 2 minutes later, for no apparent reason, I manage to smack my left knee really hard into the body of the bike!  I know that isn’t a good description, and I don’t know how it even happened. One second I’m pedaling along, the next second I’m grabbing my knee and mouthing obscenities.

I stood up and it hurt really bad. I hobbled down to the locker room, took a shower and headed home. Sitting down on metro hurt like hell. Bending my knee was NOT fun at all. I decided to never bend it again.

If only that were a viable option.

When I got home, I had to do laundry. Insert injury number two.

When grabbing my clothes out of the dryer, I dropped a sock. I squatted down to pick it up. I was in massive pain from the knee bending involved in this maneuver. I stand up and SMACK! I hit my head into the frackin’ dryer door!

My day was like an episode of The Three Stooges! Jeez…

After laundry,  I realized I needed to feed myself. I started off by making roasted brussels sprouts.

About a year ago, I found this recipe in Cooking Light magazine. I always make it using turkey bacon vs. pancetta. Obviously there’s not a lot of “drippings” left from frying turkey bacon, so there’s no adding that to the sprouts. Even so, having the meat definitely adds flavor. A similar recipe was also featured this week on Eat Live Run as part of “The Great Thanksgiving Recipe Swap“.

No matter what recipe you use, brussels sprouts are a winner.

But I didn’t feel like just having brussels sprouts by themselves. Nor did I feel like cooking meat as a main dish. What to make.

So please close your eyes and pretend you are reading a blog where you’re being instructed on how to make the most fantabulous whole wheat pizza dough known to man kind. Then continue imagining that I then slaved over a hot stove and made amazing pizza sauce. Then imagine I milked some cows, made my own cheese and grated it all for your viewing pleasure. Then imagine that I made this:

Okay. You don’t have to imagine that last part. I did make this. I certainly didn’t make anything from scratch, however. I could barely stand up, given my knee and head injuries. I did, however, happen to have a whole wheat Boboli pre-made pizza crust in my kitchen. I topped it with pre-made pizza sauce that I already had in my fridge, a couple of teaspoons of minced garlic, a few handfuls of spinach, about half of the brussels sprouts, the last of my part skim mozzarella and a little bit of parmesan cheese.

It may’ve not been completely home-made, but it was absolutely delicious. Looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow!


What is the lamest injury you have ever given yourself? Do you ever just have a really klutzy day? And lastly, do you like brussels sprouts?

I don’t know about other people, but personally, I have a love/hate relationship with the gym.

It’s not really a dislike for exercise. I love to hike and walk. Walking is actually my favorite form of physical activity. I walk the 4 miles to and from work fairly often and I pretty much walk almost everywhere I go. Even when I was heavy I loved to walk and although I might’ve been a little slower and a little sweatier (I know, gross!) than the healthier people I knew, I was still usually willing to hoof it with everyone else.

The thing is, I view the gym as the opposite of walking. Walking is like the best pastime in the world. It clears my head and I don’t even notice the time going by while I’m doing it. This is not true when it comes to the gym. I hate cardio machines. I get bored so easily and I just wind up staring at the timer, waiting, longing, begging for the 30 minutes to hurry up and be over so I can go do something I’d actually like to be doing. I thought that getting a gym with a nice view might help me avoid boredom:


All of the treadmills and ellipticals at the YMCA overlook the bay. It really is gorgeous. It’s especially awesome when there is some kind of storm going on. Watching the rain fall into the bay….the hard core runners determined to get in their miles….the pedestrians running for safety because they had no idea it was going to rain…it’s all great. For about 5 minutes. Then I start to wish that I actually enjoyed the exercise bikes, because all of those have individual television screens with Direct TV access.

Or maybe I don’t need to use the bikes to have video entertainment….

That’s right, everyone. I can now watch Leave it to Beaver while working out. My life suddenly feels complete. Don’t hate. I love Leave it to Beaver, and I always will. I almost used Fraggle Rock as my example, but unfortunately, the video quality wasn’t as good. Sad.

Sing it, Trash Heap!

(Okay. Sorry. I really love Fraggle Rock.)

Anyway, back to Netflix. I remember hearing that they were going to come out with this capability back when the iPad came out, but I had completely forgotten about it. On Saturday afternoon I made myself go to the gym. I was dreading it. I hadn’t been there to use the fitness equipment in MONTHS. I knew I needed to go though, so I went, hopped on an elliptical and for no particular reason started surfing the app store. The Netflix app was there, I downloaded it and within minutes I was watching an episode of Leave it to Beaver. I was so excited. My workout flew by without me really even noticing. On Monday, I couldn’t wait to go to the gym….to watch Pushing Daisies.

Seriously. Best app. Ever.

Also, now I feel that paying for unlimited data is actually worth it.

Today I decided not to Netflix my gym time away..though I admit the thought was tempting. I instead decided to go back to the first class I ever took at the YMCA–Cardio Kick. I used to go fairly regularly…like twice a week or so. Then my work schedule changed and I couldn’t go as often. I’ve only been a few times in the last year, and I’m always surprised at how challenging it is when you’ve been away for a while. My arms, thighs, abs and, well, everything is on fire! Seriously great workout today.

On my way to class I had a Classic Glo Bar, as I hadn’t had breakfast this morning:

Then I rewarded myself with this afterwards:

Jamba Juice Berry Topper Ideal Meal

As much as I sometimes hate the gym…I’m loving being back this time around. I’m feeling better and dang, I’ve got Netflix!

Do you like working out at the gym? Do you find it tedious? If so, what gets you through your workout?