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Overcoming the Fat Girl

My morning started off pretty well, with me finishing off Rachel Cosgrove’s “The Female Body Breakthrough“. If you recall, Maya sent it to me as a surprise gift last month. I had been reading something else at the time, but … Continue reading

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Having a Jillian Michaels Moment

If you’ve been reading my blog for the last couple of weeks, you already know that I’ve been working on making changes in my life that should ultimately make me happier. The first section of my “plan of action” had … Continue reading

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Trying to Learn the Art of Powering Through

I know I have introduced you all before, but I have an pick up affair going on with the #11 bagel from The Grind Cafe. I may go days or weeks without visiting with my boy, but he is always … Continue reading

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Today’s Workout and the Spaghetti Squash of My Dreams

So this morning, the craziest thing happened. I woke up, yawned, stretched and thought to myself, “I really want to go to the gym! I want to work out!” I paused, shook my head a little and listened again, to … Continue reading

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Working Out and a Full Night’s Sleep

I am happy to report to all of you that I managed to fall asleep without the lamp and TV on last night. I actually got up, brushed my teeth, turned everything off except for the radio. (I listen to … Continue reading

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Total Klutz

I realized something very important on Wednesday. I realized that I shouldn’t leave my apartment without wearing protective gear. Oy. It started off with my decision to go to the gym. My thighs were exceptionally sore and stiff from my … Continue reading

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Netflix for the Win

I don’t know about other people, but personally, I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. It’s not really a dislike for exercise. I love to hike and walk. Walking is actually my favorite form of physical activity. I walk … Continue reading

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