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Wizards and Breakfast Wraps

Okay! Time to talk about day 2 of my Orange County trip! Cindy and I decided to have a leisurely day, so we slept in a little bit. Even after we woke up, we were both sitting in our beds … Continue reading

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The Happiest Place on Earth

Last Friday, I woke up way behind schedule, which was rather unfortunate, considering I had a plane to catch. I ran around my apartment like a crazy person. I didn’t eat breakfast. I didn’t get Starbucks. I missed my first … Continue reading

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Vibrams and Turkey Tuesday

When we last left off, Maya and I were wandering around the Rockridge area, eating sandwiches and taking pictures of Great Harvest bread. Eventually, the sandwiches were consumed and the bread had been fully documented to our standards, so we … Continue reading

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Great Harvest

Wow! I’ve had a crazy busy week! While I’ve missed blogging quite a bit, I’ve had a great time hanging out with friends and seeing concerts. Before I leap back into things, I just wanted to thank Kylie, Alvin and … Continue reading

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Friends and Fry Jacks

There is something to be said for easy going days. I had a rather emotional Friday. No need to go into details…and everything has worked itself out, but by the time I climbed into bed, I was toast. Luckily, Saturday … Continue reading

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Playing the Ponies

I know all of you are busy catching up on all of the amazing Thanksgiving dinner posts that are out there. I didn’t have Thanksgiving dinner. (but they all look delicious and I am super jealous of you all.) Since … Continue reading

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An Armful of Purses

As I mentioned in one of my early blog posts, I grow very tired of people deciding that I am a tomboy and not like other women my age. Any of the people who have been forced to suffer through … Continue reading

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