In my effort to bring full disclosure to this blog and to no longer hide my feelings about things from others, I am going to confess something to you.

I hate Fleet Week.

There. I said it. I hate Fleet Week.

Given that I work in tourism, I’m guessing that if my boss reads this, I’m as good as toast. I just can’t help it though. I really am not a fan of big crowds or really loud planes. Don’t get me wrong, The Blue Angels are amazing and I have nothing but respect for their talent. Their planes, however, are just really loud. For my entire life, no matter what I was doing, come one weekend in October, it was drowned out by the air show. This was especially annoying when I was giving my all to play difficult passages at my clarinet lesson on Saturday mornings. Not only had I typically not practiced and my teacher was already mad, but every five seconds a plane flew over head, drowned out whatever she was telling me to do and then I would proceed to play it wrong again. This would lead to  additional disappointing comments from my instructor. It would happen over and over again for 45 minutes. Vicious cycle.

Maybe I should’ve just practiced to avoid the problem.


It’s Fleet Week’s fault.

There is one thing, however, that I do love about Fleet Week: Chicken on a Stick.

I’ve worked on the wharf for ten years now, and I’ve eaten everything down here one can eat. I am sick of everything. It’s too expensive, too greasy and just boring. Due to this, I look forward to anything that will bring some kind of new dining option to work. During Fleet Week they set up all sorts of stands selling navel/fleet week merchandise as well as food. Every year, I always get the same thing…chicken on a stick.


It’s moist, has a tangy sauce and is cooked over a flame. I love this stuff. If any of you lovely men out there can make chicken on a stick as tasty as this, I will marry you. Please submit your proposals in the comment section.

Just kidding.

I really like the stuff though. Corn on the cob is another big crowd pleaser for my co-workers. Now that I like corn, I had really been looking forward to trying out the grilled variety. Unfortunately, I still had left over corn on the cob that I had made earlier in the week, so I didn’t feel right buying more. I have no regrets. My corn is delicious!


My co-worker got corn on the cob w/butter as well as 1 chicken on a stick and 1 pork on a stick.


This is my chicken (stick removed) and ear of corn.


Bask in its deliciousness.


I certainly am!

What’s your favorite food to buy at an outdoor event?

I’m going to share something with you right now that you may not believe.

Before last night, I had never eaten corn on the cob.

Go ahead. Gasp. Cry out. Rant. Rave. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

You see, I’ve had corn before, but it has never been fresh. Either frozen or canned in all cases. I have always considered corn to be nothing short of vile. Everyone I know loves corn, so this dislike of mine has really been ostracizing. I mean, when we go to a fair and everyone runs to the corn booth, I slowly look around to see if there are garlic fries or soft serve. Every year during Fleet Week, my co-workers make a lunch run down to Aquatic Park, all for the corn. I ask them to please bring me back some “chicken on a stick”. And some garlic fries. I really like garlic fries. People never believe that I hate corn, as it seems to be the one vegetable that everyone in America loves. Except for me.

When my CSA box arrived two weeks ago, I was actually pretty disappointed to see 4 ears of corn inside. Nevertheless, I had made a commitment when I ordered that box, that no matter what was inside, I was going to try all of it. Even items that I have disliked in the past were going to get a second try.  I know that my palette has evolved over the years. I had always thought that I hated brussels sprouts. Then at my friend’s sister’s wedding I ate one and realized that, no, actually they’re quite tasty. So, when I saw these ears of corn, I decided to give two to one of my friends who loves corn, and then keep two ears for myself.

Saturday night was the night. The night for corn.


Having never eaten corn on the cob, I had also never been forced to remove it from its husk. Typically, I was just asked to open the can or take the KFC out of the bag. I wasn’t sure if husking corn was as simple as it appeared in the aisles of the supermarket.


It apparently is. After I got all of the husks off, I chopped off the remainder of the stalks and boiled up some water. I was going to put both ears of corn in the pot whole, as I wanted to be like one of those wholesome “All-Americans” on TV, eating an entire ear of corn at a picnic or BBQ. Alas, my pot was too small for the larger ear, so I had to cut that one in half.


Having little to no corn experience, I was wondering if it was okay that they were floating like that. I was concerned everything wasn’t getting cooked evenly. This made want to occasionally poke at the halves to make sure they were doing ok.


After about 10 minutes, I was left with these. I didn’t cut that cob too neatly, did I? How unattractive! Anyway, after this picture, I took one of the halves, put on a little butter and ate my first piece of corn on the cob.

Verdict? I’ don’t know. I think I liked it. It was much sweeter and more crisp than corn has ever been in my experience. I also enjoyed eating it right off of the cob. I have no idea why doing so is so satisfying, but it is. Would I eat it again? Yes. Actually, I was full after only the half an ear (I had a bad run in with a package of Fig Newtons….omnomnom….), so I’ve brought in the other 1.5 ears with me for lunch. Overall, I still think broccoli and asparagus are tastier than corn, but I believe that I have given corn a bad rap all of these years and it definitely can have an occasional spot on my dinner table.