I have never been more exhausted in my life.

Whatever possessed me to go out to the Giants World Series parade I’ll never know.

Typically, I don’t really enjoy crowds. I think it comes from working with tourists, but being around a huge group of people usually provokes an anxiety attack. I couldn’t really not go do this though. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

My day started very early. I woke up to sounds of helicopters. Yep. My friends Facebook’d me and told me to come on down earlier than we had planned. After waiting in the longest Starbucks line known to mankind, I went to Civic Center to try and find my friend.

Um…hello? Where are you?

No problem. I’ll just pull out my phone and give him a call. Or not. The network was so jammed from the THOUSANDS of people in downtown San Francisco, cell phones didn’t work! No facebook, twitter, texting, phone calls, e-mail or anything. Just each other. If you could find each other, that is.

Really…where are you? I have your green tea frappuchino….

Believe it or not, I actually found my friend, even without my cell phone! A couple more of his friends came down and the four of us hung out somewhere about halfway between the Buddha statue (you can kind of see it in the first picture of the post…kind of…) and City Hall.

At first, it was cool, but I have to tell you, I was ready to take off long before the Giants ever got to Civic Center.

First of all, we were in the dirt, so we couldn’t really sit down. Then there was the fact that it was like 80 degrees and we were baking in the noonday sun for what felt like a lifetime. There was no water. Seriously. Where were the refreshment stands? I found someone selling Coke, but given how dehydrated I was feeling, soda was the last thing I wanted. Also, we couldn’t see anything or hear anything. They had two huge screens, neither of which was visible to those standing in the center section. The speaker system was AWFUL. They had coverage of the parade being broadcasted, but I couldn’t understand what was being said. The crowd kept chanting, “TURN IT UP! TURN IT UP!”, but no one ever did.

When the parade floats and motorized Cable Cars finally came, people cheered. I never saw any of it though.

I wonder if these people in the trees did?

This is all I could see:

It’s tough being short!

After standing there for about 5 hours, I got really close to just going home. I was hot and pretty cranky. My friend’s two buddies actually took off. I wound up staying. I had stood there so long, it seemed silly to leave….even if I was dying of thirst. It was weird though, as soon as the Giants got there, people started to leave. Uh….I don’t know why they stood there for 5 hours just to leave as soon as the Giants got there, but whatever. Better for me. By the end of the ceremony, I could almost see the podium…almost!

In case you can’t tell (which wouldn’t be surprising, really…), that would be Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson.


And the World Series Trophy!

No one wanted to see this guy.

I know, I’m far away. You don’t know who it is.

It’s the Governator…Arnold Schwarzenegger. He got booed. A LOT.

Really, you should know better than to come to a San Francisco celebratory event, Arnold.

I’m sorry to report that I don’t have a picture of Aubrey Huff pulling off his thong. I was behind a bunch of tall people at the time. I’ve been informed, however, that it was quite funny.

After the ceremony was over, I bid my friend farewell and started to make my way towards water. Water. Waaaaaatttteeeeerrrrrr!



Have you ever been to a parade? After your experience, would you ever go to one again?

(I’m thinking I’m all paraded out!)

I’ll be honest. Ever since we made the post season, I knew we were going to win. For some reason, this season is just different. No superstars, just amazing team work and fun personalities.

I started out yesterday with breakfast. I’m trying to use up some of the things in my fridge, so I made an avocado and mozzarella cheese omelet with a garlic chicken sausage on the side.

It was the cutest little avocado ever.

The omelet was pretty fab and the sausage satisfactory.

Then it was time to leave for the gym. I hadn’t been sure if I was going to run or not when I made my breakfast, so I didn’t really eat appropriately. For some reason, I have to wait a REALLY long time after eating before I run or I get horrible side stitches. It probably would’ve been advisable for me to just use the elliptical, but I really wanted to be outside, so I dropped off my stuff at the YMCA and decided to do the AT&T Park run.

It went mostly okay. The food didn’t sit too well, unfortunately, so I did take several walking breaks. I was listening to Glee music, however, so I was in a pretty good mood overall. Amazing how Glee-ifying a song can make even a lousy tune amazing. When I hit AT&T Park, I found that I started running faster. While part of this is due to the temperature change from the stadium blocking the glaring noonday sun, I know it was also because I was thinking about my Giants.

The vibe in the city really has been amazing during this entire post season. You can’t go even two minutes without running into someone wearing Giants gear. Strangers are high fiving you in the streets, or giving you knowing smiles that seem to say, “Yes. We’re going to win.” The fever is everywhere. Look at what I saw after I left the gym:

Can you say, “Fear the beard”?!

I was pretty bummed out that I was going to miss the game. How unfair that the one time I actually care about a sporting event final, I’m stuck at work. While it wasn’t really like watching at home or at a bar, I caught a few glimpses.

I was incredibly nervous, so I decided to have some Halloween candy:


Sorry for the bad quality pictures, but banana Tootsie pops? I’ve never seen such a thing!

For the record, I have no idea how many licks it takes to get to the center.

When the Giants won, San Francisco went nuts. While my job wasn’t located in one of the primary hot spots in town, we had people driving down the street, hanging out of their car windows, waving full-sized Giants flags, honking their horns and screaming. It was pretty intense.

Or so I thought until I left work and tried to get home.

Yep. This was my neighborhood. Awesome, no?

This really doesn’t even do it justice, but here’s a really short video too:

For further (higher quality) examples of Lower Haight shenanigans from last night, I suggest you check out today’s post on Haighteration, my favorite resource for all things Lower Haight.

Things were much more quiet when I went out for coffee this morning. Giants fans were all having a good sleep in. Except for me, you know, because I can never sleep.

Felt a little sorry for the Memphis Minnie’s Van…

It looked a little….bruised…

And this pumpkin….

…it didn’t fare well at all.

But the Giants won the World Series, so it’s all good.

There’s a ticker tape parade tomorrow retracing the original parade route that the Giants took in 1958 when San Francisco welcomed them to their new home. I generally hate being in large crowds, but I will be making an exception for this. Friends are all coordinating and it looks like it will be a good time tomorrow, watching our Giants get the key to the city.

I know you guys are all totally sick of reading about this, but really, this win was all part of my healthy living endeavours…you know…happiness and social interaction!

(Don’t worry. Only one more Giants related post!)

Oh yes. One more thing.

Go vote. Now!


Have you ever been out in a street party? What was it for?

Well, we did NOT Beat L.A.


Yesterday I had to nix my workout because I found out that after the game I was going to have a houseguest, so I spent my day cleaning. I think it is almost as bad as a workout though. The hauling of heavy, oversized bags of laundry and linens. To the laundromat. From machine to machine. Home from the laundromat. Oh, the exhaustion. Then I had to wash a huge sink of dishes because I am a slob and had not been cleaning up after myself. Oops. Then, the floors had to be cleaned. Really, having people over is way too much work, especially when all I could think about was getting to the park and having fun.

At some point during all of the frantic cleaning I got pretty hungry. I could’ve had some lunch, but knowing that I would be eating heavily at the park, I was trying to be frugal with my calorie consumption. I decided on a Glo Bar.


The Dark Chocolate Roasted Coffee flavor has so far been my favorite of the Glo bar selection I received. The flavors sound bold, like they could be overpowering, but really, they’re just the perfect balance. I think if I order again, I will stock up on this flavor and the Adore (s’mores!) bar. They are great. What can I say? I’m a chocolate kind of girl!

My co-worker, Peter, showed up at around 3pm. I was cutting up my orange honeydew melon (from my CSA box, of course) when he arrived, as I was still a little on the hungry side. The melon essentially tastes just like cantaloupe, which isn’t surprising as it is a cross between the two fruits. I realized while slicing melon that I had NEVER actually cut up a melon before. Seriously. I guess every time I’ve ever eaten melon, someone else has prepped it. Anyway, first time or not, I managed to cube the entire thing and so we had a snack of melon while watching some TV.


(Please excuse my camera strap. It was not part of the delectable snack, merely a bystander…)

After melon, we ended up heading to a bar for a beer to kill time before the game. After an Anchor Steam, we headed off towards AT&T Park. He had never been there on public transportation, so I think he felt a little claustrophobic on the T train. I had told him that it would be less stressful if we just walked from the Ferry Building, but we were running a little behind, and walking would have taken longer. Luckily, we got a seat and the ride was only mildly irritating. You see, as we both work in tourism, crowds are not our favorite things.

After picking up our tickets it was time to be herded into the park like cattle. Everyone struggling to get to the bathroom FIRST. Get their beer FIRST. Get to their seats FIRST. But before all of that could happen, they had to get through the gate…FIRST!


Due to their enthusiasm, this was the best shot I could obtain pre-game…

Our seats were pretty amazing. I haven’t sat in seats so good since the Giants have been at the new park. I usually sit in the upper deck seats, as they’re much cheaper, but Peter hasn’t been to many games and he wanted to sit somewhere better…so he treated me! The view is rather nice:




I would like to, at this point, start writing a nice long explanation all about how I brought tons of healthy snacks with me, to avoid the temptations of the ballpark. Or that I hit up one of the many gourmet food options at the park and had the most delicious, deluxe salad or fruit plate that you’ve ever seen. That, however, is not the truth. I won’t lie to you. I like ballpark food. For me, going to the game means: hot dog, garlic fries and beer. Plain and simple. Now I could’ve gone and purchased a healthy option, and maybe I should have. The thing is, I only go to a game or two per season, and I know that I would be looking at my fruit plate with pure hatred if I bought it instead of what I really wanted. It’s all about moderation. Sometimes we eat out and have a billion calories. That’s just life, and we shouldn’t go around being scared of that or denying ourselves special treats that make us happy. I don’t eat that way everyday, and as long as it stays that way, we’re good. I pretty much agree with what Caitlin said the other day on Healthy Tipping Point: If you want the onion rings, get the onion rings.

Or in my case, the garlic fries. And hotdog. And beer. Unfortunately, Peter and I were so hungry, with the game already going on by the time we got to our seats, I forgot all about taking a picture of our dogs and the garlic fries we shared until they were all gone:

They were so good. I can’t even explain it to you how good they were. No regrets, baby, no regrets.

I did remember to take a picture of my beer:


The game, unfortunately, was not as awesome as the food. Pretty much nothing happened for six innings…then all of a sudden we walked a few Dodgers, one of them got home and scored a run, we had a huge error and then we spent the last couple of innings trying to make a come back. The game FINALLY got exciting right at the end. We had 2 outs, it was the bottom of the ninth and the count was 2 and 2. We somehow get a player on base! Yes! The whole stadium is up on their feet, chanting, “BEAT L.A.! BEAT L.A.!” The excitement is pulsing through the stadium. And then…the game is over. Third out. We lose. Sad.

The Dodgers fan sitting next to me was clapping and cheering our defeat.

San Franciscans are sore losers. As we walked down the stairs, making our way out of the park, a fan started chanting: “Still in FOURTH place! L.A. Dodgers! Still in FOURTH place! L.A. Dodgers!” That’s right, we’re all class in San Francisco. We don’t rub it in that you’re practically at the bottom of your division in standings. Nope. Not us….

This loss put us back 1.5 games behind the Padres for 1st place in the National League West and 1.5 games behind the Braves for the Wild Card. We aren’t out of it yet, but boy, I wish we had won. I always feel better when we win a home game…especially if it’s against the Dodgers. Oh well. It was still fun.





Now that my house guest has left, I should probably get up and get a workout in….run off some of those garlic fries!