I know I have introduced you all before, but I have an pick up affair going on with the #11 bagel from The Grind Cafe.

I may go days or weeks without visiting with my boy, but he is always there for me when I come back. He doesn’t care if I’m acting like a jerk or if I’m feeling over emotional. He’s ideal. I mean, he doesn’t even get mad if I cheat on him with oatmeal or pancakes.

He’s not the jealous type.

I mean, look, sometimes he even brings friends to our clandestine meetings.

I don’t think anything will ever come between us.

Our love is forever. ❤


In other news, I can’t believe that I didn’t notice there was a hunk of something or the other on my floor and in my breakfast shot. Just looking at it is driving me bonkers.

Where the heck is my swifter….


Still working on figuring out all of my plans, but I did one good thing yesterday. I really, really, really didn’t want to go to the gym. Or walk to work. Or get out of bed. But I did get out of bed and I pulled on my gym clothes and headed to the YMCA. I did a tradmill workout. There was no real method…I just made it up as I went along.

It went something like:

400 meters – Warm-up walk. I started off slow at 2.5 mph, and every so often I bumped it up until it was up to 4.0 by the end of the “lap”…I say lap, as my favorite treadmill at the gym has an option to view a little track on the screen, so you can pretend you are doing a track workout.

400 meters – 4.6 mph jog

400 meters – 5.2 mph

400 meters – 6 mph

400 meters – 6.5 mph

400 meters – 7 mph

400 meters – 3.0 walk

Around this time I started to feel really super miserable. I was tired. I didn’t want to be on the treadmill. I wanted to go home. My plan had been to do the same build up one more time, but I was having trouble convincing myself. I ended up doing the following:

200 meters – 4.6 mph jog

200 meters – 3.0 walk

200 meters – 5.2 mph

200 meters – 3.0 walk

200 meters – 6 mph

200 meters – 3.0 walk

200 meters – 6.6 mph

200 meters – 3.0 walk

200 meters – 7 mph

200 meters – 3.0 walk

200 meters – 7.5 mph

200 meters – 3.0 walk

200 meters – 8 mph!

100 meters – 7 mph

100 meters – 6 mph

100 meters – 5.2 mph

300 meters – 4.6 mph jog

400 meters – Cool Down.

I know 8.0 (7:30/mi pace) isn’t that fast, sprinting wise, for some of you, but seeing as I normally run an 11:30-12min pace, it’s darn speedy for me. Somewhere around the 200 8.0 meters, I started to feel strong. Don’t misunderstand me. I still didn’t want to be there and mentally I still felt like crap on toast….but physically, I was feeling good.

Part of what I need to work on is pushing through even when my head is NOT in the game. Although I didn’t feel too excited about the workout, even when I was through, I got it done.

A step in the right direction!

If you are a treadmill runner, what kind of workouts do you do to keep it interesting?

There is nothing worse than getting a poor night’s sleep. Well, except for getting several bad rests in a row.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a problem with accidentally falling asleep with the TV on. In addition to this, I have other sleeping issues, mostly involving short nights or just plain unrestful sleep. Last night was a short night situation. I had some work to finish up after I got home from my “real” job. I didn’t get to bed until after 2am, but given that Tuesdays are my days off, I figured I’d have plenty of recovery. Unfortunately, 6 hours later, I was awake. Not rested, but awake. I was not a happy camper.

I attempted to go back to sleep, but Cosie would not have it. She seems all innocent, but trust me, when she wants her morning can of Fancy Feast, her disposition becomes less than pleasant.


FEED ME!! NOW!!! >:O

I hobbled into the kitchen, in search of some wet food, but alas, I was out. Although Cosie had a big bowl of dry kibble, she wasn’t having it and she mewed and mewed until I put on my flip flops and headed out the door and to the local convenience store. Despite being completely broke until Thursday (payday), I lucked out yesterday and found $20 on the floor…score! I should’ve saved it in case of an emergency, but I decided that my crappy, exhausted self deserved a special treat. After buying 5 very expensive cans of cat food (I had no idea that the store I went to had such inflated prices!), I headed over to The Grind to find something to nosh on.

I returned home with one of my favorite breakfasts:

#11 bagel: Garlic bagel, cream cheese, avocado, red onion, tomato, cucumber and sprouts

I am in love. ❤

And of course:

Nonfat Cafe Au Lait....with a State Farm sleeve....interesting....

Cosie enjoyed the fact that I brought home food. She especially enjoyed that I needed to photograph my bagel outside. It meant an open backdoor….her favorite thing! Unfortunately, it isn’t my favorite thing. It makes me nervous.

She escapes the apartment quickly...

...and then she begins trying to escape up the stairs....

...she claims that she really isn't trying to run away from home...

...that she's just trying to gain a different perspective on the world around her...

..but I know the truth.

I had lofty goals and ambitions for today, but I’m totally wiped out. I think I’m going to watch some trashy television for a bit and then evaluate how I feel.

What do you do when you’re experiencing sleeping problems?

Today, I ran out of yogurt. Well, technically, YESTERDAY I ran out of yogurt. This meant that I could not enjoy my typical granola bowl for breakfast this morning. I decided that I would allow myself to have a bagel. I love bagels, you see. Garlic ones. With cream cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts and avocado. I love them perhaps a little too much. There was a period in there where I was seeking out the perfect bagel every morning. I couldn’t help it. Bagels are delicious.

I wasn’t in the mood for a “fancy” bagel today. Just something simple. For this reason, I skipped going to the cafe that serves my favorite bagel combo and instead just went to the local bagel shop. The bagel shop’s bagels are very tasty, but not the best. No matter. I didn’t need the best. I just needed breakfast.

I placed my order and then it occurred to me that I had my camera in my purse and if I was a good blogger, I would take a few pictures. I tried to take a picture of the available bagels box, but unfortunately, it was a little humid in there and the box seemed a little “steamy”:


I then tried to take a picture of the cream cheese/toppings counter when an employee with a heavy accent gruffly told me, “It’s not allowed!” I shrugged and put my camera away. Truth be told, I didn’t understand why pictures wouldn’t be allowed. I wasn’t taking pictures of the lady making my bagel. I wasn’t taking pictures of the menu. Of the front of the establishment. Of anything except for bagels and cream cheese. I didn’t notice a sign forbidding me from taking pictures either. I mean, there COULD be a sign in there someplace, but I haven’t noticed it. I could understand if this restaurant was really popular and had amazing, scrumptious delights that they were concerned would be stolen by competing establishments.

Kind of like what happened when Slugworth stole confectionary secrets from Willy Wonka:



**In case you haven’t seen the Gene Wilder version of the movie, this guy turned out not to be Slugworth, but instead one of Mr. Wonka’s own employees who was helping him figure out who really was the child who deserved his factory. Just pretend it really is Slugworth, okay?**

As far as I can tell, this bagel shop’s secrets consist of:


Bagels, your choice of cream cheese…


…and tomatoes for an extra $0.50.

Have there ever been restaurants or businesses that rained on your picture taking plans?