I’m fairly remiss in recapping last week’s 5K. To be honest, I wasn’t all that excited about my performance, so I’ve been avoiding it.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t do a horrible job, or anything, but as I am sure you all know, when you fall short of what you hope to achieve, it is mentally annoying.

Prior to May 8th, I had been doing a decent job of getting in a couple of strength training sessions a week as well as a couple of runs. Despite only having had my routine in place for a few weeks, I already felt stronger and was quickly becoming a believer in how much strength training improves your running skills. With just a little extra attention to my muscles, I was finding running to be a little easier…and even more enjoyable.

The DSE Mother’s Day Marina Green 5K was the perfect chance to PR. I had run the course during my first race last September. It was all flat and I really felt confident that I could do well. I should have known things were going to be a little off for me that morning just based on the fact that I couldn’t even find the start line right away. I had assumed that the “Mother’s Day Marina Green 5K” would have the same start as the “Marina Green 5K” that I had run with DSE in September. When I got there, however, I realized very quickly that I was mistaken. I whipped out the old iPhone and lo and behold….the start line was over where the St. Patrick’s Day 5K had been. Like nearly a mile away.

Good job, Alexa, good job.

Not to worry…I got there in plenty of time to register and listen to all of the pre-race announcements.

Note my marathoner co-worker in the blue/yellow tank and black beanie. He is really fast. Just thought you should know.

After all of the usual pre-race talk, we headed over to the start line. Despite my location mix up, I was still feeling pretty good. I was wearing my new Nike hoodie and had my discounted runner’s water bottle. I was totally ready to kick some 5K ass.

The first mile went very well. I completed it in 10:07, which for me is pretty fast. My pace is usually closer to 11 minutes, so I was definitely on the path to PRdom. Unfortunately, as mile 2 got going, I started to get a bad side stitch. My standard pre-race breakfast of peanut butter and banana toast was fighting back. I took a little walk break and chugged some water (with Strawberry Lemonade Nuun). That of course, didn’t help matters…chugging fluids while running is kind of a bad idea. At the time, however, I was more focussed on the stitch. It pretty much took the second mile to sort out the pain and water sloshy-ness. For the third mile, I rebounded, but I had lost a lot of time. To top it off, I was now running my last mile directly into the wind. I was running strong, but really, my pace is no match for a good strong gust off of the Golden Gate.

I crossed the finish line with the time of 33:54. I was disappointed. Although it wasn’t my slowest 5K time or anything, it was slower than the first time I had run Marina Green (same course, btw…just different start/finish location).

After the race I decided to walk home, which is a nearly 4 mile walk. Since I work down at the waterfront, I am pretty used to it though. I just sort of went on auto pilot and let my feet carry me on home.

Well, until I hit the Civic Center area, that is.

That is when I get hit with a crazy thought.

The thought to run Hayes Street Hill.

“Hayes Street Hell” is pretty much the most difficult part of the Bay To Breakers route, and coincidentally, is on my way home. I knew that in a week I was going to be expected to run up Hayes when I took part in my very first Bay to Breakers race. While I had walked up the hill many times, I had never run it and for some reason, I decided that trying it after running a 5K and walking nearly 4 miles was a good idea.

So I did.

I thought I was going to die when I finally got to the top, but I did in fact get there.

It would probably be rather crude to admit that the entire time I ran it I was chanting, “Make this hill your b*tch, Alexa, make it your B*tch!” in my head.

So I won’t admit that.


As I hobbled back to my apartment, I just reminded myself that on May 15th when I met that hill again, I at least would have the knowledge that I could do it.

And knowing, is half the battle.

Coming Up: Bay to Breakers Expo and the 100th Running of the Bay to Breakers Recap.

Do you beat yourself up over missing out on time goals, or are you more zen about the whole racing experience?

One of the many reasons that San Francisco is completely awesome is that if you are a runner, there is always a race to sign up for.

There are many high-profile races to sign up for throughout the year, but even when there isn’t a huge event going on, you can always count on Dolphin South End Runners for a good race. They are a local running club that puts on a race just about every weekend. The races vary in lengths, the cost is super cheap ($5 for non-member, $3 for member) and they encourage people of all abilities to come out.

(When I say all ability, I mean it….they allow self-timers and once a month they even have a kids race…so cute!)

If you all recall, my very first race back in September was a DSE run and after having such a positive experience, I decided that I would try and do as many of their runs as I could in 2011. Unfortunately, I had already failed at this goal when I skipped out on the Arts & Sciences 5K in January. I could’ve gone, but having just battled two back to back head colds, I wasn’t really interested in running a race in the rain.

So I slept instead. It was awesome.

Yesterday, however, I was much more dedicated to my original plan.

I had been tossing back and forth the idea of doing the Strawberry Hill 5K, but given the fact that the course is essentially running up a big scary hill in Golden Gate Park, I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit. What convinced me was the fact that I had been tweeting with Average A (from Diary of an Average Runner) for quite some time about potentially meeting up at Strawberry Hill. I didn’t want to be super lame and not show up (again….we were supposed to meet at Arts & Sciences…my bad…), so on Saturday night I set my alarm.

Come Sunday, I still wasn’t all that jazzed at the idea of running up a hill, but I had some coffee, peanut butter banana toast and laced up my sneakers just the same.

At about 7:45am I headed over to the bus stop, tweeted with Average A, confirming that she was also going and giving her a run down of my wardrobe so spotting each other would be easier. I got to the park way too early…at maybe 8:20am or so? I leave really early just in case I run into any transit issues and normally, this would be fine. On Sunday, however, it was only 39 degrees when I left my house! I paid for my race entry and then stood around FREEZING to death. I decided to head to the bathroom to give myself something to do. I got back and still had 15 minutes to kill. I stretched. I hopped up and down. I blew into my hands, cursing the fact that I am a native San Franciscan, thus a person who doesn’t own a pair of gloves.

When there were just a few minutes to go, I walked over to the start line. I headed dutifully to the back of the pack. Although the club encourages all levels of runners, a lot of people who run these races are super fast, so I didn’t want to be in their way. The announcer made a few remarks….including a “no headphone” rule. Now others were still plugged in, but I felt awkward, so I put my headphones in my pocket. Just a minute or so before the air horn sounded someone came over to me and asked if I was Alexa. That’s right, Average A found me! We shook hands and she wished me luck just as the race began. In two seconds flat I lost sight of her in the crowd. That girl is fast!

The race itself was hard.

Going into the race, I had no idea what the course was like. I looked at the course map and description (you can click on the race link earlier in the post), and still had no idea what to expect. Here is what the race looked like on RunKeeper:

I know, right?

(also, ignore that there is no mile 3. Not entirely sure why RunKeeper thinks this run was only 2.6 miles….Maya’s theory has to do with inclines, and I am…inclined…to agree. Cough.)

Pretty much, we ran up Kennedy Drive and then started a loop around Stow Lake. Then, we ran a loop around Strawberry Hill (that green area in the middle of the lake), then we ran this death incline up to the top of the hill, then we retraced our steps back down and around the hill and finished the loop around Stow Lake and back to the Start/Finish line.

Oh em gee. Hills.

I have only recently started incorporating incline running into my routines and they kill me. I was forced to take several walking breaks, but I followed my “always keep someone ahead of you in your sights” rule. This is for two reasons: 1) It motivates me to not completely wuss out and 2) It’s for my own safety…I have no sense of direction and get lost every single time I go running in Golden Gate Park.

(Unfortunately, the people behind me weren’t following the same rule….as I ran down Strawberry Hill, we saw others still coming up……taking the wrong turn and not running to the top of the hill. Those around me were yelling “LEFT!” at them and I was pointing up the mountain, but a bunch of people went the wrong way….)

In addition to all of the killer inclines, very little of the course was paved. That would be fine, except for the fact that it rained for most of last week…..that’s right, we were running in mud. My poor Brooks were filthy after finishing. It also made making up time on the downhills hard because I was afraid I was going to fall to my doom.

Despite the difficulty of this course, I finished.

Did you really think I wouldn’t?!

As I saw the finish line in front of me, I noticed the clock was heading towards 35 minutes.

My reaction: “Oh hells NO!”

I booked the last little bit of the race and Average A was nice enough to snap my picture as I crossed the finish line with an official time of 34:53. I felt pretty good about that given the amount of walking I did and how difficult a course it was. I felt even better after the following announcement was made:

Announcer: In true DSE fashion, this course distance wasn’t calculated correctly….it isn’t a 5K.

*everyone groans*

Announcer: It was 3.3 miles! So if you were thinking your times were a little high, that’s why!

*everyone cheers*

As per usual, everyone receives a finishing ribbon, so Average A asked someone nearby to snap a couple of pictures of us together, showing off our bling.

We hung out and chatted for a bit and A introduced me to one of her other DSE buddies. We talked about maybe meeting up again at the St. Patrick’s Day 5K….it’s all flat, baby, all flat! I can’t wait!

On December 19, 2010, I ran the Christmas Classic 5K in Golden Gate Park.

I signed up for this race several weeks in advance, so I was pretty bummed out by the fact that I had fallen prey to head cold #1 (I’m still recovering from the second cold as I type) days before the race. I felt even worse when I found out that it was going to rain and be nasty out during the race. I had never raced in bad weather before and I wasn’t entirely sure that running in rain and wind was going to be good for my cold. Lastly, I was sad that I might miss out on getting another race shirt.

Since I’m not a long distance runner and don’t have medals, race shirts are my only form of fitness bling. Boo-yah.

I debated bailing on the race in this post, but when race day came, I just decided to go for it. I might drop dead trying, but I was going to finish and get my damn t-shirt.

A couple of days before race day I hit up Sports Authority for some inclement weather gear. I didn’t really have a track jacket or hat, and I knew that I needed them for the race, especially given my health at the time. I picked up a super cute Nike jacket that was on sale and a Nike cap. I had wanted gear that wasn’t black, as everything I own is black, but in the end, it’s what I wound up with. The night before the race I was getting excited, so I decided to model my gear.

Hawt, right?

Yes. Okay. Moving on.

I’ve looked back on my camera, but I can’t find any pictures of breakfast. It was almost a month ago, but I think I had a cup of coffee. I also probably had some kind of nut butter and a banana on a slice of either Great Harvest Dakota or Brown bread. I guess this as I always have peanut butter and banana on toast before a race and secondly, I guess this because it’s the only food I really had in my house during the month of December. Oops.

I was running (ahahaha. punny. ok. not really.) a little late that morning and I managed to navigate the distance to the 5 Fulton stop on McAllister and Divisadero just in time to see the bus drive by. Very reminiscent of my Run Wild For A Child morning, no?

The only difference is that this time, I couldn’t hustle enough to make it. I had a full Clipper Card this time and everything. Le sigh.

Do-dee-do. Guess I’ll just have to wait then.

As I stood there in the bus shelter, the wrath of God poured down on San Francisco. Seriously. The wind was blowing so hard I thought the shelter and I were going to be obliterated. I was getting soaked because it was raining sideways, into the shelter. I was freezing and wondering what exactly I was doing out of my bed and out in the cold, harsh world.

After 9 minutes of getting thrashed by mother nature and a 10 minute MUNI ride, I arrived at Golden Gate park. I didn’t really know exactly where the start line was, so I just sort of followed the other people wearing running clothes who also wore expressions of “WTF am I doing here?!”

I figured they would know where to go.

After I got there, I picked up my bib and started my great restroom search. The brilliant folk from the park sort of forgot to unlock them so all of us were pacing around from bathroom to bathroom trying to find the magical open one. Eventually a park employee came and opened up. I got in there before he closed it to be serviced and stocked. Fine by me. No line. Woo.

After all of this rain, wind, and bathroom searching, I was starting to feel crappy, tired and blurry. Out of focus. Ick.

I went to huddle with the other people who would be running the 5K. There was also a mile race, so all of us 5Kers were waiting on the mile race to end. I saw my co-worker run by super fast. Impressive. All of us cheered on the runners. The rain had stopped somewhere during all of this and all of the happy vibes from the cheering started to brighten my spirits.

Woo! Go running! @yay!

Eventually it was time for the race to start. I didn’t have high expectations. I just set out to finish and do the best that I could, given the circumstances. The first mile was pretty tough, just because it was up an incline. I never run up hills, save maybe racing up one block from Oak to Page on Broderick after my Panhandle runs. I never actually train for hills. This wasn’t steep, just a steady climb. I really didn’t want to stop, so I just kept at it, which I think was probably a bad idea. I kind of burned through my energy really early.

During the other 2.1 miles I did a lot more walking than usual, as I was struggling with breathing…my sinuses were shot. Despite the difficulties, I was having fun. Race workers said encouraging things when we hit certain points. I watched little kids running with their parents and siblings, the elder family members trying to motivate the young ones to keep going and “finish strong”.

Finally, I saw the finish line ahead. I was sad to see that it was already past the 33 minute mark, but even more sad to see 34 minutes approaching. I ran as hard as I could, but I just couldn’t make it in under 34.

I posted this video on New Year’s Eve when I discovered it had been uploaded onto YouTube. I had anticipated it being very difficult to locate myself, so I just clicked on the third part and started scanning for myself. Luckily, it didn’t take very long. I am the first person to cross the finish line in this hunk of video footage. Score!

As I crossed the line a race worker exclaimed, “300! You’re here! Good!” You can hear it in the video.

Then I continued on down the chute and someone handed me a lollipop. Nice!

I made my way over to the post race festivities and picked up my t-shirt, water bottle and swag bag. Then I saw what kind of munchies they had going on. Cheese…..and DOUBLE RAINBOW ICE CREAM! w00t! You got to choose between chocolate and mint chocolate chip. I’m a chocolate girl, always.

Those are the legs of a fellow runner. He was chatting with a mother and son who had just finished racing. Then he talked to me for a bit. People at races are always so friendly and nice!

After a few minutes I sought out my co-worker to say hi. We chatted. Then I started on my walk home, happily eating ice cream and feeling accomplished and chipper. I passed a family and I remembered the little boy. He had passed me up during the race! I watched him as we walked…he was eating his lollipop and his ice cream at the same time. I smiled and told him that he was really fast. He didn’t have much time for me…eating two desserts for breakfast is hard work. His mom smiled and made a few comments though.

I really enjoyed this race. It was small, low-key and fun. I was able to not care too much about my time and just get out there and run, which is really what is important, right? I mean, who cares if you ran your 3.1 miles in 20 minutes or 40 minutes? It’s still 3.1 miles, and it’s still awesome. I wish I could get that fact through my thick skull more often.

The only thing I didn’t really like about the small race factor is the hand scoring. I had to wait two weeks to hear any word about my official time. Sure, I just said above that time wasn’t important, which is true, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know it just for my own records, memories and blog posts! The first step towards an official time was the above linked video. Then a day or two later they posted my time….



If you look at the video, I came in at around 34:02. My RunKeeper says it’s 34+ minutes also. Where did 31:22 come from? I e-mailed the timing people from the race and asked about it…they said it is correct.

Which is totally isn’t.

It’s not that time matters all that much….except that now my PR on Athlinks is a time that I didn’t earn. It bums me out a little bit that it isn’t accurate. I can’t believe my luck…two races in a row where there were timing issues. Maybe it’s Golden Gate Park. Perhaps it’s cursed….


At least I got my t-shirt…

…and a bunch of junk mail that needs to go through the shredder…


Have you ever had timing problems with a race?

On November 28, 2010, I ran the Run Wild For A Child 5K in Golden Gate Park.

I have to be really honest with you, however.

I really did not want to run it.

I hadn’t run very much leading up to the race. I was tired, stressed out and I knew I had no chance of performing very well. Maya had decided before coming back stateside that she would also run, so I was hoping that both of us would be able to inspire each other.

Come race morning, everything went wrong. I am so not even exaggerating.

I woke up and wanted to have a breakfast of peanut butter and banana toast. You know. Typical.

I was out of bread. No toast for me.

I made up for it with extra peanut butter…

I was a little late getting out of my apartment and about half a block away from the bus stop, I heard that all too familiar MUNI hiss…..I bolted towards the corner and was about to see my bus pull away. I ran and the driver waited for me. Unfortunately, I had no money on my Clipper Card, so I needed to pay with cash. I put in a dollar bill, followed by 90 cents. As I was putting in my last dime, I dropped it and it rolled down the stairs and out of the door. I apologized and ran out to get it (I didn’t have another) and then hopped back up onto the bus. The driver was not amused by my bad morning…he was mighty pissed that I had held his route up.


People on the bus were staring at me. I felt silly.

To make myself feel better, I decided I wanted to listen to some music. I whipped out my headphones….just to find out that my iPhone had been wiped of all music. What? Argh. I had updated my phone’s OS before leaving the house. My RunKeeper application hadn’t been working well and so I decided to update the software to see if it helped. It apparently erased all of my music in the process. I was mega bummed. Running with no tunes? Lame-o.

When I got to Golden Gate Park I was able to locate Maya and Eric fairly easily. We sort of stood around, discussing how poorly we were about to do. So much for motivating each other, right? Haha.

I also spent a great deal of time whining about how cold it was. I had a thin, worn out hoodie on for the commute over, but since it wasn’t made of a wicking material, I didn’t really want to run with it on. I was freezing with the hoodie on, but I was REALLY cold once I took it off. Thank goodness running warms a person up!

We made a stop at the port-o-potties, then it was time to line up.

See all of those people in the shorts? It was in the 40s. I think they were crazy.

The race started off okay. Maya and I ran together for the first mile or so. Somewhere at around 1/4 mile in we passed a camera. I hoped that it might wind up being a good picture of us, but alas, it was not.

However, it was the best picture I managed to take for the entire race. How sad is that?

As I said, we only ran together for about a mile. Then Maya took off to see if she might be capable of attaining a PR. I kept going at the same pace. I was already starting to struggle. I was dying to walk. I decided to make a deal with myself that I could walk once I hit the water station halfway through. I walked through the water station and a little while afterwards, then I started running again. Unfortunately, I wound up taking another THREE walking breaks during the second half of the race. I felt really lousy about it too. I mean, I had run two other 5Ks and I hadn’t needed to walk at all during either of them.

During that second half, I was feeling pretty wimpy. I was also having a bit of a difficult time breathing. In addition, I was looking really fugly.

Seriously, do people ever take good race photos?

The really sad part is that these pictures, in which I look like I’m dying, look 1,000,000 times better than the photos Maya’s boyfriend Eric took of me coming across the finish line. I am completely relieved that Maya has not posted any of them on the internet. So like, really, Maya, please don’t….

I ended up finishing in 32:44; Maya finished in 30:06. Neither of us were very impressed with our times, once we found them out. We waited around for about an hour, hoping to get a glimpse of our official times. We watched the costume contest to keep ourselves busy. When the results were finally posted, we were bummed out—they were all wrong. About a minute or so off. So despite the waiting, we wouldn’t know the above official results until they were posted later in the day.

After getting our fake times, the three of us walked back down to the Lower Haight and ate breakfast at The Grind. As usual, the food was delicious. And huge.

Cafe Au Lait

I had an omelet with wheat toast and hash browns.

Maya and I shared food a bit. I gave her a hunk of my omelet, she gave me a hunk of hers, I gave her half of my hash browns and she shared some of her fruit. This was mid meal.

I won’t lie. I ate it all. I was hungry!

After breakfast, we split off. Maya and Eric were picked up by Maya’s mom, whereas I walked home to take a pre-work shower.

I was pretty irritated with my time for this race. Despite all four of my walking breaks, my horrible morning, the cold weather and all of my whining, I only missed PRing by 9 seconds. It was a hard pill for me to swallow. To know that if I had only sucked it up and ran through one of those walking breaks, I would’ve PR’d kind of sucked. I know, I know. I shouldn’t look at it like that. I should be happy that I did so well given how lousy I felt.

But 9 seconds?


Now that I’ve got you all caught up with my last race, I’ll look ahead at my next one, which is the Christmas Classic 5K tomorrow morning. I haven’t run (aside from one or two treadmill workouts) since the last race, so once again, I don’t have high hopes. Although I was talking about potentially skipping the race due to the weather, I think I’ll probably run.

My headache and sore throat has turned into a full head cold and I’ve had sinus pressure all day today. Also sneezing and a unproductive cough.

All that being said, I paid for the darned race, and I’m going to race it as long as the cold is above the neck, which it is.

Here’s to hoping it doesn’t rain too hard tomorrow morning!

Have you ever taken a decent race photo? If so, what was your secret to achieving this?

Having sort of a dilemma.

I’m supposed to be running the Christmas Classic 5K on Sunday morning in Golden Gate Park.


Running this race would be difficult in the first place, given I haven’t been running much. That 5K distance is feeling mighty long lately. However, regardless of how much I’ve trained, I know I can always get through 3.1 miles. Maybe not as fast as I want to, but I can get through it.

So where’s the problem?

Here is the problem:



It’s supposed to rain on Sunday.

It’s actually supposed to rain everyday until December 26th. Maybe it’s supposed to rain after that too, but the weather channel only has a 10 day projection.

Normally I wouldn’t mind running in the rain. I even stopped by the Sports Authority and picked up a Nike track jacket that was on sale, as well as a dri-fit cap to wear, so I’ll be dressed in a way to better fit the weather than I was when I ran “Run Wild for a Child” (which I will post about soon).  The problem is that for the last 4 days I’ve been teetering on the edge of illness. I had a horrible headache for both of my days off, then yesterday and today I’ve had a scratchy throat. I’ve been drinking lots of tea and other than these two symptoms, I’ve been feeling a-okay. I’m concerned, however, that if I go out an run 5K in a cold, windy storm, I will get a full blown cold or flu.

Few things are worse than having a cold or flu during the holidays, so I’d like to refrain if possible.

I guess I’ll just see if the scratchy throat goes away by Sunday and decide then. I’d really hate to waste my $25 though. Well, I mean, the money would still go to a good cause….but you know what I mean.


Speaking of good causes, a couple of weeks ago I participated in Carrots ‘N’ Cake’s Holiday Bake Sale to raise money for the  Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I was lucky enough to win an awesome batch of Peppermint Mocha Fudge!


The fudge was made by Tina from Faith Fitness Fun

Tina sent me a HUGE batch of fudge…seriously, she sent twice as much as was on this plate! I put out this plate in the office kitchen (hence the plate with the chip…slim pickings for dishes in this place…) earlier and it’s almost half gone! People are digging it big time!

I kept the other half for me, but I plan on freezing most of it to enjoy at a later date. It happens to be a little too delicious for me to keep out in the open right now…

In order to distract myself from all of the goodies in the office, I’m enjoying this beauty.


Yum…grapefruit! Nature’s fudge…er…okay…not really…

Have you ever run a race in the rain? Was it horrible?

I did that thing that I hate again last night.

One of my biggest complaints about living in a studio is my lack of a separation between sleeping and living spaces. I sleep, hang out, eat, read, watch tv, blog and whatever else I do at home all while sitting on my futon.

And to be completely honest with you, it really sucks.

When I come home from work, to decompress, I usually turn on the TV. This whole weekend there was a Harry Potter movie marathon going on. I’ve read all of the books several times apiece and seen the movies tons of times (including the many times that they marathon on TV), but since I will be seeing Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part I next Saturday night, I decided I’d let them play in the background while I surfed the internet, ate dinner, etc. At some point during the evening, I closed my laptop to give my eyes a rest and decided to watch Order of the Phoenix for a spell….

…and then it was 5:30am.

I fall asleep with the TV and lamp on all of the time, and I really wish I didn’t. If I had a bedroom, I’d probably turn the TV off and go to bed when I got a little tired, but since I’m already in my bed, I wind up getting cozy and falling asleep with everything on. Then, because the noise and light kind of bothers me, after a few hours, I wake up…and I’m AWAKE.

So I read blogs and e-mails.

Since it was nearly light out by the time I had finished going through Google Reader, I decided I should get up and go for a run. You see, I really need to run:

I had planned to run the 10K (there is also a 5K) in this race. I could make all sorts of excuses right now, as to why that isn’t going to happen…but I’m not going to. As the theme of my blog is essentially, “Doing things MY way”, lying to you would be rather lame of me. The truth of the matter is:

I didn’t feel like training for it!

While I enjoy running to some extent now…and I especially like the races (I’ve signed up for a Christmas Classic 5K also!), I just have had a 0% interest in getting my mileage up enough to run 6 miles within the time limit. As of late, I’ve been much more interested in getting back into using my gym membership. I mean, I pay $67/mo (I know..expensive!) for it, so I should use it. It makes sense. So I did Zumba. I went swimming. I went back to my Cardio Kick class that I used to do regularly. I discovered the joy of Netflix. Last week I didn’t even run once.

Which would be fine.

Except for the fact that I’m still running the 5K!


So back to this morning…I decided I needed to get up and go for my run….AND THEN I FELL BACK ASLEEP AGAIN!


By the time I woke up the temperature was well into the 70s. First of all, does the weather have a calendar? Why is it 70-80 degrees F in mid-November anyway? Second of all, I really suck at running in any kind of warm temperatures. I know people run in weather much hotter than this, but I don’t. Call me a wimp, but I just don’t. I get really dehydrated (even with frequent water stops) and I just don’t perform well. Maybe it’s the extra poundage I’m currently sporting. I don’t know. I just know that it isn’t something I want to do.

So I decided that today I would walk to work for my exercise and then try to get in a couple of runs this week.

I really need to win the lottery or find a super fab job that pays me enough to rent a 1 Bedroom in this city….

Oh well.

At least breakfast was good.

How could it not be good when a lovely gem like this is involved?

I found it at TJ’s yesterday and I had to buy it. I’ve been using their pumpkin butter for over a year now…but Cranberry Apple Butter? Sign me up!

Steel Cut oats w/banana and Chia Fresh, TJ’s Sunflower Seed Butter, Fage 0% Greek Yogurt, TJ’s Cranberry Apple Butter, cacao nibs and butterscotch chips.

Yes. My oatmeal looked and tasted like a candy store. You know you’re jealous.

I also had a lot of this. It was completely necessary…

What is your favorite oatmeal topping?

Whenever I picture someone running a race, I always have the same picture in my head. I see them sprinting towards the finish line. Sweat flying off of their face in every direction. Muscles tense. Pain evident in their expression. And a big giant number on their shirt.

For some reason, the bib is the thing that means race most in my mind and I was pretty disappointed when I didn’t get to wear one in my first 5K. Since I did my first race in a low key, running club race environment, there were no bibs, but instead, we had tickets:

IMG_0446.JPG IMG_0447.JPG

The tickets had our names, age and gender on them. We safety pinned them to our person someplace, and then after we crossed the finish line, someone took the bottom portion of the ticket. At first I pinned mine to the front of my shirt, but since it was windy out, I decided to pin it to my waistband, in hopes of keeping it from flying away while I was running.

(See, I am totally a real woman. Look at my muffin top! I’m sending out muffin top love to all of you out there! <3)

Sure, the ticket method was okay, but I longed for the day I could be considered a real runner. When I could sprint towards the finish line, sweat rolling off of my face….down onto my BIB!

Well, the day is fast approaching!

On Saturday evening I came home from work to find only one piece of mail in my mailbox. Can you guess what it was?






Lookie, Mom! I’m a real runner!!

The Komen Race for the Cure is this Sunday, and I am pretty jazzed about it. The course is one that I’ve run on my own for fun, though admittedly, I’ve never done it without stopping for a walking break. It starts near the Ferry Building, you run the Embarcadero down to AT&T Park, run across the 3rd street bridge, the turn around is on the other side, then it is back to the Ferry Building. I don’t have any goals about my time, really. I’m still very new to running and my goals are more aligned with running the whole race without stopping than they are with getting down to an impressive time. That being said, I’d like to beat the PR of 33:17, which I set at the Marina Green 5K, but, if I don’t beat it, it’s no big deal. There is always another race.

I am also excited about getting a t-shirt. I don’t know why, but the idea of a race t-shirt really makes me want to jump up and down.

I am a total nerd.

A nerd who should probably get up and get some running in!

Do you remember your first race bib? What was your number? Was it lucky?