About TGIC

I have been wearing Chuck Taylor sneakers since 1992. In 1992 I was 10 years old and most kids at the time weren’t wearing them. Adidas and Nike were very big and that’s what all of the other kids were styling. I didn’t let fashion trends stop me though. I even took great fashion risks for the sake of my chucks:

In 5th grade I had American flag high tops and all of the kids in Mrs. Pascual’s 5th grade class used to pledge allegiance to my shoes!

Sometime in my mid-twenties, despite Chuck Taylors finally coming back in style, I started to get some mean comments about my trusted companions. Apparently, it was time to grow up, and grown ups don’t wear purple sneakers everyday. This really irked me. I failed to see how my shoes determined my level of maturity. Why should I give up something that makes me happy and is a part of who I am?

So I didn’t.

Since my job allows for casual dress, I wear Chucks just about every single day. As a matter of fact, the ones on the header there, those are the ones that are in my current rotation in 2010. Do I have other shoes? Of course…what girl doesn’t? But Chucks are still my primary footwear and they will be until the day comes when I no longer want them to be. They are part of who I am, and I am not going to change that for anyone.

I don’t know about you, but I grow tired of everyone deciding what the right way to do something is. Being “the norm” doesn’t make something right. Just because it worked for your mom or best friend, doesn’t make it right. Frankly, in my opinion, there is NO right way to do anything. This blog is about my attempts to get healthier, embrace adulthood and find balance. I want to figure out what makes ME happy, and do it on my own terms.

The only thing I hope people get out of my blog is that it is okay to do things your own way. Heck, it’s better than okay. It is awesome.

Think for yourself. Be yourself.