Ye Olde Writer’s Block

I feel incredibly lame admitting this, but frankly, as of late, I just haven’t had very much to say. Well, that’s not really true. I’ve had things to say but have been struck with a gigantic case of writer’s block.

I think about telling you all about my workouts, but to be honest, they’ve been a little sketchy.

That is my way of telling you that although I’ve been working out, it hasn’t been according to schedule. A schedule that I laid out for myself.


I should, you know, follow it.

Speaking of schedules, I have been thinking that I should tell you all how my Google Calendar and Sleep Routines have been going.

I keep ignoring my “GO TO BED” alarm.


I set it, so I should, you know, go to sleep when it goes off.

I have wanted to tell you all about how my teeth are doing since my wisdom teeth extraction.

I went to the dentist last week for a check-up.

In addition to owing $1,366 for the extractions, I need $600 worth of dental work done.


My wallet weeps.

I have been wanting to show you all the hand towels I bought at IKEA…..oh WAIT!

That I have done.

Both here and in my last post.

Thank goodness.

I was beginning to feel quite remiss!

What is your best writer’s block busting technique?

One thought on “Ye Olde Writer’s Block

  1. I just take a break when I have writers block. If it’s really persistent, I get out and read like crazy. Magazines, other blogs, books, web contents… something usually sparks my interest and gives me an idea!

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