Strength Training Begins

Since Monday, my mood has somewhat improved.

Any dip in it, however, is unrelated to what that bum said.

The weather has been gloomy and I’ve been droopy and tired. It happens.

On Tuesday I did, however, force myself to do Rachel Cosgrove’s “Basal Phase Workout A”. I skipped the warm up, as I felt a little self-conscious about hopping around all silly like. I did all of the exercises though. I stuck to only 2 sets, did the fewest amounts of reps suggested and only used dumbbells for the Three-Point Dumbbell Row, as I wanted to get the right forms down for the other exercises.

And because I was in pain. Lots of pain.

Apparently, I am weaker than I thought. And trust me, my expectations were low!

I found it impossibly difficult to not push up with the opposite foot during the “Stepup” exercise. The Partial Co-contraction Lunges were brutal. The Hip-Thigh Extensions were hard too. Rachel Cosgrove suggests syncing up your workout schedule with your “cycle”, but given how weak I am from the start, I’m glad I didn’t. It’ll give me more time to build up before I move on!

I felt a little awkward on the weight floor with all of the hardcore lifters, but I’m glad I started. If I am that weak, it is something that needs to be remedied! I’ll be pushing those big, grunting guys out of my way in no time.

Well. Eventually.

For now, two days later, my thighs are on fire and my body is asking what I’ve done to myself….

I leave you with last night’s dinner:

Two fried eggs, bagel thin, roasted parsnips, broccoli and asparagus.

I was full enough without the bagel thin…but I love bread. Bread rules.

Do you have a strength training routine you follow? Are you confident enough to lift with the big boys?

5 thoughts on “Strength Training Begins

  1. I go to Body Pump three times per week as my strength routine now. I have done routines with free weights, cables, and machines in the past.

  2. I have a really hard time with the step up because of my body alignment being out of whack and the weird balance issues that causes. It makes it hard to concentrate on not pushing off when I have to work so hard to stay upright. =/

    The partial co-contraction lunge was also a killer, since it targeted muscles I apparently suck at using.. but it got easier over time, since it’s not reliant on balance. ^_~

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