It’s Getting Better All The Time

Hello from the world of convalescence!

Things have been slow going since my oral surgery.

While I typically am unable to take sick time off…even when sick…I did manage to carve out three days for recovery. Wednesday (my normal day off), Thursday and Friday. While the idea of three days off sounds great in theory, its fun factor is significantly reduced when you are spending them in bed with swollen, bruised chipmunk cheeks.

Essentially, my life for the last 72 hours has consisted of three things:

1) Ice Cream

(Source and Source)

2) Soup

Turkey “Hodge Podge” Soup

(chicken broth, celery, leeks, 1 can (rinsed and drained) black beans, 1 cup leftover Kashi pilaf, half Safeway Signature Cafe (fully cooked, ready to eat) roasted turkey breast (shredded), ground cumin, and curry powder. Topped with avocado and Fage greek yogurt. 5 saltine crackers, crumbled and combined)

3) Sappy Young Adult/Teenage Drama

Sorry. It couldn’t be helped. I finished re-watching My So-Called Life and I went through the Star Trek TNG Netflix discs I had on the very first day (as well as disc one of “Square Pegs“…that show did not age well…). So, for the past two days I’ve been instant viewing “The Secret Life of the American Teenager“. I think part of me was drawn to it because Brenda Hampton created it. She created 7th Heaven, and as a teenager, I really enjoyed 7th Heaven. Well, until Mary Camden’s (Jessica Biel) life went down the crapper. Didn’t like it much after that.

Anyway, despite having watched 1.5 seasons so far, I’m not sure how I feel about the show. I like that it has Molly Ringwald in it. So far, I also love the younger sister, Ashley. Out of all of the characters, I think I am most like Ashley. Well, except for the belly shirt wardrobe choice. I believe all of my friends would agree. On personality and wardrobe.


Is it awkward that I am most like the 13 year old? Um…she seems mature?

(P.S.  If you don’t know who Molly Ringwald is, I don’t think we can be friends anymore.)

So with the exception of pain medication, ice packs, my post surgery pain survey (almost done filling it out…hello $25!) and hours spent staring at my computer, these three things have been what my life has consisted of.

As far as recovery goes, I’m feeling much better than Wednesday, but still not 100%. I’m still fairly swollen and the bruises are turning a lovely shade of plum. I got some really uncomfortable stares at Safeway yesterday when I went there to pick up the soup ingredients. I also am feeling kind of fatigued and weak, which I noticed after the afore-mentioned trip to the supermarket made me want to crawl into bed and take a 6 hour nap. The extraction sites still hurt and it is difficult to brush my teeth. On the bright side of life, my range of motion is much improved, it’s easier to talk and I haven’t needed to take too much medication. Mostly I’ve stuck to ibuprofen, as the pain isn’t that bad and ibuprofen is an anti-inflamatory. Anything that can reduce these cheeks in size is a friend of mine.

Fairly unhappy about having to go back to work tomorrow, but those are the breaks. Nothing like having a swollen, bruised face when working with the public….nothing like it at all…..

If you were me, what 3 things would you have chosen to keep you occupied while convalescing?

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