Fresh Veggies

I’m a bit belated in sharing last week’s CSA delivery.

I was a little worried about getting the new delivery, as I skipped out on cooking at home the week before. I still had vegetables from the previous box, and I was concerned about spoilage. I decided to go ahead and get my delivery as usual though, as I knew that I could get through my produce with my new found motivation to regain health.

I am so glad I decided to get my delivery. There was something in the shipment that I was super excited about. Can you guess what?

I love artichokes! I’ve never cooked them myself before, but I can’t wait to get these into mah belly!

I had one extra surprise in my box this week. Though I’ve had CSA eggs before, I have never tried any of their meats. Truthfully, I haven’t been eating a lot of meat at home. Still eating it at restaurants, and everything, but I haven’t been much for cooking it as of late. For some reason, last week, the idea of trying out some meat from the CSA sounded like a good idea.

I decided to pick up a pound of ground beef. I’m thinking either tacos or actual burgers, but I’m still not sure which sounds best. Maybe both? The beef arrived frozen, which I was happy about as my fridge was completely stocked with new (and old…) produce. I’ll let you know about the meat when I decide between American and Mexi-Cali cuisine.

Speaking of “old” produce, a lot of people have been asking me how I manage to keep all of my CSA goodies from spoiling while I work my way through them. I typically am only cooking for 1 or 2 people, so I used to avoid buying much produce. Then at some point I discovered those plastic baggies that are “As seen on TV’….

I found the Debbie Meyer bags at Safeway and bought them on a whim. I also have some “Stor It” bags that my Mom gave me in my Christmas stocking. So far, I think I’ve liked the Debbie Meyer version a little more, as the Stor it were only one size and were zip loc closing, so it was difficult to put the larger pieces of produce in them.

I wasn’t sure these bags would work, but they really do seem to keep my produce fresh. As I mentioned above, I didn’t get through all of my previous box before the next one showed up. This means that this week I was eating red cabbage and kale….that was three weeks old. Tasted great!

I have been eating a random mix of cabbage and kale with various toppings all week. It’s really filling and surprisingly good.

The only problem is that when you put an egg on top, the veggies kind of turn the whites blue-green. Oh well.


How do you keep your fruits and veggies fresh?

10 thoughts on “Fresh Veggies

    1. I try to eat them quickly, but sometimes I can’t get to them fast enough. Especially if life gets in the way of my cooking plans.

      Yes! They are total yum! More artichokes, fewer beets!

  1. My mom bought me some green bags and I LOVE them. We also have humidity-controlled produce drawers in our fridge which seem to help keep fruits & veggies a little longer.

    1. I wish I had a better fridge. I only have a 3/4 sized unit and I have a difficult time getting the temperature set just right. One day I will have veggie friendly produce drawers…one day! šŸ˜‰

  2. I go to the grocery store every 2 or 3 days and buy fruits & veggies that way. I go to a discount place so they are already reaaaalllly ripe (and really cheap!)… they have to get eaten right away. Not a big deal though; it’s less than a block from my house so I don’t mind walking over there a few times a week.

    1. I used to shop for produce several times a week prior to my CSA, but I really like the quality of the stuff I’m getting now.

      I still, unfortunately, have to go to the store every few days anyway. No car means that when I do shop, I can’t pick up very much.

  3. I am strict in observing spoilage order. I may have everything on hand for some meal, like a nice chili for example, but I will put it off for later in the week if I have other produce that is starting to reach its limit. I try not to get to many quick to spoil items around unless I have specific plans for them.

    Also, if I have good amount of produce that is nearing the end of its lifespan I like to throw it all into a large batch of pasta sauce or soup to extend its lifespan a bit.

    As I’ve mentioned, artichokes are rare and expensive here. I’ve seen them go for Ā„1300 for one. And a jar of artichoke hearts is similarly priced at import stores. I miss them.

    1. I am not usually that way, unfortunately. If I get inspired to make a certain dish, then I just go for it.

      Unless some of the other foods are -really- on the edge of demise. Then I might forgo my plans and make the older food instead.

      You guys totally get a raw deal with produce…so expensive!

  4. My sister turned me on to the green bags and they’re great but the fact is, I need to use up the produce weekly because another delivery is on the way! Green smoothies this morning.

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