You Bet Your Life

The past two days have been a total blur.

Whenever a co-worker goes on vacation and the other managers and I have to pick up the slack, everything becomes complicated, kind of annoying and stressful. With my work week so wacky, I feel quite slighted by how quickly my two days off flew by.

On Thursday I ate my bagel, and then proceeded to do nothing. I was feeling like a zombie. I kept trying to do household things, but since the plumbing was being worked on for the FOURTH day in a row, I had no water for dishes, etc. Finally I was able to take a shower at around 4pm and I felt like a new person again!

Shortly thereafter Greenhearts showed up with my CSA delivery. Although my shower had left me refreshed, I must’ve still been a little space cadet-like, as when Aurora came into the building with the produce we had the following conversation:

Me: How’re you?

Aurora: Good, you?

Me: Okay. So how’s it going? Wait…I already asked that. You’re good. Sorry. I’m tired!


Yeah. I’m awesome.


Minneola Tangerines, Kiwis, Baby Bok Choy, Beets, Red Cabbage, Swiss Chard, Green Kale, Potatoes, Fennel, Butter Lettuce, Yellow Onions and Green Garlic


(well, except for the beets….I’m going to try and make borscht. I keep trying to like them, I swear…)

After the veggie photo shoot, I made plans to meet up with a friend for some fun which included:


Last spring I went on my first wine tasting adventure with a couple of my friends from high school. Out of the vineyards we visited, I enjoyed Michel-Schlumberger the most. We took the tour there prior to the tasting. I don’t remember all of the really interesting facts that we learned. What I do remember is their wine! I don’t know if they had essences of raspberries and hints of beetle sweat, or whatever, but I liked them. They were very smooth..none of that bite that some wines have. I absolutely wanted to pick something up. The wine I enjoyed the most was $75/bottle. It seemed way too steep for a first timer, so I bought the above for around $40. I’ve been saving it for almost a year now. My friend and I decided that Thursday was the night!

It was delicious!

And I was drunk in about 5 minutes. Oops.

We spent the evening enjoying the wine as we watched “You Bet Your Life: The Lost Episodes”. I love love love Groucho Marx! He is hilarious. The guests are a trip as well. On disc one, two of the contestants’ names: Harry Potter and Alice Cooper.

Yes, I’m serious.

Alice Cooper was actually the mother of actor Gary Cooper. She told Groucho to shut up. Feisty!

Man. I wish the Marx Brothers were still around. The world would be a funnier place.

What is your favorite game show?

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