I have to tell you all:

I am the jealous type.

It’s a rather unattractive trait, I know, but when other people are having fun and doing things that I deem more interesting than what I’m doing, I have a habit of becoming green with envy.

This is how I felt during the Food Buzz festival last fall. Now, normally, I wouldn’t care all that much about a foodie convention. Sure, I love food…but I’m not really a food blogger, per se. My palette isn’t all that refined. I mean, you’re talking to a girl who ate KFC after going to the race track last Thanksgiving. How elegant an eater can I be?

The thing that got me was that the festival was here in my hometown of San Francisco. The people whose blogs I read everyday were right there, and I couldn’t partake in the festivities.

You might ask, “What kind of things were they doing, that were so enviable?”

Eating farro, of course.

Farro wasn’t even on my radar prior to reading about it on Ashley and Emily’s blogs. Nor was Il Cane Rosso. Though I do love The Ferry Building, I really don’t spend as much time there as visitors to San Francisco seem to. I really only go there on market days. Nevertheless, I wanted some of this farro porridge that they told of. Maya and I were going to try it in November when she was in the states, but they weren’t serving it that day.

After missing out on farro that day, I became even more determined to try it out. I ended up buying some from Rainbow Grocery in the bulk section….and leaving it in my cabinet for over a month. Oops.

Today was the day, however. I was ready to try out this farro thing in my own kitchen.

Tip: When you buy things from the bulk bins, don’t only put the bin number on the tag, but write down the name as well. Or else you’ll be like me, standing in the kitchen wondering what is what. Fail.

Ashley has done several posts on making ground farro, so I pretty much just followed the general instructions for preparation. First up, the farro needed to be ground. I wasn’t quite sure my magic bullet was going to do the job justice, but having no other option (besides a not so great blender), I went with it. Using the flat blade, I went to work.

I did it in 1/3 cup batches, as I wanted to make sure the magic bullet did an even job. And yes, I’m the blogger who forgets to take a pre-grinding shot of the flat blade.

The magic bullet actually did a pretty good job. I was very surprised. The only objection I had was how loud the grinding process is. Scares the bejeebus out of my cats!

Due to the noise factor, I decided to grind the whole bag while I was at it. I cooked about 4 BIG servings worth (about 1/2 cup ground farro or 1/3 cup whole farro would be 1 serving) of ground farro and put the rest in some tupperware for later use.

I used a 2:1 ratio for cooking up the farro. I used about 2 cups ground farro, 2 cups of 1% milk and 2 cups of water, then cooked just like oatmeal. Towards the end of the cooking process I also stirred in a dash of salt, 1/4 cup ground flaxseed, 1 tablespoon of Land O Lakes Lite Canola Butter and 2T of brown sugar.

Although I like my hot cereals thick, I think I would either cook for a shorter amount of time or use more liquid next time.

I decided to top my farro with the last 1/3 of a container of mixed berries from Whole Foods (an expensive impulse buy after the Strawberry Hill 5K), some chocolate peanut butter and a tiny bit of Galaxy Granola for crunch.

The chocolate peanut butter, by the way, is AWESOME.

Overall, I really enjoyed breakfast. It kept me full for hours and was quite the tasty meal.

And now that I have had it, the only thing feeling green with envy in my household is my set of Shamrock Fiestaware.

What is your favorite breakfast grain?

12 thoughts on “Farro

  1. Oooh, yours looks great!! I haven’t had farro in over 6 weeks due to my detox. I’m totally missing it. I love grinding it but leaving it with small chunks of the grain mixed in. Adds great texture! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I feel bad…I’m stalking all of your recipes!

      Actually, I don’t feel all that bad. It’s kind of awesome! 😉

      I was good with the texture of the grind….but I definitely made it a little too thick.

    1. I know! It tastes even better than I thought it would taste! It was just an impulse buy at Whole Foods (along with the berries and like $60 worth of other things I probably don’t need but bought anyway..I had just got my tax refund and was overzealous….oops..), but I’m really happy I picked it up!

    1. Thanks! 😀

      I currently just have the two pair in the header, but I’m in the market for something new. Can’t decide on a color yet…or whether or not I want high-tops or oxfords. Decisions, decisions!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. That peanut butter is also sold at Super Target. Usually the top shelf in the peanut butter section. I’m pretty sure for less than 8 bucks too!

    1. It’s only $8 for Jessica because she lives in Japan, so she’s buying it at an import store…imported goods are always more pricey.

      I, however, live in San Francisco. There are no Target locations in the city and I don’t have a car to get out to the locations in Colma/San Bruno. Luckily, it’s only about $4 at Whole Foods, and we have like three of those. It’s still kind of expensive, but completely doable…it’s worth it! 😉

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