Busy Vegetable

I’m the busiest person with no life you’ve ever met.

But I shall work on it.

For instance, tomorrow, I am promising you all a race recap for the Strawberry Hill 5K.

Tonight, however, let me catch you up with the CSA Delivery from Thursday 2/17/11 from Greenhearts.

Orange picture is colored wonky. Oranges themselves, awesome.

I got a lot more citrus than is pictured, by the way. Like I said, it is awesome.

I’m so excited to have the chance to make mashed kohlrabi again! And how about that romanesco? I’ve never had it before. What a fun box!

Are you good at time management? Are you an expert at getting the most out of your day?

(I’m not, in case you were wondering…)

4 thoughts on “Busy Vegetable

  1. I am “OK” at time management. There are times when I am incredibly productive, but I only get one day off from work per week, and I definitely don’t use that day as well as I should. I am one of the “work under pressure” people I guess, because I utilize my mornings and evenings home better than my days off!

    1. I fail at utilizing any part of my time correctly. Always late when running out of the door in the morning and always too lazy in my evenings and on my days off. Gotta work on it!

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