The Day of Hearts

I’m not sure how you all feel about Valentine’s Day, but regardless of your opinions on the matter, there is just no getting away from it. People wish a happy one on you at the store. Every TV program has some kind of episode about it. I mean, you can’t even walk down the street without seeing some kind of heart….

(Okay, okay. Yoda here is part of the Hearts in San Francisco Project…but still…)

You would think it possible to be safe from hearts, chocolate and love in the workplace, but I’m afraid it just isn’t true.

I’ve never been much of a fan of Valentine’s Day. This is partially due to me having been single most of the time when the holiday comes around. In addition, I also sort of think it’s cheesy and lame to need a day to show someone how much you love them. This should be an everyday act, not something purchased at an expensive jeweler, chocolatier or florist.

(Well…I wouldn’t you know….REJECT a white gold necklace, box of amazing truffles or roses….I’m only trying to make a point….you know…just sayin’…..cough…)

I have to tell you though.

This year?

I’m feeling a little warm and squishy inside.

It’s been sort of like 4th grade, except this time I know that no one was required to give me a present because a letter was sent home stating that if you bring for one, you have to bring for all.

I kinda liked it. Felt sort of awesome.

I mean, PEZ?! Need I say more??


Valentine’s Day — Yay or Nay?

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