Cat Cousins

For the past week, I have had a house guest.

Meet Daniel Striped Tiger.

Daniel is here on holiday from my sister’s house until his canine brothers get properly trained up. The first few days were rocky, as Daniel was a little nervous being away from home. He spent quite some time hiding behind the tub and behind storage boxes next to my bed. Now that he’s spent some time here, he’s feeling a little better. He still is spending time sitting on top of my storage boxes though; note the room service remains in the storage area.

One individual that originally wasn’t too excited about Daniel’s visit was his cousin Cosette. Cosie, while excited by all the smells of Daniel’s carrier, wasn’t too excited to leave the life of an only child behind.

I’ve been seeing this face a lot lately.


The last day or so has been pretty exciting around here though. The “kids” have finally started to get along. They’ve spent some quality napping time together, chased each other round and round my tiny studio apartment and then they shared some catnip. Good times were had by all.

Despite Cosie’s change of heart about her cousin, there have still been some tense moments:



I’m sure Cosie will get over it. How could you possibly hold anything against a face like this:

How do your animals react to forced socialization?

6 thoughts on “Cat Cousins

  1. That’s great news! I read somewhere that if they nap together, they’re not territorial against each other, which means they’re getting along great. My cats have the occasional spat, but they nap together and play together and groom each other more than they get on each other’s nerves.

    1. Well, they’re not napping together like…curled up together. They were both on the bed at the same time…maybe a foot apart or so, taking a snooze. They’ve actually been sleeping at night in the same way.

      Not sure if he’ll be here long enough for them to get to grooming…but I hope I get to keep him for a while longer. I like having him here, and despite being annoyed, I think Cosie is entertained….another creature to stalk!

  2. Totally love this blog! Your pictures are great. Both kitties are beautiful. I laughed at Cosie’s stern looking face!! How hysterical. Forced socialization? My only experience was years ago and that was in a very big house where the kitties could go to their respective corners. Good luck in a small space! I think you are supposed to gradually introduce them, rather than just putting them together. Ah well…too late now. Good luck. Will be checking back to see how things are going.

    1. You are supposed to gradually introduce them….but in a studio, there just isn’t an option for that. They seem to be playing nicely now though.

      While it may be unlikely. it’s possible that Cosie remembers Daniel….I lived with my sister for 6 years prior to moving 2 years ago. Cosie and Daniel have co-habitated (albeit unwillingly!) in the past.

      Maybe that made it easier to adjust? Or maybe we’re just lucking out here.

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