Around 3 years ago, a friend and I decided to have a night on the town. We came to the Lower Haight and decided to spend the evening in a local watering hole. The intention was to only stay for a drink or two, but as often happens, we wound up staying out for hours. When we left, we were both incredibly intoxicated and the conversation had turned semi-dramatic. I no longer remember what we were upset about, but the discussion (read: argument) lasted after we left the bar.

We wandered down the street, loudly discussing whatever the problem was, and we eventually wound up leaning against an apartment building, beneath someone’s windows, airing out our grievances. At some point, my friend remarked, “These people must hate us…having this out beneath their window…”

I replied, “Whaaaat? Oh….we’re not being that looooud. They probably can’t even hear us…”

*stumble, lose balance, fall against the side of building*

I have no idea what the inside of that apartment looked like, but I imagine it to look something like this:

You see, a year or so later, I myself moved to the Lower Haight and found myself the proud renter of two street facing, first floor windows. These windows rest just above the head level of anyone who might want to stand beneath them.

And, just in case you were wondering:

They are also NOT sound proof in the least.

Since I moved in, one of the only complaints I’ve had about living in my studio is being woken up at least once a week by couples choosing the area beneath my windows to end their relationships once and for all. Sure, I occasionally get a couple of guys, yelling at each other while seated in their car, but mostly, it’s couples who have stumbled out of one of the six bars that are within a 3 block radius, typically during the hours of 12-2am.

Today, an anomaly occurred. One of these arguments took place during the daylight hours. I couldn’t hear most of what was said, but this is what I got:

Guy: “You’re always pushing me and prodding me. Why are you eating grits? Why are you eating cornbread? Why are you eating…mumble mumble mumble…”

Girl: “Why did you have to wait until we were at dinner? Mumble mumble mumble vegetarian….mumble mumble mumble…”

Guy: “I’m not upset! Have the vegan sandwich! I don’t really care! You’re just always pushing it on me….”

My assumption is that perhaps the girl is a vegan and then while eating out, the guy was eating non-vegan friendly food. Perhaps he had promised to change his lifestyle? Or not eat these items in front of her? God only knows, but I am intrigued! This is one of the weirdest and most interesting fights I’ve half overheard in the 2 years I’ve lived here.

So, if this conversation sounds familiar, like, perhaps it was YOU standing beneath my window, definitely leave a comment and fill in your side of the conversation. I’m all ears!

Moral of the story, by the way: If you are in the situation to utter the phrase “Oh, no one can hear us…”, rest assured, someone most certainly can!

Ever hear anything interesting leaking in through your home’s windows?

4 thoughts on “Overheard

    1. I started cracking up while listening to these people too! I was like, how controversial can grits, cornbread and a vegan sandwich be? I mean, they were yelling at each other, not having a casual conversation.

      I have a pretty serious relationship with food, but never has it provoked such a public display of passion!

      1. So true! Although perhaps the guy had some kind of moral objection to corn products in general. Maybe he was forced to work on a corn farm when he was young and barely escaped with his life?

        1. I don’t think being forced to work in a corn farm as a youngster is the only way to develop moral objections to corn products in America.. >_>

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