Year of the Rabbit

Mr. Owl would like to wish you a Happy (belated) Lunar New Year!

Mr. Owl doesn’t know much about rabbits.

Well, aside from the fact that the small ones can be very tasty.

Anyway, I got a call from my dental school and I’ve been assigned a student! We’re still trying to work out when I can come in for an appointment, but it looks like I may get a payment plan after all. It’s like the only time I’ve ever wished for cavities or other problems that will cost money to fix. How twisted is that?

I would like to note, however, that I don’t want anything bad to be wrong. Like a filling or two would be enough. No root canals or crowns! I have to mention this, as I was borderline needing a root canal the last time I went in….ow….pain for the mouth and the wallet.

What is your Chinese zodiac sign?

I was born in year of the Dog. Some people aren’t surprised by that…


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