A Walk Around Town

After Monday’s run, I was pretty sore and the soreness continued on into Tuesday. I wasn’t sure I’d be up for my planned Wednesday run, but as it turned out, my legs felt slightly stiff, but solid. I decided to walk to Kezar and do a track workout, in order to mix things up a bit.

No big lofty goals, just a few laps around the track and a running of the stairs. It was all going pretty well until the effects of this took over my body:

On the walk over to Kezar I got really thirsty for a flavored beverage. I thought Vitamin Water might sit well in my stomach. I was wrong. It made me want to puke! My bad. Luckily, I neither hurled or gave up. I just pushed through the stomach cramps and completed 2 miles of distance between the track itself and the bleacher running. I really need to run the stairs more often. I get so winded and usually start to allow myself to walk the down flights about halfway through.

After the running I stopped and did 10 burpees. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I had done a burpee since Ms. Sides’ 6th grade physical education classes at Everett Middle School. That would’ve been the 1993-1994 school year. Trust me, it felt like I hadn’t done a burpee in nearly 20 years. A measly 10 of them got my heart rate up to near jogging heart rate levels! I need to work on these too.

One thing many people may not know about me is that I am really into San Francisco history and architecture. I haven’t studied it, or anything, but I love looking at pictures. The other day I found myself surfing the San Francisco Public Library’s Historical Photo Collection. I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of my old schools. I learned that my elementary school had actually had a different building back in the day and that it was later torn down to erect the building that I went to school in. The original building was way more substantial and traditional. I also looked up pictures of old schools that don’t exist anymore, such as San Francisco Polytechnic High School.

Poly was a very prestigious school and quite a few famous folk went there. It closed down in the 70s and in the 80s the block was re-zoned for condos and the school was torn down except for the boys’ and girls’ gymnasiums. Since I was there, I decided to go look at them a little more closely.

Note the condos.

I didn’t go across the street to investigate fully, but I think this gym is some kind of art place.

The other gym (which was being taken over by the sun) had some sign that looked like it had been turned into some kind of clown school. For serious.

I just found other pictures of the interior of the girl’s gym online. What’re all of those girls doing resting on cots? How come they got nap time in high school? It’s all I ever wanted! Not fair!

Another one of my favorite San Francisco related pastimes is surfing Craigslist and various real estate sites for houses on the market. Not for me to buy, of course. San Francisco property prices are crazy expensive. Despite it being my dream, I will probably never be able to own anything here. Hell, I can barely pay my rent now, and I just live in a studio! Nevertheless, I enjoy the dream, so I spent time snapping pictures of residences on my walk home.

I love old Victorians, and if I ever had the opportunity to buy, I almost certainly would go for a Vic. I’m all about character and buildings with creaky, uneven floors with beautiful architectural embellishments are where it’s at. When I look, I also like to guess which buildings used to be single residence homes in the early 1900s vs. the split structures they are now. It’s pretty common for San Francisco homes to have been chopped up into multiple unit apartment buildings/condos.

That’s some doorway!

I can never figure out why the owner of this place painted it that shocking shade of blue. Drives me crazy every time I go by the place. As an accent color, fine…but the whole darned thing?!

No tour? Sad.

I also walked past the Park Branch Library. By looking at the historical photo archive, I learned that it opened in 1909 and is the oldest library building in San Francisco.

And it’s closed for renovation until…next month! I can’t wait for it to reopen…I want to check it out!

All this library talk is getting awfully close to a post I plan to make in the near future, so now I’ll stop. I just think it’s really fun to walk around San Francisco, learn about its history and spend unnatural amounts of time trying to decide what colors I will paint my non-existent Victorian home.

Ever notice interesting things when you’re walking?

5 thoughts on “A Walk Around Town

  1. Ew. I hate burpees. And I haven’t done them in about 20 years either. Not since middle school. Our gym teacher (well, one of the 2) would go through about 10 different “warm-up” exercises (including “4-count burpees”, sit-ups, push-ups, etc.), each of which would be alternated with “RUNNING IN PLAAAAAAAAACE!” while he clapped at about 330bpm (yes, I just checked w/ TapTempo :P”) yelling stuff like “Hindeys, Hindeys (??) GEEEET ’em up, get’emup, get’emup, let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s GOOOOOO!!” Guh. By the time we finished with the warm-ups, I had zero energy left.

    Oh yeah. HATED gym class. At least in high school we got to do cool non-runny stuff like archery & ping pong…

    1. I could be wrong, but I assume that your PE teacher was yelling, “High-knees, High-knees!” when you were running in place, as he wanted you to get your heart rate up. Ms. Sides did that also.

      I hated gym class also. At our school the women teachers were the hardasses, whereas the men didn’t really care. So I had two years with Ms. Sides, which were hard….and then one year with Mr. Drabkin, where I didn’t even show up (spent the whole year in the band room) and still got an A. I never got more than a B- with Ms. Sides.

      High school was the best. I asked an online role playing friend to fax a note to my school saying we participated in a walking group together. Thus insuring I didn’t actually have to do any physical activity. This kind of stunt was typical…very few people ever took gym at SOTA.

      1. Hm.. that makes more sense than ‘hindees’, I suppose.

        Our middle school had 2 guys- one was a hardass, the other pretty mellow. HS had a bunch of teachers, but I only really remember one- this really short, ridiculously over-tanned, shriveled old woman who taught all the non-gym-y classes like badminton, pickleball/ping-pong, & archery. Which, of course, is what I was always taking. I think I had swimming & volleyball, too, but at least those didn’t involve running.

  2. I had to think for a second to even remember what a burpee was. That is how long it has been for me. I remember in my PE class we would have a section on badminton, then ping pong and then they would test us on the mile. What the?!?! How did badminton or ping pong train us for the mile? Luckily I could run a mile okay, but I always felt so bad for those who came in last.

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