Yes, I’m Camera Awkward

Apparently, I am opposed to posing for pictures in which I might look normal.

Case in point:

I don’t know what happens. Someone points a camera at me and my instinct is to make a weird face at them.

I need to learn to be more stoic. Like my office mate, Mr. Owl. He’s reserved and very photogenic. When people point a camera in his direction, he always tries to look his best.

Even when celebrating holidays.

Like Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Mr. Owl is a very big civil rights advocate.

Or when he prepares for the next holiday, Groundhog’s Day. Mr. Owl is totally over winter.

Mr. Owl is kind of pissed off at me for forgetting to capture him in his New Year’s Hat. He looked very handsome. Stylish.

Oh well. One day I will perhaps look as good as Mr. Owl, but somehow, I doubt it.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Take good pictures

3 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Camera Awkward

  1. First of all, why say cheese when you can say “Zlakljwljfalks????!”

    And, your owl reminds me of a client I used to have when I worked in San Francisco. She was a paralegal at one of the big law firms in the financial district, and she had a life-sized goose in her cube that she would dress up in raincoats and galoshes, or summer party dresses, etc.

    She was pretty awesome. And the paralegal was pretty nice, too. 😉

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