Pink Bunnies

As I have mentioned for the last couple of days, getting me to stick with my walking routine has been challenging. I’ve wanted to back out and only walk halfway to work/home each day, but somehow I’ve made myself trudge the full distance. As I rolled around happily in my pajama pants this morning, I wondered how I’d ever be able to stick with the plan. I was so comfy and didn’t want to leave 90 minutes before work. I wanted more TV PJ time.

Then I got an e-mail.

My new jacket was at the store for pick-up. Well, gosh, I -have- to walk if I am going to pick up the jacket, right? Right. So I got up, pulled on my jeans and headed out to pick up my jacket.

I had read this morning that there was an interesting addition to the corner of Haight and Laguna, so I decided to check it out on my way downtown:

Giant Skull Chomping Pink Bunnies, Oh My!

You know….I kinda dig it!

After snapping a few pictures I resumed my journey towards The North Face store downtown. The whole walk, I was lamenting how warm it was outside. Nearly 60 degrees, as opposed to the freezing barely 40 degrees it was last week in the city. I figured it was really my luck to finally buy a jacket capable of withstanding the cold just to have the cold disappear on me. Ho hum.

Once at the store, the pick up process was a breeze. I just had to sign a piece of paper and open the package at the desk, so the clerk could witness me agreeing that it was what I had ordered. When I cut the package open I was a little surprised at the sheen of the material. The online picture didn’t really look to be shiny or reflective, but in person the jacket is. This was a feature I had been hoping to avoid. Still, the color of the jacket was pretty cute, as even the clerk mentioned how awesome it looked in this style. In the end I decided to just keep it, despite the shine.

Upon reflection, it doesn’t look half bad:

What? You don’t put on jacket fashion shows at work during your breaks?

Boy. More and more this blog is making me feel abnormal.

On Facebook this afternoon I mentioned how sad I was that the weather had warmed up right when I got my new puffy jacket. A friend of mine said that she wouldn’t be surprised if by nightfall the jacket was completely necessary. Afterall, this IS San Francisco….

And….she was right….

Probably hard to tell from these iPhone shots, but we have a dense fog advisory going on here tonight. The fog is crazy low and thick (duh, dense fog advisory…), making it cold and difficult to see. I don’t feel cold, however. Not with my uber cool jacket to keep me warm.

What’s your favorite item of clothing? A pair of Jeans? Some rain boots? Pajamas?

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