Exercise Bribes

Work was pretty stressful today. The day just seemed to drag on and on and on. This is a definite no-no, but I bribed myself to walk home. The renewed resolve to walk home is recent, so I really didn’t want to bail out. I have found that keeping up with my walking routine plays an important part in keeping me feeling well, motivated and excited to continue on with other fitness plans.

I’m not really sorry about my choice to bribe myself; it was awesome. I hit up my favorite Rice Pudding/Fro-Yo shop, Loving Cup. I ordered my typical fro-yo combo, chocolate base with raspberries blended in. I decided to go all out and add some Oreo crumbs; my day sort of warranted it. Then I reached into my bag, pulled out my camera and had the “battery dead” message come across the screen. Fail. Then I took out my iPhone and snapped this picture while two other customers pointed at me and whispered.

What? Don’t YOU take iPhone pictures of your frozen yogurt before you eat it?

No. Right. Sorry.

I ate my treat and completed my walk. Fro-yo rules.

Then I made a super weird dinner.

I pan-fried left over spaghetti squash, then I topped it with a veggie sausage and a sunny-side up egg. It was really weird, yet delicious. The runny egg definitely made this meal.

Now to continue on with my Degrassi fest

Do you ever have to bribe yourself to follow through with your exercise plans?

6 thoughts on “Exercise Bribes

  1. When I was in Davis, I would go to In n Out after EVERY workout….
    Oh, and a fried egg is a great addition to just about any savory meal. Yummm.

    1. Mm. In n Out. I’ve been craving it lately, but have been too lazy to walk over and get some. Protein Style Cheeseburger with ketchup and mustard instead. And fries. Don’t let my choice in leaving out the bun fool you, I like me some carbs…

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