The Waiting Game

I don’t know how you feel about waiting, but I find it very difficult.

I have a history of anxiety disorders (social and general). I’ve never really talked about that here before. Truthfully, at this stage in my life it’s barely noticeable. I’ve developed many coping mechanisms and frankly, I’ve just opened up and grown a lot in recent years.

Sometimes, however, there are things I have issues with.

Like waiting.

I’m not good at it. Be it for people, doctor’s appointments, movies or whatever. It’s just torture. The worst is waiting for a delivery. I hate doing it. I obsessively track them.

“Oh look, it’s in Poughkeepsie! Wait…why is it there? It shipped from Santa Clara?!”

I also have a problem where I can’t go on with my regular day if I’m waiting.

“Clean the dishes? No, I don’t think I can…I’m waiting for a package!”

Normally, I don’t have to deal with this issue. I ship everything to my job. There is always someone sitting in the lobby, capable of signing for the package and calling my office when it has arrived. I can operate as normal. Unfortunately, this week I have three days off, so I had to have the box shipped directly to my apartment.

UPS delivers between the hours of 9am and 7pm. This was going to be a long day.

I essentially checked out the window every five minutes or at any time when it sounded like a large vehicle was outside. At one point I looked out and while I didn’t see any big trucks, I did see this:

They know I’m in here. They’re discarding chucks outside my window!

Anyway, I waited for hours. Literally all day. The driver showed up at 6:52pm. Nice. 8 minutes to spare.


It scares the hell out of me.

I don’t know how to use it at all.

I did exactly what one would do in this situation.

Blind your cat with the flash because you didn’t realize it was on.

Then proceed by annoying your cat by taking picture after picture all in auto modes because you are too scared to try anything out and too tired from waiting to read about what you should do.

“Wake-y wake-y, Cosie!”

“Don’t give me the stink-eye, Cos! You wake me up every morning long before my alarm does. It’s payback!”

“No! No time for a shower! Entertain the people at home!”

“Um. Okay. Yeah. I forgot who I was talking to. As you were.”

So I have no idea what I’m doing with this monstrous thing, but hopefully there will be some kind of learning curve and I will get brave enough to take it off of AUTO in the near future.

How are you with waiting? Are you a package tracking stalker too?

12 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. So, you ordered the right-eye of Skynet, huh? 😉

    I would be waiting for my package, too. As you see, our packages have the habit of being stolen by thieving neighbors—which is far from desirable. :u

  2. At the risk of sounding -too- basic & patronizing… *ducks*

    I’d suggest starting off on P mode. That’ll leave everything mostly automatic, but allow you to adjust the aperture/exposure time by spinning the scroll wheel behind the shutter button. Note that as the aperture number increases (from 3.5 to 22 at 18mm, or 4.5 to 32 at 55mm), which basically means a smaller light hole & a longer depth of focus, the exposure time will increase (to compensate for less light coming through). Slide it right for a wide (low number) aperture / faster exposure, or left for a smaller (higher number) aperture / longer exposure. Hint- for a preview of what the aperture will do, push the little tiny button on the front under the lens release button. Try setting it to f16 or so, then push it while looking -at- the lens, & then while looking through it (for best effect, be outside in bright light looking far into the distance, but w/ things in the foreground, too).

    Once you get the hang of aperture & exposure times, you can use Tv & Av when you want to control them directly for a certain effect. I hardly ever use M.

  3. Oh- also? Another thing about Japan that rules is you can generally specify a time of day, in 2-3 hour chunks. And it’s always the foreign delivery companies that are late (or don’t show up at all). -_-;

    1. That is what Maya was saying. Pretty jealous of that. If you recall, here, there is usually none of that. Maybe if you were ordering furniture or something you could pick a time window, but most of the time, you just wind up sitting around like a jerk all day. Even when you do pick a time window it is typically 4 hours. Still half your day.

  4. I totally relate to this, as I am at this verymoment stalking an Amazon package. The manual settings are fun – I am working on a starter tutorial based on my first photography lesson. Basically, make sure you have the right white balance for your light (sunny, cloudy, tungsten indoors…), set your ISO for your light level, then experiment with the aperture and shutter speed. I love manual mode! Not that you can tell by all my iPhone pics of late, haha.

  5. This is so cool! And the photos look awesome. Imagine when you are more familiar with the camera use… 🙂 I am feeling kind of left out, but while I do get jealous of the wonderful photos, I really don’t feel the desire to buy a huge fancy camera and started shooting photos! Not my cup of tea I guess….

  6. I’m a total package stalker. Luckily we have an awesome UPS guy (we gift him every Christmas) and we order enough packages to know when he usually stops by. I am waiting on one today but I’m pretty sure it’ll show up delayed due to snow… boo.

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