Afternoon Snacks

My stomach muscles ache from all of yesterday’s coughing.

Thankfully, I am only coughing a small percentage of the time today.

Which is nice, as I’m at work again.

Customers don’t like you to hack up gross things or choke until you can’t breathe in front of them.

It makes them uncomfortable.

It makes me uncomfortable also.

I still feel pretty lousy, but there are a few things that are making life bearable.

I got my first taste of these Cocoa Roast Almonds in my Run Wild for a Child swag bag. I split them with Maya while we waited for the results to be posted. They were delicious. I happened to stumble across them at Walgreens yesterday and I couldn’t help myself. They are absolutely wonderful. As is the cranberry flavor of the Synergy Kombucha. I found this flavor at my corner store. I split it with my office mate this afternoon. He is a fan. Lastly, clementines. They require no other words. Tasty.

(Okay, I guess it did require another word. Oops.)

Sorry my posts are so boring. Hopefully I will be well enough to sit down and write up my Christmas Classic post soon.

Until that time, go get yourself some chocolate almonds.

What is your favorite type of nut to snack on?

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