Guilty Swag

Christmas swag.

I feel guilty about how many wonderful presents I got this year. It’s strange, but I didn’t ever feel guilty when I was a kid for getting tons of gifts…but now? I sort of feel like I don’t deserve so much. I find the older I get, the more I enjoy shopping for others. I know some of them get embarrassed about how much thought appears to have gone into giving them things…but it really just makes my day to do it.

All that being said…

…I am pretty happy with all of the things I got that I didn’t deserve.

When my sister quizzed me a month or so ago about what I would like, I told her I would like some bakeware, so that I could stop baking things in ugly disposable tin pans I buy at the grocery store. She came through and bought me the following set from Temp-tations.

They fit nicely into my dish cabinet:

Cosie liked the box they came in. Wow. Two cat beds in one week…if I had only known how happy she’d be, I would’ve held out for the box!

Aside from the bakeware, I did receive a few other presents.

My sister gave me two more presents:

A necklace made of hematite and onyx…

…and an electric candle!

My Mom got me a purse…which is rather funny, since I got her a purse too!

Despite the fact that my sister is 40 years old and I am 28, we still get Christmas stockings. This year, there were many nick knacks to be had.

Kashi cookies, See’s Candy, Hot cocoa, spatulas, a measuring spoon, a cookie dough scoop, a bookmark, some chapstick, hair ties, lotion, baggies to keep my produce fresh, a drip filter coffee carafe system (reminds me of Blue Bottle’s method!), some hand towels, etc. My mom told me there was also supposed to be some Trader Joe’s jam, an olive oil mister and a pound of Starbucks coffee, but she forgot them at home and will have to give them to me later.

The stocking had some clothes too.

A black thermal and a purple cashmere sweater.

There was also a pair of PJs in there, but since I have been wearing them all day, I never took a picture. Oops. The shirt is bright pink (like my cat’s new collar), long-sleeved and made out of thermal material. The bottoms are plaid. They’re super cute. Trust me.

My friend Peter got me this really cool original program from Bob Dylan and Santana’s 1984 European tour. It apparently had been stored in Bill Graham’s warehouse and was an item that was rescued after the fire. There is even some fire damage to some of the pages!

Bad. Ass.

I also received a lot of odds and ends from co-workers. Mostly baked goods and sweets.

I worked on Christmas Eve, but was picked up by my mom afterwards and we headed over to Richmond to my sister’s place for dinner. She had a lovely spread. Stuffed mushrooms, cheese and crackers and other nibbly things. She even offered me my choice of beer. Sometimes I feel weird about drinking in front of my family (I’m the baby of the family….a nearly 30 year old baby…), but I got over it! 😉

We had tri-tip from TJ’s, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, bread and roasted butternut squash a la Jamie Oliver. That last item was a surprise…I mean, whoa…there was squash on my sister’s stove! A once in a lifetime event. And delicious! She also made a family favorite, ice box pie, for dessert. I had a tiny slice right before we left.

I didn’t take any pictures there, as her dogs are really rambunctious, and I was worried my camera might get eaten. It was a fun night though. As much as I like being on my own, I did live with my sis and brother-in-law for six years and there are certainly things about them that I miss.

Christmas Day was spent doing absolutely nothing. In my pajamas. It was glorious. I gave Cosie a Chrismtas Baggie that my co-worker gifted her and made myself breakfast. I g-chatted with my Mom for about an hour and then later talked to my sister on the phone for about the same length of time. I also ate about a million and a half calories in snacks before making dinner and plating up something that looked like this:

If you celebrate, how was your Christmas?

7 thoughts on “Guilty Swag

  1. Stockings are the best; don’t you wish to pass the traditions on? Even when our stockings have like one thing in the toe, we always get them out. They’re just part of the holiday.

    Your pans make me so excited to get a home and have my own cabinet! ah, one day…

    1. I would lime to pass the traditions on….neither my sis nor I have kids, nor do we have immediate plans….but if either of us spawn, I am sure our kids will be getting stocking until they’re 62 also! 😉

      Aw. Don’t feel bad. I don’t have a home either….I live in an old victorian apartment building…the cabinet is a built in….in my tiny tiny kitchen! 😛

  2. I had a great Christmas! It was pretty stressful the week leading up to it, but the day itself was relaxing & wonderful! Everything I needed & wanted! Now I’m playing catch-up at work though!

  3. Wow, that bakeware is gorgeous!
    Looks like you did well 🙂 My parents have pretty much given up on gifts, they just load up some cards with money. Which I won’t complain about 😉

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