Merry Kitty Christmas

Today, my dear readers, is kitty Christmas.

Bet you didn’t know.

That is because I just declared it so.

Rejoice and leave your places of business immediately!

On the way back from the grocery store today, I decided it was time I stopped into the Pet store near my house for a new collar for Cosie. Hers is pretty ratty.

Horrible, right?

It is actually supposed to look like this:

Even the name on the clasp is rubbed off:

You see, back in March 2009, I moved into my current apartment. One of the rules of living here is that all animals in the building must wear an ID tag. Pretty reasonable. I never used to make Cosie wear a collar before, as she hates it. So as you can see in the above picture, she has attempted to shred it off of her neck for the last 21 months. Originally, it was pretty darned cute though. All blue and camo-y.

I decided to go in a different direction for her new collar.


I made the adjustments to the new collar based on the old one, as I didn’t want to torture her with taking the thing on and off a bunch of times or trying to adjust it while it was around her neck. I also removed the bell–for her sanity as well as my own. Lastly, I had to reattach her tag.

I think she likes it!

(Well, as much as she likes any collar…)

I know what you’re thinking. I thought you said Kitty Christmas! Buying your cat a collar that she hates wearing is hardly a Christmas present.

But I’m not done!

While I was wandering around the pet store, I spied some other items that made me think of my little monster cat. One of them can be spotted in the above pictures.

A new catbed!

I wasn’t so sure about this at first, as catbeds have received luke warm responses in the past from our cats, Cosie included. Nevertheless, Cosie was in it before I could even get my camera out. I had to wait through 10-15 minutes of….

….to get a shot of just the bed…

Poor kitty is getting (even more) anxious in her old age. She’s 13, nearly 14 and she has taken to licking that one stripe of fur on her back repeatedly. She doesn’t seemed bothered, however, and the rest of her coat is super healthy and thick.

“Is this for me? Omigosh I love it!”

It also took me many attempts to get the above picture:

“You only got me one bed? I feel sad. I think I may cry…”

“That’s it! I am so tired of you taking pictures of me! I am going to the kitchen for a snack, and when I get back here, you better have put that thing back in its case!”

I also got Cosie another one of her favorite things. A cat toy. With feathers. That has catnip in it. While I often get Cosie toys with feathers (she loves to clean them…), I haven’t gotten her a catnip toy in ages. She flipped out.

“Help me?”

My cat kinda freaks me out when she’s stoned:

Merry Kitty Christmas, from Cosie to you.

11 thoughts on “Merry Kitty Christmas

    1. Thanks. Yeah. She’s a cute little furball. She’s also darned lucky. I just walked into work and found that my co-worker left my cat a “Kitty stocking” on my desk! Kitty Christmas has been extended!

  1. She looks so cute in her new pink collar! I bet her age may have something to do with the reason she likes the catbed now – older bones appreciate soft cushions. Yes, I am speaking from personal experience…both for my cats and for myself.

    Love the stoned cat pic!

    Merry Kitty Christmas to you and to Cosie!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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