Delicious (or deadly?) December

Some things make me really sad.



Senseless violence. The roses never saw it coming.

Or did they?


Other things make me sad in a completely different way.

mints mints2

mints3 mints4


I keep trying to eat like this:


(egg whites, roasted parsnip fries, steamed broccoli w/parmesan cheese and some BBQ sauce for dipping)

But then things like this happen:

gingersnaps rockyroad

Or I’m sitting at home and I find myself looking at these:

meltykiss meltykissnutrition

meltykiss2 meltykiss3

Or worse yet, eating these:

meltykiss4 meltykiss5

Or doing a photo shoot (I just like to keep a record…) of all of those…



I am in serious trouble.

I need January.


Don’t panic about the kitkats though. I still have much of my stash from 6 months ago, so these new ones will absolutely make it into 2011. Those Melty Kisses, however, those you should be concerned about. Those aren’t going to make it to Christmas…

Are you struggling with high calorie treats this month?

9 thoughts on “Delicious (or deadly?) December

  1. Of course! It’s hard not to indulge when there are so many sweet treats around at parties and at work.
    I like to make new things to try and then take the rest in to work and that quickly disposes of it! If my sweet treats just sat around the house….I’d end up eating them all 🙂

  2. Some times I feel really lucky that I am not a sweets kind of person. Now, if the potato chips stopped talking to me… I would be the healthiest person on the face of the earth. But most probably, the most boring person on the face of the earth too. Too much of a good thing can be annoying right? 😉

  3. Random things like that rose make me ridiculously sad, too. I’m not sure what it is.. I remember vividly one time the older man sitting across from me on the train made me feel like crying.. can’t even remember why anymore, but something about the picture I was looking at struck me as being terribly poignant at the time. =P

    …I do always apologize before handing over each new KitKat haul, at least… >_>

    But just be glad you only got one box of the Meltykisses. Those are FAR more dangerous that any KitKat stash.. no matter how big…

    1. The roses were really sad. I saw several patches of ripped up roses on my walk to the bus stop that morning. Kinda made me wonder why someone did it. 😦

      The kit kats aren’t as bad….it’s everything else….

      Yeah. Those Melty Kisses are pretty much the bomb.

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