Today’s Workout and the Spaghetti Squash of My Dreams

So this morning, the craziest thing happened.

I woke up, yawned, stretched and thought to myself, “I really want to go to the gym! I want to work out!”

I paused, shook my head a little and listened again, to make sure I was hearing correctly. “I want to work out! Rowing Machine! Treadmill! You name it, I wanna get at it!”


Seriously, I really don’t like to go to the gym. Like, at all. It’s tolerable if you watch Netflix on your iPhone, but otherwise, snoozeville. I’d rather go on a long walk, a short run or essentially do anything else besides go to the gym. This is why I wanted to make sure I wasn’t still dreaming or having some kind of psychotic episode when my brain told me to get up and go to the gym. It didn’t sound like me at all!

But it was!

And I wanted to burn some mad calories…so I did!

When I got to the gym, I had my heart set on the rowing machine. Someone had already snagged one of them, and as they are positioned really close together, I didn’t feel like using the other one. So, I wandered around and found myself in front of a Stairmaster. I don’t think I’ve ever used a step machine….well, unless you count me playing on one of my mom’s friend’s machines when I was a little kid. I ended up doing about 15 minutes on it. My arms were dripping with sweat when I was done…I guess it’s obvious that I don’t walk up enough stairs….

After the Stairmaster, I checked out the rowing machines and they were both free, so I went over there. I did about 18 minutes, though I had to stop a couple of times for water –I was super thirsty today. I was a little concerned about 5 minutes in because I started to have some really uncomfortable pain in my left knee. This isn’t unusual, as I do get pain in my left knee when exercising, but I didn’t like how much it hurt. Luckily, after about 7 minutes it got better and sort of went away. Maybe it just needed to get further warmed up?

Last, I hit up the treadmill. I was going to just jog for 15 minutes or so, but I ended up doing 30 minutes of sprints. I’m sure there are more efficient ways of doing them, but I was essentially just trying to run .25 miles as fast as I could, with really long recovery walks in between. I almost ran at 8 mi/hr, but thought I might go flying off of the machine, so I only did about .12 mile at that speed. Mostly I pushed myself at paces between 6-7.5 mi/hr. Those speeds are super fast for me, as even on race days I only average a 10:30 min/mi. The sprints were pretty addicting. Kept wanting to push myself harder. I would be about ready to end my workout and head to the stretching mats when an awesome Glee soundtrack song would come on and I’d think, “Gee…this would be fun to run to! Okay…just one more sprint!”

After some stretching I showered and hit the road. I had about 90 minutes to kill, so I went back down to Powell and the Westfield Shopping Center for fro-yo and Christmas shopping. I got pretty carried away looking at sweaters in Banana Republic…they were having a lunch time sweater sale with great prices. When I got out of there, I realized I had 15 minutes to get to work….either on the bus or on foot it takes 30 minutes. Oops!

I had planned to post about my last day in Orange County today, but I was much more excited about my weird workout enthusiasm. I’ll finish up tomorrow (promise!). For today, let me spend some time talking to you about spaghetti squash.

Yes, spaghetti squash.

I got one in my CSA box about a month ago and last week I finally had a chance to cut into it. It was awesome!


As you can see, it’s a pretty big fella. Once I got in there, I cleaned out all of the guts, then I sprayed a cookie sheet with PAM and placed the halves in the oven to roast for about an hour. Then they looked like this:


I’m sure most of you know, but the reason spaghetti squash is called spaghetti squash is because when you scrape out the meat, it looks like strands of spaghetti. I had heard so many positive reviews, I was dying to dig in and try this guy out.

spaghettithreads  spaghettithreads2

Pretty neat, no?

One squash yields a lot of spaghetti strands.


I got a gigantic bowlful from each half. I decided that I would use half for spaghetti squash pasta, and the other half would be turned into spaghetti squash pancakes.

Say what?

You heard me, pancakes.

I received Mollie Katzen’s recipe for spaghetti squash pancakes in my CSA box. I was intrigued. Due to what I had on hand, I ended up changing the recipe. Didn’t work out quite the way I would have liked. I skipped out on the onion and added an ample sprinkling of Garlic Gold Parmesan Nuggets to the mix. Next, I only had liquid egg whites, and while I should have measured them out, I eye-balled the amount. My batter seemed a little too soupy.


How do you like my measuring cup? Super cute, no?

While I don’t think my version came out exactly right, they ended up being pretty tasty. I topped mine off with a healthy dollop of Fage Greek Yogurt and a drizzling of Trader Joe’s Cranberry Apple Butter. Delicious!


The next day, I took spaghetti squash to work for lunch and decided to try out the pasta method. I didn’t have anything to make sauce out of, so I just used a store brand roasted garlic tomato sauce and then topped with some parmesan cheese.


No, presentation isn’t high on my list when sitting at my desk.

The important part was that it was so good. I can’t believe I have lived this long without spaghetti squash in my life. I want another one…like now!

What is your opinion of spaghetti squash? How do you like to serve it?

5 thoughts on “Today’s Workout and the Spaghetti Squash of My Dreams

  1. I love spaghetti squash made in savory ways; marinara, pesto and most recently Asian (a mix of soy sauce, sesame oil, green oils and sesame seeds). I’ve never done pancakes but yours like great.

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