Vibrams and Turkey Tuesday

When we last left off, Maya and I were wandering around the Rockridge area, eating sandwiches and taking pictures of Great Harvest bread. Eventually, the sandwiches were consumed and the bread had been fully documented to our standards, so we decided to wander around. After all, we were paying over $7/each round trip in BART fares…might as well check out the sights!

We peered into windows and looked across the street. Maya noticed an antique shop she might want to peek into and then we saw it. A store that we of course could not walk past:

That’s right, a running shop!

The inside of the shop was full of running clothes, supplies and of course, shoes. It was also decorated with a border of racing bibs. That’s a lot of races represented there!

Maya was excited because they had Vibrams. While the barefoot running shoe isn’t a rarity in San Francisco these days, in Japan, they are much harder to come by. As she is interested in eventually investing in a pair, Maya knew she wanted to take this opportunity to try some on.

Since I wasn’t ready to jump into barefoot running, I decided to just be a spectator. I also attempted to document the experience, however it was difficult…she kept moving and my point and shoot Canon is really not all that forgiving when it comes to someone trying to wiggle into some Vibrams.

In the end, Maya decided that she was going to wait to buy a pair, but was glad she had the opportunity to try some on. This way, she will at least know what size to order online when she decides to make the purchase.

After a quick pit stop at Trader Joe’s, we boarded BART and headed back to the city. Once we arrived, we hung out at my apartment (which Maya had never seen before) for a couple of hours, sampling fudge and Great Harvest purchases. We also watched some “Flight of the Conchords” episodes. Darn those New Zealanders are funny!

Then we went to dinner.

That’s right…we ate MORE food!

One of Maya’s favorite restaurants is a place called 2223, located on Market Street. I went there for the first time with her and Eric (her BF) and their friend Renee (….and I think someone else, though I don’t remember who…) back in 2008 when Maya was home for her sister’s wedding. I really enjoyed it, so a few months later I took another friend there for their “$12 Tuesdays” menu.

I had suggested that since it was Tuesday, we hit up 2223 for the $12 Tuesday deal. Practically the same group showed up this go around: Maya, Eric, Renee, her boyfriend and myself. When we arrived and took in the $12 menu, it seemed that the entire thing was comprised of Thanksgiving leftovers….almost all turkey dishes!

This was fine with me. After all, I had missed out on Thanksgiving turkey this year, given my unorthodox holiday plans.

I wound up with one of their signature cocktails and the Turkey Enchilada Plate. You’ll have to excuse the poor photos…even with me adjusting the ISO level, my camera could simply not compete with 2223’s low lighting.

This meal was delicious!

We also shared two desserts amongst the five of us. A berry cobbler and a Pumpkin Cake, both were served with Mitchell’s ice cream. A-maz-ing!

After dinner we all said our goodbyes, as we knew it was unlikely we would see each other again before Maya and Eric returned to Japan. Renee offered me a ride home, but I declined, knowing that I definitely needed to walk home…I was stuffed!

What are your favorite things to do when friends are in town?

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