Red Swiss Chard Potatoes and Bok Choy

Last week was pretty hectic, and I’m afraid I didn’t get much cooking in.

And by not much, I actually mean: I didn’t cook at all.

So I knew I needed to get my behind in the kitchen and cook up the rest of the perishables I got in my CSA box a couple of weeks ago.

First I decided on mashed potatoes, as it was the one thing I was sad I missed out on last week. Well, I take that back. We had mashed potatoes….from KFC…after going to the race track. Yeah. Totally didn’t count.

Mmm. Potatoes. I really, really love potatoes.

Then after the potatoes, I moved on to the other vegetables. The next being Red Swiss Chard. All of my chopping pics came out blurry, but essentially, I cut the stems off, chopped them into 2 inch pieces, and then I chopped the leaves into strips.

Then I heated up some olive oil, garlic and onions in a small pot.

Once the onions were browned up, I added the swiss chard to the pot. Unfortunately, since I was using my larger pot for the potatoes, I only had this tiny pan and I had a hard time getting the chard in there. I made it work though.

When it was done, it looked like this. It was pretty hot…had a hard time getting a shot without mass amounts of steam. Was pressed for time and couldn’t wait for them to cool, so this was the best shot I got. Yeah. Fail.

Good news is that it was delicious! I had never had swiss chard before. Total win!

Last thing in my kitchen I needed to go through was my bok choy. I had originally planned to do a stir fry with chicken, but since I never managed to get around to cooking last week, I ended up just doing a stir fry of the bok choy on its own.

Well, with onions and garlic. But, you know, kind of on its own.

Also added some soy sauce, white wine vinegar and a tiny bit of hoisin sauce for sweet.


Such a weird hodge podge of food on my stove.

(And look how ridiculous the bok choy pot looks on my tiny studio’s 3/4 size range!)

And it was about to get weirder.

I was looking at all of the things I had cooked. I tasted them all. They were good….but the mashed potatoes’ seasoning just wasn’t what I was going for. They had a little Land O Lakes Light Canola Oil Butter, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese in them. Also a tiny bit of skim milk…normally I’d add yogurt for creaminess, but I was out. They were good…but not what I wanted.

After staring at the stove for a few more minutes, I did something really weird. I dumped the pot of red swiss chard into the mashed potatoes.

Kind of different, kind of tasty. Who knew?

What’s been cooking in your kitchen lately?

8 thoughts on “Red Swiss Chard Potatoes and Bok Choy

  1. I just found your blog (I think on Live Laugh Eat?) and read your about me, and it sounds like we are in the same boat! I’ve also gained most of the weight I lost last year back, and I’ve been pretty hard on myself because of it. It’s nice to see others that are dealing with it and being positive about it! I look forward to reading your blog πŸ™‚

    1. Hi…welcome! πŸ™‚

      I -try- to be positive about it…but I have to be honest with you. I fail at that a lot. The one thing I do know now, however, is that it doesn’t do me any good to cry about it. Just need to keep on trying to figure my weight problems out. I have a feeling it will always be a struggle, but being aware of the problem is half of the battle.

  2. I love mashed potatoes. Especially made with red potatoes. Especially with the skin still on! Though I’ve never had it with swiss chard… Looks pretty though!

    1. Yeah…red mashed potatoes are awesome! They looked a little weird after sitting in the pan for a while….the potatoes turned pink from the red stems of the chard! I’ve got girly potatoes! πŸ˜‰

  3. We have a long time running joke in our house about green mashed potatoes. I love them as do my boys but my husband has never been able to do it. I sauteed our bok choy with rice this week and it was great.

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