Girl Day


Sorry for abandoning you yesterday.

I have an excuse.

I was having a “girl day”.

For those of you who don’t know, a “girl day” is one of those days where you hang out in bed (or on the couch…one in the same, in my case) and watch sad movies and read chic lit all day. I don’t really have these days very often, but sometimes, they are completely necessary. The whole holiday season is kind of bearing down on me, and I didn’t really decide on a “girl day” in advance…my body and mind demanded it yesterday upon waking up.

I started off with breakfast.

That would be an egg white, turkey bacon sandwich on whole wheat bread. I put a little canola mayo on there, to keep it from being dry. There is also a slice of Kraft Fat Free American cheese. I have no idea when the last time I purchased American cheese was….hmm…

After breakfast I wound up thinking about RENT again, so I decided to watch the movie. Upon opening up my DVD drawer, I learned that I actually have a copy of the final Broadway performance on DVD…unopened. I debated watching that instead, as the stage play is much better than the movie, but I still was focused on Adam and Anthony, so I decided to stick with the movie.

Always makes me cry!

Then I decided to have a snack. I had a bowl of Cheerios with a banana. Then I decided to have a date.

I had never eaten a date before, but I picked this package up a couple of weeks ago at Trader Joe’s. Yesterday I learned something that I didn’t previously know:

I don’t like dates.

Something about the texture. I didn’t really like the flavor or sweetness either. I may try to make something with them and see if I like them better as an ingredient than as the main event. Some things are better left as supporting players.

After my failed date attempt, I decided to read for a while. As a woman who holds a bachelor’s degree in English, I really love to read. I always have. I do go through cycles, however, where sometimes I read constantly and then other times I barely read the ingredients on my food labels. Earlier this year I re-read allย  of the Harry Potter novels as well as all of the The Dragonriders of Pern series, minus the last couple of books. This means that I read 19 of those books, but fell into one of my non-reading stints during “Dragonsblood”.

Yesterday, I perused my book shelves for something that fit my mood. My eyes caught on these:

These would be the “Jessica Darling” series by Megan McCafferty. I read the first three books in the series a couple of years ago. They are actually considered young adult fiction, which according to Wikipedia means people from the ages of 14-21. I, am 28, and even a couple of years ago I would’ve been beyond the ages described. Oops.

Although I did find the first book difficult to trudge through because of how teenaged and whiny it was, I got sucked in anyway. I just like Jessica Darling. Her sarcasm and attitude actually remind me a lot of myself and despite the fact that I was 10 years ahead of her in “Sloppy Firsts”, I still enjoyed reliving the terror that is high school through the character’s eyes. Plus, Marcus Flutie. What a head trip.

Anyway, I’ve had the last two books in the series waiting on my shelf since I finished the third. I had actually tried to read “Fourth Comings” before, but my head just wasn’t in the right space when I had tried. I decided it was time to revisit Jessica Darling once more. I’m enjoying it a lot more this time around. Maybe it’s because it’s about that time after college where you just don’t know what to do with yourself. I can completely relate. Nevermind that Jessica is recently graduated at 22 and I’m 28 and 5.5 years out of college. That is completely irrelevant!

After reading for a bit, I knew it was time for a movie. Two out of my three Netflix DVDs had been returned, so there was only one in house…and luckily it was a chic flick. I had read this book several years ago and I had really loved it. I remember having difficulties putting it down and I remember how I cried at the end. I was interested in seeing what they had done to the story to adapt it to the big screen.

Unfortunately, “The Time Traveler’s Wife” was completely awful as a movie. It lacked so much of the emotion that the book had. It cut things out and changed scenes that I felt were important. I remember being completely in love with the character of Henry. Not so much on the big screen (er…well…my 26″ Sony Bravia…). I did really enjoy the performance of Ron Livingston as Gomez though. I found myself more endeared to him than to Henry.

But the movie served its overall purpose.

Despite its inferiority, I bawled uncontrollably at the end.

Yes. Crying is the goal on “Girl Days.”

After more reading and putzing around it was dinner time. I spent a lot of time debating what to eat. I considered cooking up my spaghetti squash, but really, to be an official “girl day,” you must eat take out or delivery. Preferably Mexican food. So I wandered up to The Little Chihuahua. Their food is completely delicious and while it is a little more “California” than I would usually prefer, it’s totally a winner. I got my usual:

The most gigantic tostada known to man kind. Pricey? A little. But. So. Freaking. Good.

I also got one of these, but regretted it. I had never had the mango flavor, and it was good, but I just found it too sweet.

Overall, I had a great day. It felt good to have nothing planned and to just hang out with my cat and relax. I’m sure there won’t be too many more days like this during this last 5 weeks of 2010.

What do you do on a veg day? Read? Watch movies?

6 thoughts on “Girl Day

    1. I really wanted a second one today, but laundry beckoned. Plus, I have plans to see West Side Story with a co-worker tonight.

      Have fun during your girl day this weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. As a fellow English major, I can totally identify with reading stints. I usually go for a few months without reading anything, then devour a book a day until I’m so confused that I don’t know my own name, let alone what to read next. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The last two series that sucked me in were the Hunger Games trilogy (I love YA fiction!) and the Sookie Stackhouse series (which is what True Blood is based on).

    Dates are like candy! You can blend them into smoothies instead of using sugar, but I’m not sure if that gives smoothies a grainy texture or not.

    1. Totally. I’m trying to get back into a reading stint. I feel like I spend too much time staring at a computer screen!

      Dates didn’t taste like candy to me….they tasted like….something else. Maya’s given me a recipe to try. We shall see!

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