Caught in the Act

It’s possible that my co-workers may think I’m insane.

Actually, I’m fairly sure of it.

As you all know, I receive CSA boxes on a bi-weekly basis. Greenhearts delivers on Thursdays. When I have Thursdays off I bring my box inside and head straight to the back porch so that I can photograph its contents for the blog. I’m not sure if CSA box contents are particularly interesting to other people, but I just like sharing with you what I’m eating. In addition to that last part, I also love getting recipe suggestions from you all, as some of the things I get in the box are either foods I’ve never cooked myself or foods I’ve never eaten. You guys have good advice and tips, so photographing and posting is a must in my opinion.

On most Thursdays, however, I am not at home. Luckily, I can get my produce delivered to work no problem. After work on Thursdays I usually go hang with one of my favorite work buddies, so he double parks outside of my apartment building while I run in and put my food away. Since I can hardly have a chard and parsnip photo shoot with someone waiting for me outside, I have a problem. Well, not really. I just photograph the fruits and veggies at work.

Don’t worry. I do it on my break. It’s a great idea.

Well, except when my co-worker happens to wander past my open door and sees me on my hands and knees, attempting to artfully stack several red potatoes, and then rearranging them in disgust when they don’t produce the shot I was looking for.

Then it’s not such a great idea. It’s a really embarrassing idea.

I swear, I could hear the laughter in the other room for ten minutes.

Oh well.

At least my mom thinks I’m cool.

I think.

Better call her later and check.

Thursday, November 18, 2010 – CSA Box

spinach avocado

redpeppers  chard

bokchoy  oranges

apples  redpotatoes

redonion  squash



Thursday night ended up being a laid back night with my friend. We played gin rummy and I beat him mercilessly. Then I made him tacos topped with my avocado as a consolation prize.

Well, that and because I was hungry. I love when they throw in an extra avocado!

What is the weirdest thing you’ve been caught doing at work?

(and no, taking food photography isn’t the weirdest thing my co-workers have ever seen me do.)

4 thoughts on “Caught in the Act

  1. that’s too funny that your coworker found you doing that! probably my weirdest thing i’ve ever done at work was last week when i wasn’t feeling well, i took a nap in my car at lunch! since i’m a teacher, and my students eat lunch in the classroom, i couldn’t lay down anywhere in there. i tried to covertly get in the backseat of my car and lay down so no one noticed me. Thankfully no one did, but the students did think it was a little weird when they were out at recess and saw me randomly climb out of the backseat of a parked car!

  2. I’m not sure.. I’ve probably done some really weird things at work that I can’t remember anymore. Thing is, a lot of the very weirdest things I’ve had to do at work were sorta part of my job, so that throws the standard out of whack. >_>

    I do get weird looks still sometimes for photographing my lunches and such, but they are all looong used that by now.

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