Netflix for the Win

I don’t know about other people, but personally, I have a love/hate relationship with the gym.

It’s not really a dislike for exercise. I love to hike and walk. Walking is actually my favorite form of physical activity. I walk the 4 miles to and from work fairly often and I pretty much walk almost everywhere I go. Even when I was heavy I loved to walk and although I might’ve been a little slower and a little sweatier (I know, gross!) than the healthier people I knew, I was still usually willing to hoof it with everyone else.

The thing is, I view the gym as the opposite of walking. Walking is like the best pastime in the world. It clears my head and I don’t even notice the time going by while I’m doing it. This is not true when it comes to the gym. I hate cardio machines. I get bored so easily and I just wind up staring at the timer, waiting, longing, begging for the 30 minutes to hurry up and be over so I can go do something I’d actually like to be doing. I thought that getting a gym with a nice view might help me avoid boredom:


All of the treadmills and ellipticals at the YMCA overlook the bay. It really is gorgeous. It’s especially awesome when there is some kind of storm going on. Watching the rain fall into the bay….the hard core runners determined to get in their miles….the pedestrians running for safety because they had no idea it was going to rain…it’s all great. For about 5 minutes. Then I start to wish that I actually enjoyed the exercise bikes, because all of those have individual television screens with Direct TV access.

Or maybe I don’t need to use the bikes to have video entertainment….

That’s right, everyone. I can now watch Leave it to Beaver while working out. My life suddenly feels complete. Don’t hate. I love Leave it to Beaver, and I always will. I almost used Fraggle Rock as my example, but unfortunately, the video quality wasn’t as good. Sad.

Sing it, Trash Heap!

(Okay. Sorry. I really love Fraggle Rock.)

Anyway, back to Netflix. I remember hearing that they were going to come out with this capability back when the iPad came out, but I had completely forgotten about it. On Saturday afternoon I made myself go to the gym. I was dreading it. I hadn’t been there to use the fitness equipment in MONTHS. I knew I needed to go though, so I went, hopped on an elliptical and for no particular reason started surfing the app store. The Netflix app was there, I downloaded it and within minutes I was watching an episode of Leave it to Beaver. I was so excited. My workout flew by without me really even noticing. On Monday, I couldn’t wait to go to the gym….to watch Pushing Daisies.

Seriously. Best app. Ever.

Also, now I feel that paying for unlimited data is actually worth it.

Today I decided not to Netflix my gym time away..though I admit the thought was tempting. I instead decided to go back to the first class I ever took at the YMCA–Cardio Kick. I used to go fairly regularly…like twice a week or so. Then my work schedule changed and I couldn’t go as often. I’ve only been a few times in the last year, and I’m always surprised at how challenging it is when you’ve been away for a while. My arms, thighs, abs and, well, everything is on fire! Seriously great workout today.

On my way to class I had a Classic Glo Bar, as I hadn’t had breakfast this morning:

Then I rewarded myself with this afterwards:

Jamba Juice Berry Topper Ideal Meal

As much as I sometimes hate the gym…I’m loving being back this time around. I’m feeling better and dang, I’ve got Netflix!

Do you like working out at the gym? Do you find it tedious? If so, what gets you through your workout?

12 thoughts on “Netflix for the Win

  1. FRAGGLE ROCK!!!!!!

    That is incredibly awesome! Also, I didn’t realize the Netflix app let you actually watch stuff. I will have to try it. The boyfriend dragged me to the gym for the first time since the beginning of summer, and I was so bored I turned on some videocasts I downloaded via Podcaster. (I figure if I work out while watching TED Talks, I’m exercising my mental muscles too?)

    1. I know, right?! I’m still saving up to buy them on DVD. I used to have a couple of them before the box sets came out, but I gave them to my downstairs neighbor who was about 7 or so at the time. She LOVED them! I was so happy to turn another generation onto Fraggles!

      If I had known I could watch 50s sitcoms and 80s kid shows while working out, you better believe I would’ve been doing it a long time ago. I definitely recommend it…but I will say I think they are still working out some kinks, as the Fraggle episodes were a little more pixelated than I would’ve liked.

      That’s right. Exercise your mental muscles. I’m going to watch Pee Wee next!

  2. Believe me, that Netflix app has made a WORLD of difference when it comes to my elliptical and bike workouts. It’s still too hard for me to watch it while running on the treadmill, but cross-training is SO less painful now 🙂

    1. I don’t think I could run with it either….but with the elliptical/arch trainer/stair climber? Definitely. I’m glad I’m not the only one who realizes the power of that app! 😉

    1. I like to run and I really love to walk….but I can’t keep myself active at home. I can’t jump around to exercise DVDs because I live in an apartment and have downstairs neighbors. Plus, I have a difficult time keeping myself accountable with at home work outs. It’s too easy to get sucked into other things, as I live in a studio and there are tons of distractions in my one room.

    1. I enjoy running…but it just wasn’t cutting it as my only source of activity. I can’t really get myself to work out at home, so the gym is something I have to learn to tolerate again.

      Wait. You’ve never seen Leave it to Beaver? For serious? I’ve seen them all. It was my dad’s favorite TV show when he was growing up. I just love its cheesy wholesomeness. Don’t know why…just do!

  3. I’ve always been good at totally zoning out at the gym, and never had any of the problems with boredom that so many others seem to report. I actually prefer not to have distractions most of the time so I can really concentrate on what I’m doing. Music and TV I can understand, but I don’t think I’d -ever- read while exercising.

    That said, I spent so much time running outdoors this summer that the idea of returning to machines suddenly seems more unappealing than I can ever remember it being for me.

    Usually what gets me through my workout is stubborn determination. I get addicted to feeling of finishing, and don’t want -this- time to break my streak. When I first started running that was sometimes the only thing that kept me going when it got tough. I remember telling myself over and over in my head that I’d already gone xx days or weeks without once failing to meet my goal and couldn’t mess it up this time.

    1. I’m jealous of your focus! I’m just the exact opposite….no matter what I do when I’m on those machines, all I want to do is not be on them. Even with the Netflix, it’s still a bit of a problem….it’s just greatly reduced.

      I read once, I think. Back before I ever thought I could run, I used to just do incline walking. I remember during one workout I brought my book up…I think I was reading “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”. That one time, it worked out, but on subsequent attempts, I couldn’t focus on the book I brought….too much bouncing around.

      Determination does nothing for me. Well, I guess a few times I’ve been able to say, “You’ve gone this far…don’t stop now…” and pulled through. But there have been a lot of times over the last 3.5 years where I have given up earlier than I had meant to. However, the use of “I don’t want to ruin my streak” can sometimes get me to the gym, which is half the battle.

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