Leftovers for Lunch

I’m still wiped from yesterday!

Because of this, I would like to show you my lunch. I was very thankful to have leftovers from Tuesday night to bring for lunch, as I sure didn’t cook last night after getting home from that craziness downtown.

Today, I had turkey tacos on corn tortillas with (store bought…yeah…I know..lazy!) pico de gallo, Fage greek yogurt and avocado. It was delicious!

For the taco meat, I just browned up a package of ground turkey and used maybe half of a reduced sodium taco seasoning packet from Safeway. Could I have made my own seasoning? Sure. But, like I was saying….I’m kind of lazy.

I used these tortillas. They tasted okay…but smelled weird.

Normally when I make taco meat, I usually eat it like the above picture. I know that looks like a HUGE plate of food…and it is…but it’s like 80% lettuce. When I’m super hungry, I pile on the lettuce really high and just put a bit of the toppings on top. That way I get to be really full, but I don’t overdo it. Because, well, I am totally capable of overdoing it!

Now on a completely unrelated note:

Aren’t these the cutest things you’ve ever seen in your whole life?

(Nope. Not for me. For a baby shower…but OMG cute!)

What did you have for lunch today?

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