Soup D’Jour

Today I brought in the rest of my beet soup to work. I toyed with the idea of eating it for lunch, but after a taste I decided that it really wasn’t for me and I opened up a can of Trader Joe’s Organic Split Pea Soup. I couldn’t of course waste the beet soup, so I eagerly awaited the arrival of my beet loving co-worker. The one that always arrives hungry. I pounced on him immediately, asking if I could feed him soup. Once I had the go ahead I warmed up the leftovers and waited for the verdict.

He liked it!

He said he really couldn’t detect beets in it (!) and if I hadn’t told him what the soup was made of he wouldn’t have been capable of pin pointing the exact flavor. I couldn’t believe it, given that my main problem with my beet soup was that it was beety. This of course is coming from a guy who has practically no sense of smell, so maybe my nose and taste buds are just more in tune with the beetyness of things.

Doesn’t matter though. The point is that he liked it and was sad that I only had 2 servings for him to slurp down. Sounds like a recipe win, even if it wasn’t my favorite.

The only problem I had with him eating my left overs and me eating my can of soup is that it left me with nothing for tonight’s dinner….and nothing for tomorrow night’s dinner either. Since I work the evening shift on Monday, the food I take to work has to be decided on Sunday. I checked the kitchen upon my arrival home to see what was left of my CSA veggies.

It only took about a second to decide: Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup

I didn’t really follow a recipe, but since I had ingredients left over from the beet soup, the two soups wound up with a lot of crossover.

(I will note, however, that what I wound up doing is very similar to a recipe from the Front Burner…just without the apples.)

First, I dealt with the squash.

I was kind of dismayed to learn that it had a soft spot on the bottom. I had left the squash until this week, as I thought they kind of had a decent shelf life. I worried that it might be completely ruined, but decided to cut it up before I scratched the dinner plans.

As it turned out, while there definitely were a couple of areas at the bottom which were not really something I would want to eat at this point, the majority of the squash was usable. So, I just cleaned out the squash guts and cut off the squishy bits that I didn’t want to eat. Yay.


Then it was roasting time. Since this squash was going to become soup, I didn’t really season it. I covered a cookie sheet in tin foil, sprayed some cooking spray on there, then roasted at 400 degrees F for about 45 minutes. During the last 15 minutes, I added 4 cut up carrots to the cookie sheet. Once removed from the oven, the skin of the squash was easily peeled off and I sliced it into big chunks.

Now for the rest of the soup (which is practically identical to yesterday’s recipe)!

One chopped yellow onion.

Sautéed with garlic in 1 tablespoon of butter.

Grab your leftover chicken broth (about 2 cups worth)…

….and throw all of the above into a pot. Boil. Simmer.

Blend in batches. This pot of soup required 4 batches.

*insert picture of soup in a pot that has magically disappeared off of my camera here…*

Put the blended soup back into the pot and season. I seasoned with salt, pepper, LOTS of curry powder and a dash of nutmeg. As you can probably tell, I rarely measure things in the kitchen. Then, since it was in my fridge from yesterday, and I have no idea what to do with it, I added in some creme fraiche.

There you go! Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup!

(sorry for using the same bowl again. actually, no I’m not. my bowl is awesome.)

While all of this soup madness was going on, I also decided to whip up some green bean fries. Pretty much all you do to make green bean fries would be, clean your green beans, toss with a drizzle of olive oil and a little bit of garlic, then bake on a cooking sheet until crispy. I pretty much did just that. I did try out a new ingredient, however.

I actually found out that TWO of my local corner stores sell Garlic Gold. Weird, huh? I decided to pick up a bottle and try it out.

You are gonna make awesome fries, boys. Trust me.

Dipping sauce, as I wanted some “tang”.


I wanted to eat the entire pan full of beans, but I restricted myself to the above…and maybe a couple more…maybe.

What is your favorite soup?

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