Oats and Miles

When I woke up, I found something that made me very sad:


Most healthy living bloggers out there look at such an occurrence as an opportunity to taste greatness. By greatness, I am of course referring to Oats in a Jar (OIAJ). The problem is, I generally don’t like eating OIAJ. The jars are usually too large and my spoon doesn’t fit into them very well and I almost always get frustrated and wind up dumping the mess into a bowl to eat it the way I like.

I decided, today, however, to try OIAJ again. I figured it might be better, since the Barney Butter jar I had was so small. So I whipped up the last of my steel cut oats with banana and ChiaFresh (ground chia seeds) and inserted a serving into my jar.

I had my oats with a few more slices of banana, 3 halved strawberries, a couple of Ghirardelli chocolate chips and half of a crumbled graham cracker.

Which reminds me. Time for a public service announcement:

Do NOT buy these unless you want to gain lots and lots of weight. Every single time I buy these things, I promise I will pace myself, but instead, I end up gobbling them up one after another. To make it twice as good bad, I usually have the nerve to top them with some form of nut butter. They are so good…and so very, very bad….

After breakfast, I needed to get in a workout. I knew I should run…but I had just eaten a lot of oatmeal and wasn’t sure it would sit well. I decided that instead of running in my neighborhood, I would get dressed and head down to the gym and see what I felt like doing once I arrived.

I’ve been going to the Y for 3 years now, off and on. When I say off and on, I don’t mean that at any point during this 3 years I suspended my membership. What I mean is that I go through periods of really enjoying the gym and then really long periods of loathing the gym. I find working out with the weights and cardio equipment to be quite a snooze 90% of the time. Even with this particular location’s spectacular views of the bay, I still find myself wishing I was already showered and on my way. I’ve been on a major “I hate the gym” kick this year, which is probably why I piled on the 15 pounds I did. I’ve barely been going at all, which makes me think that it’s a little crazy that I’m shelling out $65/mo for a membership I barely use.

But I refuse to cancel.

The gym and I might not be getting along very well lately, but I know we will be friends again.

But not today.

After getting to the gym and wobbling back and forth, I decided to just shove my stuff into a locker, grab a runner’s stamp (hand stamp so you don’t have to carry your membership card with you) and went out to the Embarcadero. I set up RunKeeper and started out on a 5K down to AT&T Park and back. 5 minutes into my run I met with a rude surprise….the coach prompts from RunKeeper were playing in my ear….and telling me that I was going 10:22 minutes behind my goal pace!! I thought I had turned the stupid coach feature off, but apparently, I somehow had it set to run like a 0 minute mile! I didn’t want to mess up my overall time, so I just listened to this lady tell me I was a loser for 3 miles….

As I saw the ballpark I got really excited. I know everyone around me is getting sick of my Giants talk (Well, not really. I live in San Francisco. All of my internet friends are totally sick of it though!), but I cannot help it. I am so excited about my team making the World Series that seeing the stadium up ahead just made me run even faster. I resisted all urges to go into the Dugout (the Giants’ store) and turned to head back towards the Ferry Building.

One thing I noticed on this run is that I was still really struggling. I mean, on one hand, I was going pretty fast (for me) since the Embarcadero is flat and my normal park runs are on trails with some elevation changes. So pace wise, life was good, but my ability to really excel on this route the way I should just wasn’t there. I had to take a couple of walking breaks and I finished the 5K 5 minutes slower than I ran it at Race for the Cure a month ago.

While you would think that struggling with the distance of 5K would mean that I would be totally wiped afterwards, you would be wrong. Instead of feeling exhausted once I passed the 3.1 mile mark, I felt exhilarated. Like, if I hadn’t needed to go back to the Y for a shower so I could get to work on time, I probably would’ve set out on another mile.

My problems with 5Ks are seriously all mental. This proves it. There is something about 5K that makes my brain jump up and down screaming (yes, my brain has legs and a mouth) “OMG! THREE MILES! I’M GOING TO DIE!!!” But after I achieve the distance, my brain thinks, “Oh yeah. I’m a total badass runner. I rock.” and can keep going. It’s like a switch gets flicked and life is good. Why must this 3 mile distance torture me so?

Maybe I need to run with audio books or something? Maybe if I wasn’t focused on the distance so much, I could just let my body do the work and let my brain chillax?

Argh! Running!

Once I was all showered it was time to head to work, but of course, I allowed myself a Starbucks stop.


How I love you, my Chocolate Vivanno w/add shot. I also picked up a yogurt parfait that I ended up having later:


Right across the street was another Giants Dugout store. While I kind of want a jacket, I can’t bring myself to spend the $120 to get the one I want. Even so, I had promised my co-worker that if I passed a store, I would check in and pick him up a new hat. Since I was so close and I was on my way to work, I thought I’d check.

dugout dugout2

Yeah. Um. No. Sorry Louis, but you’re going to have to wait in these lines yourself!

What do you listen to when you run? Music? Audio books? What keeps you entertained?

5 thoughts on “Oats and Miles

  1. I get you on the 5k weirdness. For me it’s not so much that once I finish 5k I feel alright (though it does happen), but more than my brain seems to do better when I set out to run -more- than 5k from the beginning. If my goal is to run 7.5k, then it seems like the first 5k passes like nothing.

    Perhaps it’s because when I run longer distances I go into it feeling like it’s a challenge, and I am mentally prepared to struggle from the first step. I think that expectation may make it somehow easier to get through. 5k, on the other hand, has been my default running distance for a while and I’ve run it a LOT. Maybe my brain doesn’t think I need mental tricks to get through it and under-compensates instead?

    Although, I’ve come to expect to struggle on 5k more than any other distance now, so if that was the case shouldn’t it cancel itself out?

    1. Seriously.

      Well, to be fair, they’re probably there to buy “national league champion” logo stuff, which of course, wouldn’t have been available before now.

      But still. I’m not waiting in line to buy a hat.

      Unless it was a really, really, really cool hat.

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