Cleaning out the fridge

I spent a lot of time in my kitchen today.

First, I had to make breakfast. Admittedly, my choice today required very little effort.

I went with a Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel with a serving of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread. I also had coffee. I must tell you guys that I think TJ’s bagels are really disappointing. I mean, they’re okay, but I like my bagel to be a bit more doughy…more chewy. While they have the bagel taste, these sort of have the texture of a really thick piece of toast. I’m not a fan.

My breakfast was a non event because I just needed something to fuel me on my run. I did an easy 2.5 miles. After reading Sarah talk about RunKeeper’s pace coach, I decided to give that a try. Big mistake. Sarah is right…when you fall short, that lady’s voice gets MEAN!

I mean, really. I feel like I’m in middle school gym class with that chick speaking down to me like that.

I think I’d rather just suck, speed wise, without the commentary.

After I came home I realized I had a problem. My new CSA box was coming and I still had not finished the produce from the last box. Fail. I had a pretty eat out intensive week last week and I just couldn’t get through everything. Regardless of my recent eating habits, I needed to make room in the fridge, so I took to cooking up some of my leftovers.

First I made more of Amanda’s dish. I had no onions, but I had apples and cabbage. I know. I made this three times in the last 2 weeks. What can I say? It was a winner and I am a creature of habit. When something tastes good, I stick with it!

Once the apples and cabbage were cooked up, I served up a bowl, topped with a fried egg. Then I checked the fridge to see what else had to go. Pumpkin. This canned pumpkin had been open for quite some time…I was concerned that it might’ve gone bad, but it seemed to taste and smell okay.’s edible…but what to do with it?

At that exact moment, Heather at Hangry Pants posted this recipe for box mix brownies with a pumpkin substitute. Nice. I didn’t have a box of brownie mix on hand, but since I needed to go to Walgreens anyway, I decided to check if they had any.

They had the exact same box that Heather used.

The batter tasted pretty fantastic.

Not that I’m some fat kid who eats brownie batter.

(Yeah, I’m totally some fat kid who eats batter)

I still don’t have a baking dish, so I made the brownies in a muffin pan.

Pretty darned tasty. Yay pumpkin!

Okay. Back to the fridge. Time is running out, as my CSA box is supposed to be arriving at any minute. What’s left? String beans. I felt pretty badly that I had not eaten these earlier, but luckily, they were still salvageable. That’s one thing I really like about CSA produce–it lasts much longer than stuff you get at the supermarket.

I didn’t have some amazing recipe thought up for these guys, so I ended up roasting them with some olive oil and garlic. I wound up having some of these mixed in with some microwaveable Trader Joe’s macaroni and cheese. I would’ve made whole wheat pasta myself, but, well, let’s face it–I wanted mac and cheese!

Do not be deceived, no matter how this looks, it tasted wonderful!

I still have one more recipe I might crank out tonight before bed, but I’m afraid you’ll have to read about it another day. I’m too busy watching the end of this NLCS game. Come on Giants! Why does it always have to feel like torture?!

What’re your favorite dishes to make when you need to use up produce?

3 thoughts on “Cleaning out the fridge

  1. I tried out the pace coaching after finally getting RunKeeper Pro (last yearish?) and only managed two runs with it before turning it off again. I’d rather just have the normal pace feedback.. coaching takes too long and is kind of stressful. >_>

    Those beans look yum! ❤

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