Weekend Eats

If you’re sick of Pumpkin, I suggest that you look away.

For the rest of you, however, I am about to show you something that I found completely amazing:

That’s right, my friends. Yesterday I went to TJ’s to pick up a few items on my way home from work and at the tasting table I found them sampling PUMPKIN cream cheese. I couldn’t believe it! Ok, yes I could. With all of the pumpkin related items out there, it shouldn’t be a surprise that someone made cream cheese. I had just never even thought of the possibility before, so I had to try it.

They offered the sample on a hunk of multi-grain roll and it tasted pretty good. I of course grabbed a container and threw it in my basket immediately, as I am a person that cannot walk away from a pumpkin flavored item.

This morning I tried it out on a TJ’s everything bagel. I was a little nervous, afraid that the good taste had been psychological vs. actual, but it was still pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of flavored cream cheese, as I think they tend to run a little too sweet. This spread, however isn’t all that sweet and has a hint of spice.

After my TJ’s stop last night I had to go home and figure out what to do about dinner. I’ve had this really busy week that involved a lot more eating out than I would have preferred, so my vegetable consumption has been much lower than I would like. I will have more CSA food coming in this week, so I really wanted to start working through what’s left in my fridge.

Without any real idea of what I was going to make, I went into my kitchen and just started cooking upon instinct, an act that can either produce greatness or just mediocrity. I wound up with this:

I started by cooking up one package of ground turkey. After it was just about cooked I proceeded to add leftover chopped red onion (There was probably about .5 a large onion), a tablespoon of minced garlic and a dash of ground ginger. I let the onions cook up a bit and then I dumped in all of the left over steamed broccoli I had from making the whole wheat penne dish earlier in the week. Then went in a couple of capfuls of low sodium soy sauce, a tablespoon of rice vinegar and a random can of water chestnuts that I found in the back of a cabinet. Finally, I threw in a couple of tablespoons of Hoisin sauce.

I took a taste.

Pretty good!

It got served over a bed of raw shredded cabbage and I sliced up a small cucumber to go with it. I feel bad that my plating wasn’t a little better, but I was watching the Giants v. Phillies game as well as Maya’s real time progress in completing the Katsunuma 10k, so I was a bit distracted!

What was on your menu this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Weekend Eats

  1. Sounds a lot like my basic stir-fry. Soy sauce, garlic, ginger + anything on hand + pan. Instant yum. πŸ˜€

    See? you can SO cook.

    Thanks for watching! I wasn’t sure if anyone would, or if it was even working while I was out there running. I left instructions w/ Eric to go into my RunKeeper account and screw with the settings if it didn’t pop up. Thankfully he didn’t have to. πŸ˜€

    1. It may’ve been my instinct to use these items because I think I’ve made your chicken lettuce cups before! πŸ˜‰

      It was fun to watch the dot and the pictures pop up…and to see when you hit the hills. Yikes!

      1. Oh, I haven’t had those in a long time! They have hoisin instead of soy, but same idea. πŸ˜€

        Eric said the same thing after I finished.. that it was really amusing to see the elevation spike and my speed plummet at the same time. All I can say is OW.

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