A Ravioli Luncheon

Hello world. Let me welcome you to day two of “Ugh. Job so stressful. Get me out of here. Need to go out for lunch.”


At least the food was tastier today. We ate at a local wharf restaurant, Sabella & La Torre. My co-workers have all been eating here for years and years. They know the owners and older employees by name. I don’t come here that often, but when I do, I pretty much always have the same thing.

Bread to start. I love bread with all of my being.

Next was salad. This salad normally has shrimp and beets on it. I don't eat either, so I gave them to a co-worker.

I had my ranch dressing on the side.

Meat Ravioli with Red Sauce. I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture before I started eating. So good.

My whole meal ended up only being $5, since I wound up only eating 1/3 of my dish. I didn’t want to take the leftovers, as I had food in the office fridge that I have to eat this weekend. Since my co-worker is always ravenous when he comes into work, I offered to let him have my leftovers so that he’ll have food in the fridge for tomorrow. He enthusiastically agreed, but said that I shouldn’t pay if he was going to be eating most of the meal. Score.

This lunch was much more fun and relaxing. I people watched a bit. And looked at this sign.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun?

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