Reliving my tweens

I’m not sure if the weather in San Francisco has been informed, but I thought I’d take a moment to let it know:

It’s fall. You can stop being 90 degrees now. Thanks. Love, Alexa.

Truthfully, it’s supposed to be 90 degrees during this time of year in the Bay Area. San Francisco doesn’t really have harsh summers, but we do have an “indian summer” in October where we actually heat up a bit. This year has been kind of annoying though, as the weather doesn’t seem capable of making up its mind. It was 90 degrees a couple of weeks ago, then it got colder and almost rainy and now it’s hot again. I wish the weather would just figure it out.

One problem I have with the heat is that getting myself to get up and do anything, especially exercise is a huge struggle. When I wake up and realize it’s time for a workout, I attempt to hide. If the workout can’t see me, then maybe it will go away:

Nope. Didn’t work.

I knew I needed to get up and run this morning, but I did NOT want to. I’m so wimpy when it comes to heat and physical exertion. Even walking isn’t high on my list of things to do. Eventually, I convinced myself to lace up my sneaks and head out anyway. I applied some sun screen and then realized–I needed a hat. And I only have one hat. Uh oh…

Yep, not only did I have to go out running in the heat, but I had to wear my free Fitzgerald’s Casino trucker hat. With a pink Honest Tea Race for the Cure tee. OMG. Can you say fashion disaster?? All I could think was that I wish I really was in Reno. If I were in Reno I would be eating diner pancakes and debating which numbers seem “lucky” this morning…

..but I was not in Reno. So I went running.

I ended up not going to the park, but decided to instead run towards the Mission District. I didn’t go out very far, as this run was only supposed to be about 2 miles. Smart coach doesn’t have me doing a 5K training run until week two in its 10K training plan, so at least I didn’t have to worry about being in public dressed like this for too long.

(BTW, I’ve decided to start training like I am going to run the 10K, and then based on my feelings and progress when the registration deadline approaches, I will register for whichever race seems most appropriate. While I really don’t care if I have to walk part of the 10K, and I just wanted to have the experience of going the longer distance, I also don’t want to put myself in a situation that is over my head. We will see…)

I wound up at the scene of my least favorite running memories….Everett Middle School.

Yep. There is my middle school in all its glory. It is the scene of many happenings. It’s where I met Maya. It’s where I first became a band geek and where I discovered the beauty of espresso drinks, namely, mochas:

The coffee shop across the street from school. It used to be called “Cup o’ Joe’s”, and it is where Maya, our friends and I spent our time before home room every morning. I think we annoyed the hell out of the other patrons who weren’t expecting their local coffee joint to be packed to the brim with 12-14 year olds. It bummed our teachers out too. When they came in, searching for the caffeine to help them deal with hundreds of monstrous kids, they found, well, all of the monstrous kids, caffing up. Yikes!

(Also, before anyone goes on about 13 year olds drinking coffee, we mostly drank hot chocolate with TONS of  pressurized whipped cream. Mark, the barista, used to give us extra hits of whipped cream. It wasn’t until 8th grade that I finally started experimenting with mochas…)

Anyway, today I did that mile run that I’m always talking about failing as an 11 year old. I find doing it very empowering and it reminds me of how far I’ve come.

When it’s 80-90 degrees outside, I also find that mile exhausting. A couple of laps around the school and I felt like death!

Luckily this run was short, so I turned for home and stopped off at one of my favorite corner stores, as I REALLY needed something to drink. Since I moved to the Lower Haight, I hardly ever go there, but the staff is very friendly. They have a really cool mural on the outside of the building, too.

I don’t really like Gatorade or Vitamin Water too much, but I really wanted something with flavor. As the Gatorade bottles were GIGANTIC, and I hardly needed that much fluid replacement for my measly 2.5 mile run, I opted for the smaller Vitamin Water Zero:

I felt much better after a few chugs of fluid and ran a few blocks. Unfortunately, soon after, I could feel the stuff sloshing around in my stomach. All I had this morning before I left was coffee and one spoonful of Barney Butter, so I don’t think my stomach was very happy with my choices. I was close to home, so I just walked the rest of the way. After finishing my Vitamin Water and taking a nice shower, I made some…brunch…I guess.

Bet you thought I was kidding when I said I wanted to eat Amanda’s Apple, Onion and Cabbage dish every day this week. Well, I wasn’t. Today I added a fried egg to the mix, because, well, eggs are awesome.

Now it is time for laundry, chores and sitting directly in front of my fan, wishing that it was 63 degrees. Have a great day!

Can you handle exercising in the heat, or are you wimpy, like me?


4 thoughts on “Reliving my tweens

  1. Ah! Casino trucker hat FTW! That’s hilarious.

    I’m only sorta wimpy when it comes to heat. I mean, honestly, I live in Reno for pete’s sake. That said, I managed to avoid running in the heat all summer by either running at sunset, after dark, or … um … skipping my runs, lol. Don’t know what it would have been like if I lived somewhere that stays warm at night.

    I discovered that running in the heat won’t kill you, it just slows you down. Every time I find myself internally bitching about it, I think about the Badwater Ultramarathon chapter of “My Life on the Run” by Bart Yasso and feel grateful that I’m not peeing brown. 😀

    1. Yes. My fashion sense IS hilarious.

      See, I thought about running at night, but in San Francisco, it just doesn’t seem like such a safe idea, you know? I’m afraid I’ll get knocked in the head and someone will steal my iPhone. If that happens, I hope that they are nabbed via RunKeeper. You know, RunKeeper GPSing their criminal ass all over town. Sweet.

      I’ve never read that, but I too, am in fact, happy to not be peeing brown.

  2. OMG Everett, in all it’s prison-like glory. Oooh, the memories…

    I didn’t really have much choice on the exercising in the heat thing this summer. Tokyo stayed at ridiculously humid 35C+ temps during the day and only fell to 29C-ish at night for months. The only other option would have been the treadmill, and I couldn’t make myself do that. To cope with the extreme temperatures I moved my runs from the morning to 8-11pm (depending on the day) and bought a small clip on water bottle. I pass two water-fountains on my run and stopped to drink and splash water over my head at them regardless of distance. It was still sweltering and painful, but I managed, and in the end I think it’s made me a stronger runner.

    I’m looking forward to cooler temps so I can move my runs back to morning, though. First one will be Katsunuma this Sunday morning! o.o;

    …I have a strange desire to play chutes n’ ladders upside down while eating a bagel topped w/ cream cheese & peanut m&ms. fancy that.

    1. Damn. It does kinda look like a prison from the yard, doesn’t it? o_O;

      I wish I felt safer running at night. I think I would like it.

      Whoa! A peanut M&M bagel would be the bomb biggety. Yo.

      I am just as cool now as I was back then…

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