The one thing I like about Fleet Week

In my effort to bring full disclosure to this blog and to no longer hide my feelings about things from others, I am going to confess something to you.

I hate Fleet Week.

There. I said it. I hate Fleet Week.

Given that I work in tourism, I’m guessing that if my boss reads this, I’m as good as toast. I just can’t help it though. I really am not a fan of big crowds or really loud planes. Don’t get me wrong, The Blue Angels are amazing and I have nothing but respect for their talent. Their planes, however, are just really loud. For my entire life, no matter what I was doing, come one weekend in October, it was drowned out by the air show. This was especially annoying when I was giving my all to play difficult passages at my clarinet lesson on Saturday mornings. Not only had I typically not practiced and my teacher was already mad, but every five seconds a plane flew over head, drowned out whatever she was telling me to do and then I would proceed to play it wrong again. This would lead to  additional disappointing comments from my instructor. It would happen over and over again for 45 minutes. Vicious cycle.

Maybe I should’ve just practiced to avoid the problem.


It’s Fleet Week’s fault.

There is one thing, however, that I do love about Fleet Week: Chicken on a Stick.

I’ve worked on the wharf for ten years now, and I’ve eaten everything down here one can eat. I am sick of everything. It’s too expensive, too greasy and just boring. Due to this, I look forward to anything that will bring some kind of new dining option to work. During Fleet Week they set up all sorts of stands selling navel/fleet week merchandise as well as food. Every year, I always get the same thing…chicken on a stick.


It’s moist, has a tangy sauce and is cooked over a flame. I love this stuff. If any of you lovely men out there can make chicken on a stick as tasty as this, I will marry you. Please submit your proposals in the comment section.

Just kidding.

I really like the stuff though. Corn on the cob is another big crowd pleaser for my co-workers. Now that I like corn, I had really been looking forward to trying out the grilled variety. Unfortunately, I still had left over corn on the cob that I had made earlier in the week, so I didn’t feel right buying more. I have no regrets. My corn is delicious!


My co-worker got corn on the cob w/butter as well as 1 chicken on a stick and 1 pork on a stick.


This is my chicken (stick removed) and ear of corn.


Bask in its deliciousness.


I certainly am!

What’s your favorite food to buy at an outdoor event?

4 thoughts on “The one thing I like about Fleet Week

  1. I love obanyaki here. It’s pancake batter with azuki or custard in the middle.. (kinda like the taiyaki we got in Kyoto when you were here, only not fish shaped). I really like getting them piping hot out of the molds in the fall and winter and trying not to burn my tongue.

    I also love getting yaki-imo straight off the trucks at on really cold winter evenings. 😀

    1. We should’ve gotten sweet potatoes when I was there! :O

      I sort of wish that there were more food items sold on the street here. I mean, sure, we have the taco trucks, but it’s not the same.

      We have started eating at Gorilla Pete’s when he is outside of the bar. I should do a post on his food. It’s really good, and he is really nice.

  2. I love the chocolate dipped frozen bananas… I’m such a sweets fiend! We have a really great rib cookoff here every August, though, and ribs (don’t forget fresh squeezed lemonade) make a fantastic street food, if a bit messy. 😉

    Fleet Week is definitely loud. It always felt like the planes were practically on our roof!

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