My Ice Pack Was Delicious

Many young adults (Wait…am I still considered a young adult? Eeep!) can’t wait to get away to strike it out on their own, and while the idea has always been appealing to me, I just can’t bring myself to leave.

When your hometown is San Francisco, how could you?

I am one of the few, the proud — a NATIVE San Franciscan. That’s right. I was born here. At Kaiser Permanente on a late spring day in 1982. While I did live on the peninsula for a bit, I never really left. I attended all K-12 grades in the SFUSD. I went to City College of San Francisco and then later to San Francisco State University. For the several years that my identification said I resided in San Bruno, I actually lived in the city.

The city has everything.

So I must consider myself lucky to be able to avail myself of so many amazing things, right?


I must always be taking advantage of all that my city has to offer, right?

Um, well…eh heh….

It’s true. My city is a huge mecca of activity, culture and opportunity.

But really, I hardly ever take part in any of it.

This is something that I’ve been trying to change since I moved out on my own. I’ve been trying new restaurants and exploring the places that San Francisco is known and loved for.

Places like, for instance, Golden Gate Park.

The only part of this massive park I’ve ever spent any time in is the area right adjacent to the Haight Street entrance. There’s a playground there with these huge cement slides. You grab a piece of cardboard, climb up the stairs/hill, throw a handful of sand down ahead of you and slide down. It’s tons of fun. This is also the area where the big carousel is. My father took me here a lot as a kid and I hung out there later with friends for birthday parties and such. Until yesterday, this was pretty much all I knew about Golden Gate Park.

Yesterday I decided to go run in the park. I consulted a map, briefly, but didn’t make any really concrete plans. I figured I’d walk to the park, do maybe a 3-4 mile jog/walk, and then head home.

Things started off well.

I decided to eat a Glo Bar on the walk to GG Park, as my breakfast had long since worn off. This was my first time trying this flavor and it was one of my favorites! It reminded me vaguely of a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie in granola bar form. I liked it a lot.

I had a really pleasant walk to the park.

(I packed some cash in my Spibelt in case I needed to stop off for a drink or calories at a store. It was a good thing I did.)

Golden Gate Park was beautiful yesterday.

Unfortunately, soon after the Rose Garden, I somehow got off the beaten path. I took a wrong turn. There were points in there where I was in completely forested areas where it was dead silent and I was alone. It was a pretty dumb move. I kept thinking, “Wow. If someone leapt out of a bush and killed me, no one would find me for weeks in here….”

Eventually, however, I got back on track.

When I finally got out of the park I was waaaaay farther away from home than I meant to be. I had been jogging/walking/hiking for over five miles! I exited at Lincoln and 19th Ave and started the walk/jog home. I was getting very hungry, so when I hit 9th Ave, I crossed over a street to Irving and hit up a Starbucks. I tried ordering a Vivanno, but they were out of bananas! Noooo! I ended up ordering a tall mocha frappuchino and they threw in some whey protein powder for free, since they couldn’t make what I wanted. It helped a lot.

Needless to say, after covering 7.75 miles, I was exhausted when I got home. I showered and then plopped myself down to ice my knees. I didn’t have any ice though. Problem. What did I have?

My ice pack was "fat free" and a "good source of fiber".

Then afterwards, I turned my ice pack into dessert.

My ice pack was delicious!

Are you a meticulous route planner when preparing for a walk/run, or do you like to just go out into the world and get lost?

17 thoughts on “My Ice Pack Was Delicious

  1. I certainly don’t blame you for staying in SF! I lived there for a few years after college before moving back to my hometown, and would have loved to stay. I currently live like 2 miles away from the house I grew up in (ages 0-20).

    It’s hard to get lost in Reno because a) it’s small, and b) there are no trees, so you can tell where you are pretty easily by identifying which mountain you’re staring at. I do like doing unplanned long runs, but the longer they are, the harder it is to find a good one nearby that doesn’t involve looping or criss-crossing neighborhoods.

    I’m also terrified of getting lost in Desolation Wilderness or eaten by cougars if I do an unplanned solo route in Tahoe. Overactive imagination much? Haha.

    1. San Francisco is amazing. Really expensive though. If I made what I make here living in Reno, I’d be able to rent or buy a house.

      (Providing that I didn’t you know, spend too much time at the roulette tables…ahem…just kidding…I think!)

      Here, I live in a tiny studio that doesn’t even have room in the kitchen for a table. I have to eat all of my meals sitting on my bed…..

      I’d be afraid of doing a solo wilderness route in Tahoe too. Every single time we go over the mountain, my friend starts talking about the Donner Party!

  2. I spent a lot of time in Golden Gate Park growing up. The playground you mentioned was a favorite (I loved the slides and those big round metal swing contraptions that could seat 4-5 kids), and I went there almost every week to take ceramics and pottery wheel class classes in the little stone building right across from the big carousel. I also spent a lot of time walking around Stow Lake feeding the ducks with parents and grandparents, going to the museums, and picnicking in the park. My elementary school had fundraiser picnics there at least twice a year..

    Usually I plan my route for runs in advance because I’m trying to get in a particular distance and can’t trust the GPS on my phone to be 100% accurate on this side of the world. I would love to do an unplanned run just for the fun of it and see how far I go when I’m not aiming for a certain distance. But getting out of the city to place where I could actually do so safely is hard.

    Dessert looks tasty! I wish we had decent access to blackberries in Tokyo. I ice with the frozen gel-packs they stick in with your perishables at the grocery stores here.

    1. Love the round swings! Those were awesome…except I was always too chicken to be one of the people who had to pump. I had some kind of irrational (or rational, depending…) fear of flying off the thing, since it often seemed like they were going to fly off the supports….

      My parents didn’t really do anything with me….or encourage me to do things. So, no weekly classes. Did do a bowling league, which I think was mostly because my Dad wanted to do it and I was there for visitation on Saturdays. Then later, music lessons. But I had to push for those.

      I wish my family had been more active. I probably will never have kids, but if I do, I’m going to make sure that I’m very active with them, for their sakes.

      Dessert was tasty! I took a slightly better picture this week too. ;P

      Damn. Japan packages so well. Gel packs for your perishables.

      1. We flew kites that one time, that was active.. 😀

        They kind of have to package well here, since everyone walks or takes their groceries home on the train. If they didn’t provide gel packs this summer everyone would have had food poisoning from trying to bring home meat and dairy in 36°C temperatures. =/

  3. First of all, hi! This is the first time I’ve commented on your blog, though I’ve been reading it for a while. I’m from the Bay Area as well, so I like reading about your SF adventures.

    During my day to day shorter runs, I don’t get lost because I usually do out and back routes that I’m familiar with. However, on my long runs with Team in Training every weekend, I’m really not great about listening to directions. At all. Which totally bit me in the butt the other week when I got lost in the city! I guess…not too far from where you did. We started off on the Land’s End trail, but on the way back I totally missed where I was supposed to get back on it, and I ended up at the Legion of Honor. I had to walk an additional 30 minutes (after a 2.5hr run) to get back to the trail head. Good luck with your future run adventures! Btw, I’ll be in your lovely town next Sunday to run the Nike Women’s half 🙂

    1. Hi! I’m excited to have a fellow Bay Area person reading. 🙂

      That’s so amazing that you’re running the Nike Half! You’re my hero!

      I still have difficulties pushing past the 5K run when I’m out on my own. I tend to start walking. I’m better during races….the atmosphere and excitement keep me going. I’d really like to do a 10K in the not so distant future though, so I need to get my mileage up. I think I need a running buddy, but I’m afraid of being the slow bumbler that holds the other person back. 😉

      Got any tips you’ve picked up in half training? I’m all ears!

      1. I wish you’d be all into the running buddy thing when I was in town in June. I really wanted to run with you and you were all “but you have more running experience and I’d be self conscious”.. so sad. ;_;

        Definitely forcing you on a run with me when I come back in late December/early January.. if not one of those races you were talking about through that club.

        1. I still feel hesitant about it…but it seems like it might be less boring. Plus, in June I had never run more than 2.5 miles and that was taking 35 minutes. I had concerns about getting out there and then not wanting to run and then another person having to pull me through it or be disappointed with me for holding them back or quitting.

      2. Let me tell you…I am a slow runner. Like really slow. Painfully slow. And actually, I run/walk. Haha. I do intervals between 2:1s and 4:1s. So there’s no shame in walking! I’ll definitely have to do my fair share during the Nike Half.

        I saw in one of your posts that you’re considering a 10k…do it! It won’t matter how long it takes you or even if you have to walk because as long as you finish, you’ll PR! Haha. Plus it’s great to have something to look forward to and to have something to hold accountable during training. General tips:

        – Cross train: strength and flexibility training do wonders for your running. And don’t forget to rest!
        – Hydrate and fuel your body for running! Consume something with quality protein and carbs within 20 minutes after running (chocolate milk has the perfect combo).
        – Know that ALL runners have bad days. It’s okay. There’s always the next run.

        Enjoy your running! If you ever have any questions or anything – just let me know. You could always ask at my Tumblr 🙂

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