Gone Limp

As you already know, I am thoroughly enjoying my new routine of bi-weekly CSA boxes. The only problem I have encountered so far is making sure I consume everything in a timely manner.

You see, I have good intentions. As soon as my box arrives, I make all sorts of plans. I’ll make this  on Saturday, this on Sunday cook these by then, etc. Follow through, however, has never exactly been my strong point. I have the same problem when I buy produce at the grocery store. I have all of these meal ideas, then I wind up being lazy and eating cereal instead of cooking them up, thus leaving me with rotten fruits and veggies and wasted money.

This time, however, the destruction of my food was NOT my fault.

Well, maybe a little bit my fault.

I know there are all sorts of tricks to keeping your veggies fresh in the fridge. To keep the crisp in your celery, for instance, some people recommend wrapping it up in plastic wrap or foil. Others recommend cutting off the bottom of the stalks and storing it upright in a glass of water (Source). Both of these, however, are apparently too difficult for me, as I just threw mine into the crisper.

It worked fine for a few days. I had lots of celery with laughing cow or brie. Then one day, I went into the fridge for a crunchy snack and I found that my ‘crisper’ should more accurately be described as a ‘limper’. My celery and last zucchini had gone completely limp.

This was kind of depressing.

I know, I know. Limp vegetables aren’t ruined. The celery was just dehydrated. It probably would’ve come back around if I had put it in some water.

I did, in fact, put it in some water.

I made soup.

Yellow Split-Pea Soup with Sweet Potatoes and Kale Celery and Zucchini

Original recipe from FatFree Vegan Kitchen

I still had some yellow split peas hanging around my kitchen from the last time I made this recipe and with payday being a couple of weeks off, using ingredients that were on hand seemed like the way to go. I figured celery and zucchini would be just fine in place of the sweet potatoes and kale, so I just chopped them up and assembled the soup.

I never exactly follow recipes to a tee, as I usually am missing ingredients or need to use up something in my kitchen. So, in this tradition, I halved the recipe (except for the curry powder, which I kept at 2 tablespoons, because I wanted some kick), used ground cumin and ginger instead of fresh (it’s what I had) omitted the mustard seeds (didn’t have any), omitted the oil (since I wasn’t using the mustard or cumin seeds or fresh ginger, it seemed like some PAM in the bottom of the pan with the onion and garlic would be good enough), omitted the sweet potatoes and kale (didn’t have any) and added lots of celery had zucchini (had a bunch).

Otherwise, I followed all instructions accordingly.

After an hour, I had this:

It tasted pretty great. I wished I had bread to eat with it, but alas, I had none. Oh well…more room for soup!

What tricks do you use to keep produce fresh in the fridge? When you find that things have turned for the worse, what are your favorite recipes to save the fruits and veggies from being wasted?

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