Beer is Awesome

While I was eating my breakfast during my morning break I started thinking about things that are awesome. For instance, my breakfast was awesome:


(Oatmeal + Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter + Chobani Plain Yogurt + sprinkling of Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Granola)

My day trip on Tuesday to the ruins of Sutro Baths and Fort Funston was awesome and provided me with the peace and sanity I needed to take on my work week:


You know what else is awesome?


I didn’t used to think so. Much like Emily Gilmore on “The Gilmore Girls”, I thought of beer as “nitwit juice”. Something guys sit around and drink when they want to be all manly. Something they drink while watching football and talking about the women in their lives. Aside from my stereotypical beliefs about the types of people who drank beer, I also just plain hated the way it tasted.

My love of beer really snuck up on me, to be truthful. It started like this. When I turned 21, I started going out to drink with my co-workers. These people are seasoned drinkers, whereas I am just a kid who has only had liquor a few times in my life. I of course begin by ordering things that are pleasant to the tongue, like “screwdrivers” or just Absolut and cranberry juice. The problem with drinks like these is that they have a LOT of sugar in them…and at the bars we went to, they also had a LOT of liquor in them. My co-workers would stay out for 6 hours or so, drinking away, and needless to say, by the time we left, I was wasted.

This was not going to work.

So after the infamous night where I drank EIGHT rum and cokes (I kid you not), I gave up drinking liquor when I went out with my co-workers. Since I hated beer, I moved on to the obvious middle ground between disgusting beer and tasty cocktails—cider.



I drank the various flavors of Wyder’s for awhile, but the problem was that they were way too sweet on their own. So after a few months I moved on to this:


(Source …btw….I didn’t read this story at all, but Magner’s has definitely boosted my confidence in the past. Whether it lead to social success is debatable though…)

Magner’s is a cider that is much closer to beer than it is to Wyder’s. Since it wasn’t too sweet I could sit around and drink a few with my co-workers and it took much longer to drink a cider than it did a “Tom Collins”, thus leaving me capable of finding my way home without holding onto the sides of buildings.  So this was my drink of choice for quite some time. Then one day, the unthinkable happened…the keg was empty. I had to get something else. Unfortunately, I was at a beer bar, so liquor wasn’t an option. They didn’t have any other ciders either. What to do?

Drink beer.

So I did.

And it was wonderful!

Now beer is something I really enjoy vs. something that I make myself drink as to not make a fool of myself in front of my superiors. I love the differences you find from beer to beer. I’m not much of a connoisseur at this point, but I think I would like to be.

Tomorrow I will share with you the first step I’ve taken towards achieving this goal. Until then, Happy Saturday…have a beer!

Do you like beer? What are your favorites? Will you send me some?

(Just kidding about that last part of the question….sort of….)

3 thoughts on “Beer is Awesome

  1. I’ve always stuck w/ pear cider when stuck at a beer place. And I still hate beer. The only time I’ll ever drink it is if we’re at a nomikai and they only bring out beer and it’s taking too long for the other drinks, and everyone just wants to get the kanpai out of the way so we can start, then I’ll have like 2cm in a tiny glass. Or that one time I went into a tiny sushi place by myself & accidentally said ‘nama’ (draught) instead of ‘nami’ (standard sushi set), and was too embarrassed to admit I’d messed up. >__<; But the next day I made a discovery while looking through our liquor cabinet (can you still call it that if it's all sitting on top of the cabinet?): While most liquors are about 40% (whiskey, brandy, rum, vodka, etc.), flavoured ones (like Malibu) or liqueurs (like Cassis) are usually about half that. See, usually I do cassis oolongs all night, and am fine, since a) it’s not as strong, and b) I get more hydration from the oolong tea. So, just something to think about. Dunno if they have cassis liqueur back there in the states, but Malibu pineapple is Made Of WIN.

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