Feeling a bit snacky

I was feeling pretty snacky on Thursday.

I had intended to make some substantial main course items on my day off so that I would have plenty of lunches and dinners for the next several days, but after making up some more stuffed squash, I didn’t feel much like entrees anymore.

Just snacks, please.

First snack of the day was a simple one, as I still had hopes of completing higher culinary feats.

Plain Chobani, 4 strawberries (halved) and 1 Kashi Happy Trail Mix Cookie (crumbled).

Totally yummy. This held me over for quite a while, but then I felt like I should be drinking something. I considered cracking open a special beer that is hiding out in my fridge (I’ll talk about that in another post soon), but I didn’t really want to drink alcohol. So, I made the mocktail that has made the rounds on almost everyone’s blog.

I used a bottle of POM Wonderful, which I picked up at Safeway the other day. I then added some of the La Croix sparkling water that I got at my 5K last Sunday.

I mixed them together and served them in my pretty glass that I bought in Japan.

While I sort of hate doing something because everyone else is doing it, I’m glad I gave this a try. The first time I had POM, which was a year or two ago, I found it to be way too sweet for me. I gave away the bottle after only a sip. However, now I know the secret to loving POM is to add sparkling water. Sparkling water makes everything better.

So I sat around drinking my mocktails, catching up on TV shows that I’ve missed recently using On Demand. A couple of episodes of Parenthood and Teen Mom (don’t judge…) later, I decided to catch this week’s Biggest Loser episode. I watched about 2/3 of the show…

…and then I got hungry.

So I made Apple Crisp. In the middle of watching The Biggest Loser. Oops. No worries though, this apple crisp is actually pretty healthy. I loosely went by the recipe from SparkRecipes that I used to make apple crisp fairly often while losing weight.

First, I cored my apples from my CSA box. Then I chopped them up thinly. I left the peel on, as I like the extra fiber. I tossed them with the cinnamon and the sugar. I used a little more than the recipe, as I was using more apples. I left out the flour altogether.

Then I layered them into a disposable lasagna pan, because I am a kitchen loser who doesn’t own a casserole dish or pie pan. I then mixed up the topping, crumbled it over the apples and popped it into the oven for 30 minutes at 325, while I tackled the week’s worth of dishes in my sink. Yeah. Gross.

Luckily, the smell of yummy cooked apples kept me happy while doing my least favorite chore.

When it was done, it looked like this, and smelled divine!

I topped it with some Chobani and went to town.

For the record, the recipe does produce a rather dry apple crisp. I happen to like it better than an apple pie filling type of consistency. If you do not share my feelings on the matter, you should probably add some liquid to your apples. Some juice or even just some water should do the trick.

I like it just as it is though. Plus, if you don’t eat multiple servings of it like I do, it’s actually pretty calorie friendly. Sorry Bob and Jillian, but my snack was worth pushing pause.

What do you make when you get snacky?

7 thoughts on “Feeling a bit snacky

  1. I can’t remember, is pom sweetened? I love straight pomegranate juice and always order it when we go out for Iranian food, though I’m not a typical juice drinker. The brand I can get here (smoothies and cooking!) is 100% juice and I wouldn’t call it terribly sweet.

    During the week when my meals are scheduled I generally reach for something small, like nuts, dates, dark chocolate, or a small bite of nut butter.

    On the weekend I tend to snack more on things like smoothies, granola & yogurt, fruit, and leftover treats/baked goods when we have them around.

  2. Sparkling water totally makes everything better! I’ve been doing sparkling water + V8 Fusion this week.

    I’m actually drinking an Izze sparkling pomegranate drink right now. I wonder if sparkling water + POM tastes similar? It’s yummy!

    Yeah for mocktails!

    1. Sparkling water is pretty awesome. Probably my favorite non-alcoholic beverage. I like getting the giant bottles of the orange flavored ones from Trader Joe’s. Yay..only 79 cents!

      Hmm. I think I’ve had that flavor of Izze, but I don’t remember what it tasted like. I bet it tastes similar though.

  3. POM is good with sparkling water. I hate trying things popular all over blog world too, but have to admit people are usually right. Although some things I will NOT give a go. Like tempeh. Sorry, but no. Not happening. The texture freaks me out.

    I have days where all I want are a bunch of snacks too. Besides, snacks and TV watching go well together. 😉

    1. You’re right. I mean, I’ve eaten oatmeal all of my life and when I started seeing all of these oatmeal with all sorts of crazy toppings on it, I was hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. And then I did and I realized that oatmeal is FANTASTIC with a blob of nut butter or a teaspoon of jam drizzled on top. Or green monsters. How they look like sludge but really do taste great.

      Fads are annoying…but in the healthy living world, I’ve found them too good to resist! 😉

      FYI, Tempeh freaks me out too. I’m not saying I will never try it….but I am saying that it probably won’t be because I cooked it….

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