Race Recap

Today I ran my second ever race, The Komen San Francisco Race for the Cure 5K.

Yesterday I scoped out Justin Herman Plaza on my way home from work. They had started setting up:





I wish the t-shirt line had been that short when I had been in it…


Or that the port-o-potties had been this pristine when I had visited them….

Race Day:

I woke up with the worst headache known to mankind (drama queen is me). My stomach also really hurt. Somehow, I managed to pull myself out of bed, force a half a cup of coffee down with a slice of whole wheat toast smeared with Barney Butter and topped with half a banana. Then I donned my new pair of kicks and headed downtown. The very first thing I managed to do when getting on the bus was slam my ankle into a hard metal thing. Score.

This is what Justin Herman Plaza looked like this morning:




Nice outfits!




I felt pretty happy.

(and yes, I know, I need to get my eyebrows waxed…yikes!)


I was a real runner. With a chip and real running shoes….


…and a bib (that is hidden by some random freebie keychain necklace thing)!

When it came time, I moved to the starting line:

Then I ran. I struggled at points, but I kept going, non-stop, the entire 3.1 miles. I finished with a chip time of 32:36…a new PR! I ran my first 5K in 33:17 three weeks ago. Yay for improvement!

Afterwards, I looked like this:


(yeah, yeah. ok. The “bib” picture was “after” too…but I had to check my camera in at the sweats check, so I don’t have a good before picture with the bib…)

I got some swag, since this was a sponsored race:


Then I went home.

Cossette, the cat, she participated in “Sleep in for the Cure”, so she was exactly where I had left her 3 hours before:



Oops. Woke her up…

Anyone else run a race this weekend, or have one coming up?

8 thoughts on “Race Recap

  1. Congrats on your new PR, I knew you could do it. 😀

    Awesome t-shirt design! I just recently saw a mock-up of this year’s t-shirt design for Run for the Cure here in Tokyo. It’s a bit early to tell, but I think I might prefer last year’s design. Oh well, I’ll find out in November! (the race is a month and a half later than usual this year).

    For upcoming races, I’ve got an informal 5k time trial this Wednesday, the 10.2k Koshu Fruits Marathon race in 3 weeks, and Run for the Cure (probably 5k) at the end of November. I am also looking at one or two others for early 2011.

    1. It was a lot of fun. Before I had ever ran a race, I would’ve never imagined racing to be as fun as it is. Running is so much easier with people running beside you, challenging you or encouraging you to do better. There were actually cheerleaders every half mile or so, cheering us to keep going. It was pretty cool.

      I read about your faux 5K. That is pretty cool, how you ran it with your running buddy. I bet the real race will be twice as fun, and you’ll do great!

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