The next morning

I do enjoy heading out for a night of fun on Fridays with my co-workers. I’ve worked here for 10 years, and I do consider some of the people here good friends. The only problem with fun on Friday is my alarm clock on Saturday.  I work the morning shift on Saturdays, so if I go out and have a good time on Friday, Saturday is exceptionally painful.

That’s one thing I wouldn’t have noticed before I lost the weight. I never felt particularly good. I was often sick. Migraines were common place for me, as was really bad acid reflux. When you feel that unhealthy all of the time, hangovers just feel like any other day.

Now, however, I am not used to feeling horrible every day and I can really tell the difference the next morning.

Luckily, getting back on track should be pretty easy now that my new CSA delivery from Greenhearts Family Farm is here!


They delivered these to my workplace on Thursday, as I leave too early for them to stop by my apartment before work.  Taking these pictures is actually how I misplaced my camera! Oops! Anyway, the haul this week is completely awesome. Pictured above we have a basket of strawberries (so sweet and juicy), celery, corn, zucchini, assorted stone fruit, Jonagold apples and delicata winter squash.


I also got a head of romaine lettuce.


Some loose baby spinach.


Red seedless grapes.

(They are sooooo sweet. Seriously, the sweetest grapes I have ever eaten.)


And tomatoes! Glorious tomatoes!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The tomatoes that I’ve received in these CSA boxes have been the BEST tomatoes I have ever experienced. It’s unbelievable. I got three in this week’s box, and I gave my co-worker one of them, as he was really interested. He had never heard of CSA, and was delighted with the thought. I gave him the information for Greenhearts, as well as information on some other local CSAs so that he could research an option that might work for him. He told me yesterday that he and his roommate had the tomato on a salad on Thursday night and they both couldn’t believe the flavor. I’m telling you, these tomatoes are life changing!


I also got a recipe to try as well. Not sure if this is what I’m going to do with my squash, but I like having options. I’ve never worked with them before.

I think it’ll be pretty easy to get my body back on track this weekend with all of the amazing produce in my house. I need to be all hydrated and happy by tomorrow morning so that I can do well at my race. I’ve been thinking about what I want to make for dinner tonight. So many options.

If you had received my CSA box, what would you make for dinner?

6 thoughts on “The next morning

  1. That’s an awful lot of celery! I’m curious as to how you’re going to eat it all. Bumps on a log everyday as a snack?
    Those CSA boxes look awesome. Looking forward to maybe trying this out someday (budget permitting).

    1. It IS a lot of celery. That was actually my first throught when I opened up my box!

      I will definitely be having celery + laughing cow cheese )or peanut butter or sunflower seed butter or almond butter) a lot. I will probably also throw it in salad and maybe make some soup.

      The boxes certainly are awesome. I like my CSA because they don’t have a contract. It’s $33 a box and I can get it whenever I feel like it. I’m aiming for every other week. $66 a month doesn’t feel like -that- much money when it comes to fresh produce. Plus, I’ve cut down on my meat purchasing since I joined. Last box, I subbed eggplant for meat in most of my meals. This time, I assume I’ll be doing that somewhat with the squash.

  2. That is some beautiful fruit and veggies. Have never heard of csa, will have to see if we have anything like that in Fl. What a healthy reminder seeing all that fresh produce in your frig. Great pictures.

  3. I would put some of that celery in soup. You could make a veggie soup kind of like Ree has on her blog today (where I found you) and just add some other veggies you like…carrots, potatoes (or pasta). Very easy and yummy if you like soup. I wouldn’t put those gorgeous tomatoes in there though! Use canned for soup. Have you ever tried They have an awesome feature called ‘Daily Recipes’ which lists recipes from each category, changing them daily. I get tons of ideas from there. Then I change them to fit my dietary needs (cutting fat etc). Congratulations on your weight loss journey, btw. You are right not to be too hard on yourself since that just leads to more failure. Thanks, too, for the link to CSA’s. I checked them out where I live in FL and it looks like it will be too costly for me. It’s all subscriptions and the cheapest I could find would cost more than $100/mo. Besides which that means you get a box every single week and I have a feeling there would be way too much waste.

    1. Thanks for your recipe ideas.

      Sorry to hear that a CSA box delivery doesn’t sound like the right option for you. Perhaps you can just go to a local farmer’s market instead. That way you would be able to buy food that is organic and in season, without the pressure of getting too much too often for too high a price.

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